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Nintendo stars could be set to Wreck the internet in 2018
By on March 30th, 2017 2
"My name's Ralph, and I'm a bad guy." In 2012, Disney produced and released Wreck-It Ralph, a computer animated comedy which followed the lives of gaming characters outside of...
The latest Nintendo Badge Arcade update includes Zelda panels
By on February 20th, 2016 0
Ever since Nintendo Badge Arcade came to the Nintendo eShop, it has been a hit! The idea of badges being used for home screen customization was genius on Nintendo's part. I was...
Nintendo announces official end of Wii production in Japan
By on October 23rd, 2013 3
We are sad to announce the official end of Wii production in Japan, as reported by the Official Nintendo Magazine. This comes from the change in nomenclature on Nintendo's website...
Mailbag: Zelda Kart Edition
By on July 9th, 2010 24
[youtube]KjkmCBWBzDc[/youtube] Hey everyone! The mailbag has finally returned, and in this week's edition I cover several of your questions, including one about the villain of...