kaepora gaebora
Fan animation: Kaepora Gaebora is Ocarina of Time’s most brutal boss
By on February 3rd, 2014 3
The inescapable ramblings of Ocarina's talkative owl, Kaepora Gaebora, isn't a very original source of humour amongst the Zelda community at this point. Nevertheless, I...
“Texts From Zelda” portrays Link as an iPhone enthusiast
By on May 30th, 2013 24
There's the Boomerang, Ocarina of Time, Hookshot, and Bow, but what if Link had an iPhone? This is the question asked by the blog "Texts From Zelda", which provides text...
Hyrule Historia confirms Ocarina of Time owl is Rauru
By on January 5th, 2012 89
Hyrule Historia is turning out to be a treasure trove of confirmations. Thanks to this amazing book and the fans translating it into English, we have yet another long-debated...