HORI announces new wireless Zelda Switch controller in Japan
By on March 8th, 2019 0
HORI has announced a new wireless controller for Nintendo Switch with a classy Zelda touch. The officially licensed black controller features a distinctive Wingcrest design...
Hori announces Zelda- and Mario-themed D-Pad Joy-Cons, limited to handheld mode
By on July 31st, 2018 0
In addition to their GameCube-Inspired Pro Controllers for Nintendo Switch, Hori has announced Mario- and Zelda-themed versions of their left D-Pad Joy-Cons.  Each left Joy-Con...
HORI’s D-pad Joy-Con controller will feast on your Switch’s battery life
By on July 27th, 2018 0
Some of you may remember that HORI had announced that it was releasing a left Joy-Con controller with a traditional D-pad some months ago. The controller, which can only be used...
Mario and Zelda HORI Nintendo Switch Alumi cases available to preorder
By on July 26th, 2018 0
Two new HORI Nintendo Switch Alumi cases are now available to preorder on Amazon. These new cases feature designs based on two popular Nintendo...
HORI announce GameCube-style controllers for Nintendo Switch
By on July 24th, 2018 0
In preparation for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's release, HORI will be releasing three controllers for Nintendo Switch in Japan, all in that familiar GameCube style. The three...
Packaging unveiled for Hori’s D-pad-equipped left Joy-Con, coming to Japan
By on May 29th, 2018 0
An officially licensed Joy-Con produced by Hori, complete with that greatly anticipated and fabled D-pad, is on its way to the Nintendo Switch after having been announced in...