Hyrule Warriors mini-figures are coming to Japan
By on August 24th, 2015 3
Takara Tomy is always bringing new collectibles and toys to their Japanese customers through gashapon machines and other means. With a new batch of upcoming mini-figures, Hyrule...
Pre-order these Link figurines at GameStop
By on July 20th, 2015 2
Is your Nintendo Gallery looking a little sparse? Have a few spots to fill? Look no further than to GameStop for three new, small figurines that are available for pre-order,...
GameStop will also be offering Figma Link figures
By on May 26th, 2013 11
At the beginning of the month we learned that the impressive Figma Link figurine would be coming to the United States later this year. Various online retailers were offering...
Zelda gashapon collection coming soon
By on April 26th, 2012 6
NCSX, the Japanese import retailer, has an item that is just about to start shipping: a collection of six Zelda figurines. As you can see from the image, the six figurines are...
Zelda figurines released to commemorate Hyrule Historia
By on December 29th, 2011 16
What could possibly be better than finally knowing the official timeline to the Zelda series?  Having a set of figurines to commemorate the occasion, that's what!  To celebrate,...
Just in time for Easter
By on April 23rd, 2011 21
[caption id="attachment_23791" align="alignleft" width="193" caption="Om nom nom!"][/caption] Want to combine your sweet tooth and your love for The Legend of Zelda? If you...
New Zant Figurine from First 4 Figures
By on August 15th, 2010 17
Now for something I think we can all enjoy: toys. First 4 Figures, for those who may be unaware, is a top dollar figurine company from the United Kingdom which specializes in...