Fan Art Friday
Yuga’s Art Gallery: The adorable Malon and Epona
By on July 27th, 2018 0
One of the best things about the two Nintendo 64 Zelda titles, in my opinion, is the great cast of characters and their personalities. Though your interaction with these...
Yuga’s Art Gallery: A Linkle in time
By on June 1st, 2018 0
I'm going to be honest: When the WiiU came out, I wasn't impressed. Combine that with not having a source of income at the time, and I never actually ended up owning one....
Fan Art Friday: The Deku Mask
By on June 23rd, 2017 1
Majora’s Mask is one of the darkest games in the Zelda franchise, and Saltycatfish brings that to life in this piece of fan art, “Deku Mask”. The dark shading, sketchy...
Fanart Friday: Serenity
By on January 20th, 2017 1
Last week I got the opportunity to play through the demo of Breath of the Wild, and it's turning out to be a very complex and thought-provoking game. The feelings of awe,...
Fanart Friday: Feeding the Fishes
By on September 2nd, 2016 0
For anyone who played The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker after Majora's Mask, or even Ocarina of Time, the art style was a significant departure from the earlier titles. Although...
Fanart Friday: The great and majestic Windfish
By on April 17th, 2015 3
I have fond memories playing Link's Awakening on my Game Boy Color. I greatly enjoyed exploring Koholint Island and the mystery surrounding the Windfish and its egg, which sat...
Fan Art Friday: CD-i Heroes
By on March 29th, 2013 0
"Cute" is not normally a word that is associated with any of the characters from the CD-i Zelda games. In today's piece of fan art, Flitter-Flutter has managed to depict Link...
Fan Art Friday: The work of Donna Evans
By on May 11th, 2012 3
Friday has made its inevitable return, which means it's time for another Fan Art Friday! This week's feature is a recent interview with Donna Evans; Nintendo Gamer sat down with...
Fan Art Friday: a gallery of Zelda watercolor art
By on March 23rd, 2012 12
A Red Bubble artist known as Archymedius has created a series of Zelda illustrations in watercolor that represent silhouettes of each Zelda game. (more…)
Fan Art Friday: Fan-made Skyward Sword Wooden Shield
By on March 9th, 2012 5
Ben Griffith, a member on our own forums, has created his own rendition of the wooden shield from Skyward Sword. (more…)
Fan Art Friday: Revisiting Ocarina of Time’s bosses
By on March 3rd, 2012 12
A concept artist by the name Jasper Sandner has started up a series of boss artwork from Ocarina of Time. While he has only two artworks completed, more will follow, with...
Fan Art Friday: Revisiting Ocarina of Time’s Graveyard
By on February 25th, 2012 25
A new member in our forum by the name of herbalcell has created a hyper-realistic image of Ocarina of Time's Graveyard on Blender. It is incredibly rare to see such artists...
Fan Art Friday: Majora’s Mask Skull Kid Character Model
By on January 27th, 2012 14
Ever wanted to know how some of the Zelda characters would look in greater detail? A user on YouTube by the name of B1ightTakesA11 has created some impressive 3D models,...
Fan Art Friday: Zelda Poker Card Set
By on January 20th, 2012 12
For those of you who are Zelda fans and like to play cards, how about owning a Zelda card set? A deviantArt member by the name of Nelde has fashioned a deck of Zelda-themed...
Fan Art Friday: Incredible Zelda art by nna
By on January 13th, 2012 16
We've seen The Legend of Zelda change through many styles throughout the years, but how about a new and impressive one through the works of fan art? A deviantArt member by the...