dragon roost island
Music Monday: Sound of island life
By on January 2nd, 2017 1
Firstly, let me welcome you to the first Music Monday column of 2017! Hopefully everyone had a great new year celebration and any readers who indulged a little too heavily are...
Dragon Roost Island song cover subtly blends genres
By on May 20th, 2015 3
You know I love a good Zelda song cover, especially when it involves my favorite title in the series, Wind Waker. The Team Players have scratched that musical itch, featuring...
Interview with a Zelda musician: Laura Intravia
By on April 8th, 2015 2
Late last year, a fan-made album titled Harmony of Heroes was released. The album revolved around the various Super Smash Bros. characters that have appeared in the titles over...
Music Monday: El Pájaro es la Palabra
By on March 9th, 2015 4
The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker is one of my favorite Zelda titles to date. The vibrant visuals, outstanding art style, enormous blue ocean, and memorable characters are quite...
Music Monday: Take me to the beach
By on May 19th, 2014 2
It's almost summer for those of us in the northern hemisphere, and the ocean is calling. It's time to hit the beach! This week, we've got some music that will put you in the...
King of red beards: Smooth McGroove performs Dragon Roost Island a capella
By on April 30th, 2014 4
Well if this isn't a dream come true: my personal favourite Zelda track performed by one of the most uniquely talented musicians on YouTube. Smooth McGroove is at it again, this...
New Sp0ntanius Zelda cover!
By on March 31st, 2012 9
We've certainly posted about a lot of Zelda covers over the years, but some of the most innovative and interesting came from YouTuber Sp0ntanius (yes, that's a zero in there) who...
“Dragon Roost Island” cover
By on March 2nd, 2012 2
 A musician who goes by the name, TheJonnyDeath, just posted a new song on his YouTube channel the other day. In fact, he allowed fans to vote on the song he would cover. And...