Mario Kart 8 Deluxe producer discusses Breath of the Wild content
By on July 23rd, 2018 0
Link and his Master Cycle Zero raced into action on July 19 as free downloadable content in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. Following the release, Deluxe producer...
Nintendo shares hopes to make greater use of downloadable content in future titles
By on February 6th, 2018 1
Nintendo news flowed freely last week after an earnings call with investors. Along with plenty of sales information, Nintendo shared plans for upcoming projects including a Mario...
Where to find the new armor from Breath of the Wild’s DLC Pack 2
By on December 8th, 2017 1
WARNING: THERE ARE GOING TO BE POTENTIAL SPOILERS IN THIS ARTICLE. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. DLC Pack 2 of the Expansion Pass for Breath of the Wild has finally released on...
Patch 1.3.3 adds new armor, small feature
By on November 10th, 2017 1
As we all eagerly await the final piece of the season pass for Breath of the Wild to drop, I think it’s safe to say most folks have run dry of content. Well pull out your...
Second half of Breath of the Wild season pass planned for release this December
By on November 10th, 2017 1
In a recent interview with Kotaku, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime set somewhat of a more narrow release window for Breath of the Wild’s final announced DLC...
Breath of the Wild gets a new sidequest, costume on November 9 to celebrate Xenoblade Chronicles 2
By on November 7th, 2017 2
In less than a month, on December 1, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will launch on the Nintendo Switch. Today, Nintendo shared a Nintendo Direct focusing on the enormous game that...
Monster Hunter Stories to receive DLC based on The Legend of Zelda series
By on September 25th, 2017 3
At the end of last year, we reported that Monster Hunter Stories for the 3DS was receiving DLC themed after The Legend of Zelda series in Japan, and it appears that audiences in...
Development footage of upcoming Winter DLC shown, will still play as Link
By on July 7th, 2017 3
Details about Breath of the Wild's second DLC pack has been sparse since E3. However, Nintendo of Europe just recently tweeted some development footage for The Champions'...
Link’s lobster shirt from Wind Waker will be available in The Champions’ Ballad
By on July 7th, 2017 0
The recently released The Master Trials has added lots of new and exciting features to Breath of the Wild. Arguably the best additions are the new mask and armour sets. Not...
Breath of the Wild DLC glitch leads you to strangely beautiful green areas
By on July 6th, 2017 0
Breath of the Wild's first DLC has been out for a week now, and while everyone has been busy pulling their hair out trying to beat gold Lynels and traversing the Trial of the...
Where to find all the latest DLC in Breath of the Wild
By on June 30th, 2017 4
***This article lists the locations of all the newly added armor, helmet and masks in Breath of the Wild. Be warned as it may contain spoilers.*** The first DLC pack for Breath...
Lots of new details revealed about Breath of the Wild’s Master Trials DLC
By on June 14th, 2017 4
Today, Nintendo's Treehouse Live showcased some of the new features and trials you'll face in Breath of the Wild's first DLC pack, The Master Trials. During the segment,...
E3: The Master Trials sees Link face up against a new foe, a golden Lynel
By on June 13th, 2017 0
The first downloadable expansion for Breath of the Wild, The Master Trials, which we now know is due to hit the Nintendo Switch later this month on June 30, aims to challenge...
E3: Breath of the Wild’s Master Mode will have a separate save file
By on June 13th, 2017 5
Via their E3 site, Nintendo has released a few more details about Breath of the Wild's first expansion pack, set to release on June 30, 2017. The detail that will draw a sigh...
E3: The Champions’ Ballad DLC features a new song by Kass, the accordion-playing Rito
By on June 13th, 2017 2
In their E3 Spotlight stream, Nintendo revealed a tidbit of information about Breath of the Wild's upcoming second DLC Pack, now titled The Champions'...