Hyrule Warriors Legends’ performance on old 3DS systems doesn’t sound good
By on March 17th, 2016 14
It's no secret that Hyrule Warriors Legends will be taking advantage of the New 3DS' extra horsepower, having learned last year that there will be no 3D effect on older 3DS...
Destructoid celebrate their 10th birthday today
By on March 16th, 2016 0
Most of you will remember 2006 as the year of Twilight Princess' launch, but it also saw the birth of a fantastic gaming website: Destructoid. I have been a loyal reader for...
Have a double helping of pun-believable videos with Zelda-style unboxing and cooking
By on October 8th, 2013 12
For some pun-known reason, The Wind Waker HD appears to bring out the very best (or very worst) of Nintendo Life's and Destructoid's abilities to make Zelda-related puns. If...
Destructoid’s top ten most difficult Zelda dungeons
By on November 18th, 2011 18
Destructoid has compiled a list of the top ten most difficult Zelda dungeons ever in honor of Skyward Sword's release this week.  It's a well-rounded list, covering dungeons from...
Zelda features in Destructoid’s top 10 underwater levels
By on May 31st, 2011 33
Gaming website Destructoid have compiled a list on their top 10 underwater levels featured in video games. Not surprisingly, a Zelda game has made its way onto the list, and for...
Zelda Wii In Development Since Before 2006
By on January 11th, 2010 49
We've all been waiting for what feels like eons for the slightest news about Zelda Wii, our generic name for the next console Zelda title. But if you feel like you've been...