deku palace
Medli’s Melodies: Deku Palace Electro Remix
By on May 28th, 2018 0
A lot of remixes we get on here are often reorchestrated tracks, which is fantastic. But for this week's highlight, I thought I'd go in a different direction with something...
Music Monday: I will sing you the song of my people!
By on November 7th, 2016 1
Whilst easily being the darkest installment of the franchise, Majora’s Mask still has its fair share of light-hearted moments, and an equally enjoyable soundtrack to underscore...
Music Monday: The Mask of Majora
By on February 13th, 2012 11
Hello, Universe! I am Rusty, here to bring you another Music Monday! Majora's Mask brought something new, and interesting to the Zelda series. Termina was a dark world,...
Outset Island guitar cover is three minutes of awesome
By on March 30th, 2011 43
[youtube]-VicnihrwqE[/youtube] You like Zelda music, yes? And you've probably got about three minutes to spare sometime today, right? If so, then do yourself a favor and use...