3DS theme
Embrace the Breath of the Wild hype with new themes for your 3DS
By on February 17th, 2017 1
I've spent the past few years turning my Majora's Mask edition of the New 3DS into somewhat of a Zelda tribute device. Every Virtual Console game has been downloaded,...
Tri Force Heroes gets two new Nintendo 3DS home menu themes
By on October 19th, 2015 0
The upcoming release of Tri Force Heroes wouldn't be complete without coinciding Nintendo 3DS themes. Fortunately, Nintendo has two new themes to fill that need. The first...
Majora’s Mask hype heats up with new Hyrule Warriors trailer and 3DS themes
By on January 28th, 2015 12
The highly anticipated Majora's Mask Pack for Hyrule Warriors has gone live in Japan to coincide with Majora's Mask 3D's release next month. The trailer features Young Link in...