The Zelda Universe Team

Here you can find the gigantic list of the people who make ZU what it is, from the head honchos down to the maggots getting them coffee. Start reading below to begin your journey into the world of what makes ZU tick!

Note that email addresses have been cut short to protect against spambots.

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{{bubble}{Jason Rappaport
Owner / Webmaster}{}{}{
Internet aliases: GoldenChaos
Location: New Jersey, USA
Joined Staff: February 2005
E-Mail: jason [at]
Quote: “All Hail the Dominant Primordial Beast! And Captain Ahab Too!”

When Lars – the original founder of Zelda Universe – stopped taking an active role in 2005, Jason took over as the go-to man for ZU. He created nearly all ZU’s Minish Cap content, founded Zelda, and keeps the Universe up to date on Zelda news, while keeping the rest of the site updated and stable as well. Jason is all that is and ever will be, and he’s way better than Cody.

{{bubble}{Cody Davies
Webmaster / ZeldaUniverseTV Chief}{}{}{
Internet aliases: Divine Dragoon
Location: Australian living in Singapore.
Joined Staff: September 2007
E-Mail: cody [at]
Quote: “Cody silly. But, he is a mastah notepad user person.” – Jason.

Cody runs ZU’s successful Youtube channel and occasionally hosts the biweekly podcast. He also oversees the creation of new content for the upcoming Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time 3DS, grows ZU’s impressive social media foundations, publishes the ZU newsletter, and manages public relations and affiliation.

Clearly, this makes him the best webmaster the world has ever seen, though owner Jason is loathe to admit it.

Webmaster / Coder}{}{}{

Internet aliases: Lysia
Location: Australia
Joined Staff: Founded The Sacred Realm 2001, merged with ZU 2011, became webmaster May 2011
E-Mail: lysia [at]
Quote: “Right, let’s go adventuring!”

Lysia founded Zelda fan site The Sacred Realm in 2001 and merged with ZU starting in May 2011, joining Jason and Cody because the site was too big to run on her own. You’ll find her all over the site working on anything from coding to content to hanging out on the forums. Although she sometimes acts like a nice gamer girl, she is really an adventurous chocoholic cosplaying tea drinking crazy cat lady.