Zelda: The Music

zeldathemusicZelda Universe received this OST as a gift from a wonderful person named Shaelyn. Zelda: The Music is a part of the Nintendo Sound History Series of soundtracks, and is only available in Japan. Shaelyn was nice enough to translate all of the track names for us, providing ZU with an incredibly comprehensive soundtrack detailing music from most every major Zelda game.

Album Art & Booklet Scans

Track Listing

Download each individual track by clicking on its link in the list. You can only download one at a time – this is just to keep our server from melting under pressure.

  1. [LoZ] Disk System Theme
  2. [LoZ] Title BGM
  3. [LoZ] Overworld BGM
  4. [LoZ] Underground BGM
  5. [LoZ] Death Mountain BGM
  6. [LoZ] Game Over
  7. [LoZ] Flute
  8. [LoZ] Treasure Catch Fanfare
  9. [LoZ] Triforce Catch Fanfare
  10. [LoZ] Ganon’s Appearance and Defeat Fanfare
  11. [LoZ] Zelda Rescued Fanfare
  12. [LoZ] Ending Theme
  13. [AoL] Title BGM
  14. [AoL] Overworld BGM
  15. [AoL] Battle BGM
  16. [AoL] Flute BGM 1
  17. [AoL] Village BGM
  18. [AoL] Indoors BGM
  19. [AoL] Flue BGM 2
  20. [AoL] Temple BGM
  21. [AoL] Boss
  22. [AoL] Temple Clear
  23. [AoL] Level Up
  24. [AoL] Game Over
  25. [AoL] Great Temple
  26. [AoL] Last Boss (Dark Link)
  27. [AoL] Fanfare
  28. [AoL] Princess Zelda
  29. [AoL] Ending
  30. [AoL] Title BGM
  31. [AoL] Battle BGM
  32. [ALttP] Title
  33. [ALttP] Opening Demo
  34. [ALttP] Normal Overworld
  35. [ALttP] Master Sword Demo
  36. [ALttP] Alternate Overworld
  37. [OoT] Title
  38. [OoT] Hyrule Field Main Theme
  39. [OoT] Lon Lon Ranch
  40. [OoT] Lost Woods
  41. [OoT] Princess Zelda’s Appearance
  42. [OoT] Princess Zelda’s Theme
  43. [MM] Title Demo
  44. [MM] Termina Field
  45. [MM] Ocarina “Song of Soaring”
  46. [MM] Mayor’s House Council Room
  47. [MM] Mid Boss Battle
  48. [MM] Cremia’s Wagon
  49. [MM] Majora’s Mask to the Moon
  50. [MM] Staff Roll
  51. [TWW] Title
  52. [TWW] Granny
  53. [TWW] Departure
  54. [TWW] Great Ocean
  55. [TWW] Master Sword Get
  56. [TWW] Hero of the Wind
  57. [TWW] Ending
  58. [FSA] Field BGM
  59. [FSA] Dungeon BGM
  60. [FSA] Overworld BGM
  61. [FSA] Hyrule Castle BGM
  62. [FSA] Village of the Blue Maiden (Before the Puzzle Solving)
  63. [FSA] Village of the Blue Maiden (After the Puzzle Solving)
  64. [FSA] Sky BGM
  65. [FSA] Temple BGM
  66. [FSA] Wind Palace BGM
  67. [FSA] Clear Fanfare
  68. [FSA] Shadow Link Battle BGM
  69. [FSA] Boss Battle BGM
  70. The Legend of Zelda Theme Melody