Super Smash Bros. Melee Smashing… Live!

smashingliveThis lovely orchestrated OST performed live by the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra not only contains Zelda music within it’s depths, but fabulous orchestrated tracks of all your favorite Super Smash Brothers Melee songs. Who says that only Zelda music is good?

Track Listing

Download each individual track by clicking on its link in the list. You can only download one at a time – this is just to keep our server from melting under pressure.

  1. Planet Corneria
  2. Jungle Garden
  3. Great Bay Shrine
  4. Dr. Mario
  5. Original Medley
  6. Fountain of Dreams
  7. Pokemon Medley
  8. Opening
  9. Planet Venom
  10. Yoshi’s Story
  11. Depth of Brinstar
  12. Smash Bros. Great Medley
  13. Fire Emblem
  14. Green Greens
  15. Rainbow Cruise