Spirit Tracks Original Soundtrack

spirittracksostThe Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks has been considered one of the greatest handheld Zelda titles of all time – however, Nintendo never released an official soundtrack for this game. To compensate, Zelda Universe has pooled its resources together and created the Spirit Tracks Original Soundtrack, a polished compilation of all the music from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.

A great deal of work went into creating the professional soundtrack release you see below. This soundtrack just wouldn’t be possible without…

  • Keith Alagha (aka silver-hero), who contributed all of the high-quality music rips that make up the soundtrack, and gave them all lovely fade-outs when desperately needed;
  • Jason Rappaport, who organized, tagged and named all the tracks, as well as created the album artwork for the project;
  • And of course, Nintendo and the brilliant Koji Kondo, Toru Minegishi, Asuka Ota, and Manaka Tominaga who spent their days composing and rendering the music we love.

We hope that everyone who downloads this soundtrack enjoys the music of Spirit Tracks!

Track Listing

Download each individual track by clicking on its link in the list. You can only download one at a time – this is just to keep our server from melting under pressure.

  1. Opening
  2. File Select
  3. Intro
  4. Aboda Village
  5. The Final Exam
  6. Castle Town
  7. Hyrule Castle
  8. The Ceremony Begins
  9. Zelda Appears
  10. Princess Zelda
  11. Chancellor Cole’s Smirk
  12. Zelda and the Spirit Flute
  13. Got the Recruit Uniform!
  14. Sneaking About the Castle
  15. Stealthy Zelda
  16. Spirit Tracks Disappearing
  17. Tower of Spirits
  18. The Demon Train
  19. Chancellor Cole
  20. Battle Preparations
  21. Alfonzo vs. Byrne
  22. Zelda’s Body Stolen
  23. Zelda Taken Away
  24. Ghost Zelda
  25. Zelda Wondering
  26. The Spirit Flute
  27. In the Fields
  28. Inside a Cave
  29. The Ominous Broken Tower
  30. Tower of Spirits
  31. Zelda’s Body
  32. Zelda in a Panic
  33. Tower of Spirits
  34. A Phantom Appears
  35. Spotted! (Phantoms)
  36. Hit by Phantom
  37. Watch Out, Link!
  38. Zelda Possesses a Phantom
  39. Zelda Ready to Fight
  40. Got the Rail Map!
  41. Got the Spirit Train!
  42. Selecting a Rail Route
  43. Overworld Adventure
  44. Battle on the Train
  45. Got an Item!
  46. Got a Small Item!
  47. Got a Treasure!
  48. Whittleton
  49. The Lost Woods
  50. Sound Stone of Awakening
  51. Song of Awakening (Long)
  52. Song of Awakening (Short)
  53. Learned Music
  54. Sanctuary
  55. Lokomo Song – Gage
  56. Energized Rail Map
  57. Forest, Snow and Ocean Temple
  58. Sound Stone of Healing
  59. Song of Healing (Long)
  60. Song of Healing (Short)
  61. Discovery
  62. Dungeon Gauntlet
  63. Mini Boss (Dungeon)
  64. Game Over
  65. Spotted! (Key Masters)
  66. Stagnox, Armored Colossus
  67. Boss Defeated
  68. The Force Gem Awakens
  69. Restoring the Spirit Tracks
  70. Got a Heart Container!
  71. Dark Trains Approaching
  72. Sword Training
  73. Intense Sword Training
  74. Catching a Rabbit
  75. Cursed Overworld
  76. Anouki Village
  77. Sound Stone of Discovery
  78. Song of Discovery (Long)
  79. Song of Discovery (Short)
  80. The Great Eye in the Dark
  81. Lokomo Song – Steem
  82. Fraaz, Master of Icy Fire
  83. Beedle’s Air Shop
  84. Mini Boss (Tower of Spirits)
  85. Linebeck III Enters
  86. Linebeck III
  87. Sound Stone of Light
  88. Song of Light (Long)
  89. Song of Light (Short)
  90. Papuchia Village
  91. The Wise One
  92. The Future Revealed
  93. Sound Stone of Birds
  94. Song of Birds (Long)
  95. Song of Birds (Short)
  96. Pirate Attack!
  97. Lokomo Song – Carben
  98. Underwater
  99. Approaching Phytops
  100. Phytops, Barbed Menace
  101. Whip Race
  102. Byrne
  103. Goron Village
  104. Lokomo Song – Embrose
  105. Get the Key!
  106. Fire and Sand Temple
  107. Cragma, Lava Lord
  108. Tower of Spirits (Staircase)
  109. Fight Against Byrne
  110. Link and Zelda’s Friendship
  111. Resurrection of the Demon King
  112. Fleeing By Demon Train
  113. Lokomo Song – Rael
  114. Skeldritch, Ancient Demon
  115. Zelda’s Dashed Hopes
  116. Got the Lokomo Sword!
  117. Fighting Dark Link
  118. Tears of Light in the Dark Realm
  119. Facing the Demon Train
  120. Before the Final Battle
  121. The Revival’s Completion
  122. Fighting Cole and Malladus
  123. The Unenterable Body
  124. Byrne Comes to the Rescue
  125. Link Catches Zelda
  126. Byrne’s Death
  127. Bodiless Malladus
  128. The End of the Chancellor
  129. Malladus’s Transformation
  130. Malladus in Cole’s Body
  131. Final Battle: Protecting Zelda
  132. Link and Zelda’s Duet
  133. Final Battle: Malladus
  134. Saying Goodbye
  135. Credits
  136. The Final Scene
  137. Battle Mode
  138. Battle Mode (Linebeck Remix)
  139. Get Ready
  140. Ready, Set, Battle!
  141. Invincibility
  142. Spotted! (Battle Phantoms)
  143. Battle Mode Results