Ocarina of Time: Rearranged

ootrearrangedAn interesting album donated by our own lord-of-shadow. Some of the tracks on this soundtrack you may find are addicting, while others you may not like at all. Rest assured, this album is a very intriguing listen if you’re looking for variations and remixes of the original Ocarina of Time music.

Track Listing

Download each individual track by clicking on its link in the list. You can only download one at a time – this is just to keep our server from melting under pressure.

  1. Title Theme
  2. Battle
  3. Lost Woods
  4. Lon Lon Ranch
  5. Shop
  6. Zelda’s Theme
  7. Middle Boss
  8. Temple of Time
  9. Kotake and Koume’s Theme
  10. Hyrule Field Main Theme
  11. Great Fairy’s Fountain
  12. Last Battle