Majora’s Mask Orchestrations

mmorchestrationsIf you enjoyed the original sound track for Majora’s Mask, this CD is quite the treat. Similar to Hyrule Symphony (though perhaps the title was a bit on the less creative side), it does not include every song from the game, but the eleven orchestrated tracks will definitely satisfy whatever Zelda music craving you may have.

Track Listing

Download each individual track by clicking on its link in the list. You can only download one at a time – this is just to keep our server from melting under pressure.

  1. Opening Title
  2. Termina Field
  3. Deku Palace
  4. Astral Observatory
  5. Oath of Order
  6. Music Box House
  7. Goron Village
  8. Zora Hall
  9. Majora’s Wrath
  10. Ending/Credits
  11. The Indigo-Go’s – Daru Blue BIG BAND Version