Hyrule Symphony

hyrulesymphonyReleased back in 1999, this soundtrack goes along with Ocarina of Time. The music played in the soundtrack is orchestrated version of familiar OoT songs such as the Kokiri Forest, Gerudo Valley, and even ocarina songs. The bulk of the album is played in strings – but it is surely a treat to any Zelda music fan.

Track Listing

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  1. Title Theme
  2. Kokiri Forest
  3. Hyrule Field
  4. Hyrule Castle
  5. Lon Lon Ranch
  6. Kakariko Village
  7. Death Mountain
  8. Zora’s Domain
  9. Gerudo Valley
  10. Ganondorf
  11. Princess Zelda
  12. Ocarina Medley
  13. Legend of Zelda Medley