Chapter 8: Lake Hylia Twilight Realm

Chapter 8 – Lake Hylia Twilight Realm

(All directions refer to the Wii version of Twilight Princess)

After entering the Twilight, follow the road until you find Ilia’s purse. Examine the purse to learn Ilia’s Scent. Follow the scent to Hyrule Castle Town and look for Ilia. Read the map on the table nearby to have the location of the Spirit Spring marked on your map.

Leave Castle Town via the same gate you came in through. Head east toward the Great Bridge of Hylia. As you attempt to cross the bridge you will be caught in a trap. To escape, push a wooden crate against the side of the bridge, then climb on top of it and jump into Lake Hylia.

The low water level in the lake makes it impossible to reach the Spirit Spring. Get out of the water and eavesdrop on the man in the clown costume, Fyer. While you listen to Fyer, a Twilit Bulblin appears on the other side of the lake. Go over there and confront it.

The Twilit Bulblin summons a giant Twilit Kargarok to ride during the battle. Dodge the arrows that it fires at you and wait for the Kargarok to swoop down. Keep out of the reach of the monster’s claws when it tries to grab you, then lunge at it. Bite it repeatedly to deal massive damage. After a few attacks like this the rider will be thrown off and you can finish it.

With the Bulblin gone, Midna can take control of the Kargarok. You can fly upriver to the next area with the Kargarok, but you must avoid the obstacles, like falling rocks dislodged by Bulblin Archers, to get there.

When you reach Upper Zora’s River, jump down into the empty riverbed and follow it along. It turns out that Zora’s Domain is completely frozen. Head over to the frozen waterfall and climb up with Midna’s help. Icicles will fall from the ceiling in certain places, so take it slow. Watch out for the sudden change in direction where you have to scramble for grip (if you press A at this point and you will fall back to the ground).

Enter the throne room at the top of the waterfall. Defeat the Shadow Beasts to open the first Portal in Lanayru province. Activate your senses to discover all the Zoras frozen beneath the ice. Remember that huge volcanic rock that fell from Death Mountain? Now you can warp to Death Mountain and bring it back to melt the ice.

On the way out of the throne room you will encounter Rutella, the late queen of the Zoras. Even as a ghost she offers her assistance if you can help her son Ralis, who you saw in Castle Town and who is seriously ill.

Thawing Zora’s Domain has restored the river to its normal state. Jump off the top of the waterfall and let the current wash you back to Lake Hylia. You will wake up outside the spirit spring. Go inside the cave and talk to the Light Spirit to obtain the last Vessel of Light.

An insect appears almost as soon as you emerge from the cave and scurries off across the bridge. Ignore it for now and head east toward the waterfall to find another insect hanging around near the water’s edge.

Go back to where you saw the first insect and cross the bridge. You should find it pretty quickly once you are on the other side.

Jump across to the rocky platforms along the southern edge of the lake. On the last and biggest platform you will find another insect.

Head toward Fyer’s shop end you will be trapped inside an arena with some Shadow Beasts. Defeat them to open the Portal for Lake Hylia. Now you can come back here at any time.

Look behind Fyer’s shop to find another insect flying around.


The Twilit Kargarok is still hanging around Lake Hylia. Howl the correct tune next to some Hawk Grass – like the patch by Fyer’s shop – to catch a flight up Zora’s River. There are four insects buzzing around, two near the start and two about halfway along. Lock onto your target and charge at it to defeat it. You will absorb the Tears of Light automatically. If you miss any, find some Hawk Grass and fly back down the river.

At the end of the Kargarok flight, listen to the woman sitting by the shack to reveal another insect. Now that the water level is back to normal you can reach the Howling Stone on the opposite bank too.

Move on to Zora’s Domain to find some more Tears. One insect is in a large opening in the rock, quite high up the eastern wall. Head past the wall of ice near the water’s edge and start jumping up with Midna’s assistance. Double back to reach the opening.

Return to the throne room, either by climbing or warping, to find another insect. It is on your left as you enter the area.

There are two insects hovering above the water in the center of Zora’s Domain. Launch your attacks from the lilypads floating in the water.

The last insect in Zora’s Domain is near the western shore. When you see two rocks jutting out of the water you know you are in the right area. Head up the slope and search with your senses to find the insect underneath the ground.

To look beyond the areas that you have already searched, go back to Upper Zora’s River and swim through the tunnel. This leads to North Hyrule Field. Head for Castle Town, where the last insect is hiding. Before you can enter the town you must defeat some more Shadow Beasts.

Go to the alley outside Telma’s Bar. The final insect is underneath a wooden crate. Smash the crate to reveal it.


You are still missing one Tear of Light and now your map says that there is one insect left at Lake Hylia. Swim out into the middle of the lake until you reach some rafts and debris that you can stand on. It turns out that the last Tear is being held by Bloat, a gigantic Insect of Darkness.

Avoid Bloat when it crackles with electricity and charges at you. As soon as it stops, jump onto it and bite its soft underbelly. Repeat this strategy until Bloat collapses into the water with its gooey organs exposed. Jump on top of Bloat and lay down a field of magic to hit all of the weak points in one go. Upon death, Bloat drops the Tear of Light.

With light returned to Lanayru you can take care of other business, but you cannot warp anymore. To leave Lake Hylia, you need to go to Fyer’s shop. For a small fee he will shoot you out of a cannon. You will land on a balcony near the top of the cliff.

Return to Hyrule Castle Town for your reunion with Ilia, which doesn’t go quite how you might expect. To fulfill your promise to Queen Rutella you must agree to escort Prince Ralis, along with Telma and Ilia, to Kakariko Village, so that Renado can heal him.

The first obstacle is King Bulblin, who is blocking the Great Bridge of Hylia. Your sword will bounce off of his new shields, but he is defenseless against the Hero’s Bow. Just make sure to dodge out of his way after firing an arrow. King Bulblin eventually drops the Gate Key, which unlocks all of the gates around Hyrule Field.

Now the real challenge begins. Bulblins Archers lining the road or riding Bulbos, as well as Kargaroks carrying explosives, can set fire to Telma’s wagon. If this happens the horse will panic and veer off course.The flames can be extinguished with the Gale Boomerang, but if the wagon spends too long on fire you will fail the mission and have to restart it. Defeat the enemies quickly, especially the Kargaroks, to avoid this. Keep going until the wagon stops at the gate outside Kakariko Village. Unlock the gate to bring the journey to an end.

With Prince Ralis taken care of, Rutella’s spirit appears to you. Follow her to find the Zora Armor, which lets you breathe underwater and swim freely. If you destroy the boulders beneath the surface of the pond it will open up a shortcut to Lake Hylia. However, you will need Water Bombs to do this. You will also need Water Bombs to get inside Lakebed Temple. You cannot carry two types of bomb in a single Bomb Bag, so go to Barnes’ store and sell your regular Bombs before replacing them with Water Bombs.

You can keep some regular Bombs with you if you obtain more Bomb Bags. See the Equipment Upgrades guide for their locations.

Return to Lake Hylia and equip the Zora Armor. Swim out into the middle of the lake and dive down to spot marked on your map. Equip the Iron Boots and place a Water Bomb on the ground beneath the entrance. The explosion will expose an air vent. Place another Water Bomb in the vent and it will float up to the top, where it will destroy the boulder plugging the entrance. One of the Zoras nearby will sell you more Water Bombs if you run out.

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