Chapter 7: Goron Mines
  1. 7.1 The First Key Shard
  2. 7.2 The Second Key Shard
  3. 7.3 The Hero’s Bow and Final Key Shard
  4. 7.4 Reaching the Boss Room
  5. 7.5 Boss Battle: Twilit Igniter – Fyrus

7.1First Key Shard

As a word of caution, do not enter this dungeon if you haven’t obtained the Hylian Shield. (You can buy it for 200 Rupees at the shop that Malo has set up in Kakariko Village). If you do have it, make sure to equip it when you enter the dungeon because if you take fire damage while using the Wooden Shield, it will burn up and become destroyed!

Room One: Lava Room

Step One:
In this first room, proceed by hopping across islands in the lava and reach the opposite side.

Step Two:
Go into the entry tunnel straight ahead on the left and cut through the wooden boards that block your way. Unfortunately, this is blocked by a stream of fire.

Step Three:
Equip Link’s Iron Boots and step on the nearby switch (on the left) to make the fire subside so you can continue.

Step Four:
Going further, another switch will appear on your left and you’ll need to step on it with Iron Boots. This will make another fire stream die down.

Step Five:
After you cross the cleared gap, turn around and follow the path around the outside of the tunnel.

Step Six:
Climb the ladder up to get on top of the cage and continue southward to the end.

Destroy the Torch Slug and open the treasure chest to receive a Red Rupee (20). Smash the jars around here for Recovery Hearts and ammunition if you need them.

Step Seven:
Go back the way you came, but after the first gap, turn right and hop onto the tall island in the lava. Then use it to jump to the opposite side of this room.

Step Eight:
Go right in this area and destroy another Torch Slug as you activate a switch with the Iron Boots equipped. You’ll see another stream of fire shut down up ahead, but you’ll have a limited amount of time to get past it before it reignites!

Step Nine:
Just run in a straight line (watching out for a dropping Torch Slug at one point) and you should get there in time. Keep following the path and you’ll reach the northern end of the room.

Step Ten:
Jump onto a rusted platform next to the door and put on the Iron Boots to make the platform sink down. The gate will open allowing you to enter the door to the next room.

Room Two: Mechanical Room

There’s a large fancy contraption in the center of this room! Follow the path down to the bottom right platform and defeat some Bulblins. Open the treasure chest they were guarding for a Small Key. Return back to the entrance and climb up the ramps across the way. When you arrive, be sure to wait for a rotating platform to lie horizontally before you cross.

Then use your key to open the locked door past the platform.

Room Three: Dodongo Room

Take the ramp down to the bottom and fight your first Dodongo. Avoid the head as the tail is its weak point.
Follow across the lava islands, being careful of fiery geysers as you cross, to reach another Dodongo on the opposite side. Jump across another island and defeat a third Dodongo when you reach the next section of this room. Here, grab the chain against the wall and pull it out as far back as you can.

Performing this action slides a section of the wall out and you’ll have to enter the passage before it slides back into place, sealing it off again. Be careful of more lava geysers and hop back across to the previous island. Turn around almost 180 degrees and enter the open passage and rush through.

Enter the door beyond.

Room Four: The Water Room

In the next room, don the Iron Boots as you jump into the water and walk along the bottom. Step on the switch and a magnetic field will turn on; pulling Link to the blue magnetic walkway on the ceiling!

Now, as long as you keep the Iron Boots on, you can walk along this surface. Walk toward the camera to curve back up and around until Link is rightside-up, then enter the next door.

Room Five: Gor Amoto’s Shrine

In here you’ll meet Gor Amoto, the second Goron elder you’ve encountered now. Speak to him, and he will give you a Key Shard–one of three that you’re going to need. Open the treasure chest behind him to find the Dungeon Map. There is another chest on the wooden stage to the left that contains a Red Rupee (20). Now climb the ladder to the higher part of the room and follow the path around to the right. Open one of the jars near the door to find Ooccoo and proceed through the door you see here.

7.2The Second Key Shard

Return to the Dodongo Room

Use the Iron Boots to walk along the magnetic wall, dispatching a couple Torch Slugs as you go. Take the door on the opposite end, then use the Iron Boots while stepping on the next switch. You’ll be magnetically pulled up onto another magnetic section on the ceiling.

Step One:
Go right (your right, not Link’s) and take out more Torch Slugs in your path.

Step Two:
You’ll almost immediately come to a fork; take your left.

Step Three:
Before long, you’ll find a treasure chest on the floor. Drop down to it and open it to receive a Piece of Heart. Re-equip the Iron Boots and climb back up the wall back onto the ceiling.

Step Four:
Move the camera so it’s directed behind Link again and return back to the circle of light where you were first pulled up to this ceiling.

Step Five:
Enter the area behind it and keep to your left, following the left wall.

Step Six:
When the road forks, follow the right path (away from the left wall).

Step Seven:
See the platform with two torches up ahead? That’s your destination – drop down when you’re above it and go through the door.

Return to the Mechanical Room

You’ll be back in that large mechanical room, but in a different part this time.

Step One:
Run down the ramp and slay the Bulblins.

Step Two:
Use the Iron Boots to activate the switch they were guarding, causing the mechanism in the center to rotate a magnet back and forth to three different platforms.

Step Three:
Get onto the outer platform and use the Iron Boots to hitch a ride.

Step Four:
Drop off onto the next platform and run up the ramp, destroying some more Bulblins and Fire Keese. Hit the switch here to cause another magnet to swing by and pick you up.

Step Five:
Ride it to the next ledge, take out a couple more Bulblins, then enter the door.

Room Six: The Flooded Chamber

Step One:
Four Tektites will pounce you in this next room, so lure them close to land and destroy them.

Step Two:
Swim to the back left part of the room and use your Iron Boots to sink to the bottom of the water and open the treasure chest to claim a Small Key.

Step Three:
Swim back to the surface and look for a tall cage-like structure on the opposite side of the room. Use Iron Boots again to sink down, then push the block back and enter.

Step Four:
Rise to the surface, climb up onto land, run toward the left ledge and step on the switch up here (with Iron Boots).

Step Five:
That will activate a nearby magnet, so go there and start another march across the ceiling.

Step Six:
Go to the end of the blue magnetic path and drop down to a new platform where you’ll activate another switch.

Step Seven:
See the platform made out of mesh next to you? Walk on that, then run and jump off of it as if it were a diving board.

Step Eight:
Immediately put on your Iron Boots when you’re airborne and, if done correctly, Link will be pulled onto the magnetic wall below.

Step Nine:
Walk around this crescent shape, then drop down at the end of it.

Step Ten:
Open another treasure chest for a Red Rupee (20) and hit the Crystal Switch, opening the gate down below.

Carefully jump down to the platform and go through the now open gate.

Take out a couple Bulblins, but be careful of the pair of Beamos statues behind them–they will fire lasers at you if they spot you! Next, use Iron Boots to walk up the wall on the right and drop down at the platform above. Open the treasure chest up here for another Piece of Heart.

Return to the magnetic part of the wall, but this time go left. Drop down at the next platform and when you come to the rope holding up a gate below you, slice that rope with your sword to drop the gate.

Drop down onto the new bridge and use your key to unlock the door you see ahead

Room Seven: The Docks

You’ll find yourself in a large, harbor-like room. You can use your Slingshot to take out the Bulblin Archers if you stand on the large crate in front of you as you enter. Follow the wooden walkway around to the right side of the room, evading a Beamos, and open a small treasure chest in the corner to collect a Small Key. Cross back over to the locked door on the opposite end of the room and open it.

Room Eight: Rotating Platform Room

Wait until the first rotating platform in this room is horizontal before crossing it. For the second such platform (which is much larger) you have two options: You can opt to jump onto it right as it goes horizontal, then repeatedly roll to the other side before it flips back over, or you can put on the Iron Boots on a magnetic square in the middle, wait for the platform to flip all the way around, then continue.

Whatever way you choose, go through the door on the other side.

Room Nine: Gor Ebizo’s Shrine

This room houses the third Goron elder (and second of this dungeon), named Gor Ebizo. Speak to him to gain the second Key Shard–there’s only one left to collect! On the wooden platform behind the Goron is a treasure chest containing a Yellow Rupee (10). Climb the ladder and take the path around to the right to find a new door.

7.3The Hero’s Bow and Final Key Shard

On your right is a magnetic wall, so equip the Iron Boots again and march across it. Your destination is a platform in the southwest corner of the room, so drop down to there and open the treasure chest for a Yellow Rupee (10). Smash the barrels and crates around here if you need Hearts, then enter the nearby door for a mini-boss battle.

Cross the walkway and step onto the magnetic arena to face your foe, Dangoro. Get in close to him and attack with your sword. When he raises his arm up to punch you, that’s your cue to use a Spin Attack on his weak spot–his stomach! When you do, he’ll curl up into a ball and attempt to roll into you. As soon as he does, don the Iron Boots, then grab him at the screen prompt and Link will throw the enemy behind him. Your goal is to toss him into the lava, so try to position yourself near the edge with Link’s back to the lava. Afterward, Dangoro will leap from the lava pit and the fight will resume. Your goal is to throw Dangoro into the lava three times to win the fight.

After the battle, the magnetic arena will rise so that it connects with the walkways on both sides. Go through the south door and open the treasure chest in the following room to claim the Hero’s Bow! Note: there are some breakable containers to the right (watch out for a Torch Slug) containing Hearts and ammo. Equip the Hero’s Bow and aim at the rope holding up the bridge to the south. Let fly with an Arrow to cut the rope and drop a bridge down for you to cross.

Room Twelve: Beamos Room

Take out another Torch Slug as you progress to the next room. Notice the Beamos statues in here? Now that you have the Bow, you can do something about them. Proceed straight ahead to the Beamos at the opposite end of the room. Fire an Arrow into the red glowing eye to deactivate the Beamos. Doing so will activate all six of the other Beamos statues in this room. Take out their eyepieces with Bow and Arrows from a safe distance.

Once deactivated, pull away the eastern Beamos statue to collect the Compass behind it. Behind the western Beamos is a door leading to the final Goron elder.

Room Thirteen: Gor Liggs’s Shrine

Talk to Gor Liggs and he’ll give you the last Key Shard you need. Together, all three Key Shards create the Big Key! Open the treasure chest behind him to acquire a Purple Rupee (50). Return to the Beamos room and pull the southernmost statue back to gain access to the door behind it.

7.4Reaching the Boss Room

Room Fourteen: The Cavern

Step One:
Use your Bow to shoot down the enemies on the ceiling just ahead, then roll into the grating to knock it down.

Step Two:
Shoot down more Torch Slugs attached to the stalactite above the platform you need to jump to, then jump over there yourself.

Step Three:
A pair of Dodongos guard the next platform. You can either shoot their tails from a safe distance or, if you want to conserve Arrows, you can jump over and fight them.

Step Four:
More Torch Slugs hang from a couple more stalactites ahead–shoot them down before crossing.

Step Five:
Run along the ledge and bypass the closed gate until you come across a switch. (You might want to defeat the Dodongo on the ceiling with Arrows first.)

Step Six:
Put on the Iron Boots and step down on it to rise up onto the ceiling.

Step Seven:
Follow the magnetic path and you should see a Crystal Switch in a nook in the wall to the right.

Step Eight:
Shoot it to open the gate you passed by a little bit ago, then drop down and enter the door behind the gate.

Second Return to the Mechanical Room

In this next room, turn right and hop across the gap to find a treasure chest that will give you a Purple Rupee (50). Turn around and shoot down another rope piece holding up a bridge for you.

Step on the switch on the other side of it with Iron Boots and the magnet will pull you up. Ride it to the other side, then drop down. Enter the door you find.

First Return to the Flooded Chamber

When you enter, a couple of Water Toadpolis will attack you here. To defeat them, deflect the rocks they shoot with your shield or just shoot them with Arrows. Hop across the islands to the closed gate. Then look for a Crystal Switch near the magnetic walkway on the wall and shoot it to open the gate.

Defeat Bulblins and Beamos on the other side and continue across to the opposite door.

First Return to the Docks

You’ll be back at the docks, but now armed with the Bow, meaning you can pick off those Bulblin Archers from much farther back. Shoot down as many as you can find at the beginning (there’s eight total), then make your way across the wooden walkway. Remember the Beamos guarding the Small Key in this room? Shoot it out, then pull the statue back to reveal a doorway behind it.

Follow the hidden passage up to a new part of the room. Shoot down more Bulblin Archers, then follow this path around and turn left. You should find another switch to activate with your Iron Boots.

Take the boots off and when the magnet is in front of you, jump off this ledge. Put the Iron Boots back on in midair and the magnet should catch you and pull you up. Ride it to the other side and shoot down the rope holding the bridge up.

Now drop down onto this bridge and go through the door beyond.

Room Fifteen: The Lava Chamber

Hit up the jars, crates, and barrels for whatever health or ammo you might need – and note that one of the jars in the corner contains a Fairy, if you have an Empty Bottle handy. Continue on and defeat the Bulblins as you go down this path. Get on the grating and shoot down a rope holding the bridge up, so that it falls to you.

Several more Bulblins will run out to meet you – show them the justice of Link’s blade. Spin Attacks work particularly well here. Up ahead is the big boss door. Use the Big Key to open it and prepare for a boss battle!

Note: If you notice that you still have one more treasure chest left to open on your map, that’s because you can’t get to it yet. You’ll have to wait until you obtain the Clawshot a little later in the game, then return to this dungeon to claim the final treasure chest.

7.5Boss Battle: Twilit Igniter – Fyrus

The boss will march right up to you to attack, so do your best to keep your distance early in the fight.

Step One:
Aim your Bow and shoot an Arrow at the glowing gem on Fyrus’s forehead. If you connect, it’ll stun him momentarily.

Step Two:
Grab one of the chains around his feet and equip the Iron Boots. Pull back on the chain all the way until Fyrus trips and falls over.

Step Three:
Now quickly take the boots off and run around to Fyrus’s glowing head gem and slash it with your sword repeatedly until the boss gets back up again.

Step Four:
As he’s standing back up, retreat, ready your Bow, and shoot an Arrow at the gem again as soon as he faces you.

Now just keep repeating the process until you defeat Fyrus for good! It may take you three rounds to do so. (Note that there are jars containing Recovery Hearts and Arrows on the edge of the room if you need them.)

After the boss is down, you’ll obtain the second Fused Shadow. Grab the Heart Container, and optionally speak to the Goron Chief Darbus (who had formerly been Fyrus) if you like. Then speak to Midna to go outside.

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