Chapter 6: Death Mountain
  1. 6.1 Kakariko Village after Twilight
  2. 6.2 Return to Ordon Village
  3. 6.3 King Bulblin
  4. 6.4 Death Mountain Trail
  5. 6.5 Wrestling Gor Coron

6.1Kakariko Village after Twilight

The Vessel of Light is full, twilight has left Eldin Province and now Kakariko Village is open for exploration. Your first stop is Death Mountain. Follow the road in Kakariko Village to the north until you find a cave-like entrance; this corridor leads to Death Mountain.

Entrance to Death Mountain Trail

The entrance to Death Mountain is at the northern edge of Kakariko Village.

Climb up the grating. When you try to go any further, a Goron will knock you off the cliff. To progress, you must find a way past them. Head back to Kakariko Village and Renado will suggest that you return to Ordon Village and visit Mayor Bo, the only person to have bested the Gorons.

Before you can leave the village, your horse, Epona, will appear running wild down the main road of Kakariko Village. Link will grab on, and it’ll be up to you to keep him on his bucking wild steed.

Hang on to Epona by following the on-screen prompts. After several seconds, you will see one final “sieze” prompt and Epona will be yours to ride from now on. If you fail to follow the prompts, Epona will knock you off. If that happens, approach her and climb back on to try again. You cannot continue until you have tamed Epona.

6.2Return to Ordon Village

With a horse, the long journey to Ordon Village will be much shorter. Ride Epona through the south exit of the village and run straight ahead to make her leap over the gate leading out into Hyrule Field. Now just ride her southward all the way to Ordon Village.

guide-ch6-shirtlessWhen you arrive in the village, ride to Mayor Bo’s house, near the entrance to the ranch. Bo will invite you inside his home and introduce you to the art of sumo wrestling.

After a brief explanation, you will practice against Bo. He goes pretty easy on you in this first round, so be aggressive and use frequent grabs to push him out of the arena. The second round against him will be a bit tougher. You’ll again want to be aggressive, but dodging will be a little more important this time. Get in the habit of attacking with a swing after a sidestep, then follow up with a grab and force him backward. You should be able to learn the ropes after a few attempts.

After defeating Bo twice, he will reward you with a treasure chest containing the Iron Boots. The Iron Boots are necessary to matching strength with the Gorons! Once you have the Iron Boots, travel back to Kakariko Village on horseback, and be ready for a fight as soon as you return!

6.3King Bulblin

Upon entering Kakariko, you’ll arrive in time to witness one of the Ordon children, Colin, being captured by King Bulblin. Race through the main thoroughfare at top speed until you jump the fence at the other end of town. This will bring you to a new section of Hyrule Field to chase King Bulblin, as you’re harried by Bulblin Riders. The latter will shoot fire arrows at you but are dispatched with one hit of your sword. As for King Bulblin, you’ll have to catch up to him and hit him with sword strikes to remove his armor piece by piece.

Use spurs to catch up, but keep watch on your meter at the bottom of the screen to make sure you don’t run out before they replenish.

Use spurs to catch up, but keep watch on your meter at the bottom of the screen to make sure you don’t run out before they replenish.

After you’ve hit King Bulblin several times, he will retreat to the Bridge of Eldin. As Link follows, both sides of the bridge will seal off and force Link and King Bulblin into combat. What follows is a good old fashioned jousting contest!

King Bulblin will charge at you from the opposite end of the bridge and you must meet his charge.

King Bulblin will charge at you from the opposite end of the bridge and you must meet his charge.

There is not one right way to win this contest, and it can take a few tries to master. Your objective is to dodge King Bulbin while simultaneously striking him with your sword. Spin attacks work well. Two hits is all it takes to send King Bulblin off the deep end and rescue Colin!

With Colin rescued, you can now return to Death Mountain with the Iron Boots.

A fire resistant shield
A new store, Malo Mart, will be opened for business in Kakariko Village after you rescue Colin. They have a better shield, the Hylian Shield, available to purchase for 200 rupees. Death Mountain is full of enemies that use fire, which will destroy your original shield. If you have the rupees to spare, now is the best time to upgrade your shield.

6.4Death Mountain Trail

Return down the trail to Death Mountain and climb up the mesh again. When the Goron spots you, equip the Iron Boots. As before, the Goron will attack by rolling at you, but this time you can stop him. Follow the on-screen prompts to grab the Goron and throw him to the left or right.

Continue your journey up the mountain and make sure to equip the Iron Boots each time a Goron rolls towards you. Grab them and toss them aside. There is only one path to follow and it takes you toward the Goron’s stronghold.

As you reach the end of hte path, you will encounter falling volcanic rocks. Dodge the rocks until a very large Molten Shard strikes the ground. This Molten Shard will be important later, but right now you can just move on. Upon reaching a clearing, you’ll see one Goron use another Goron as a springboard to reach a higher place, where he’ll then roll into a nearby tunnel.

You’ll want to keep dodging the falling rocks and a Molten Shard will soon fall from the sky and land in the area.

You’ll want to keep dodging the falling rocks and a Molten Shard will soon fall from the sky and land in the area.

Take note of the Gorons lurking in this area. They won’t roll into you with full force like the previous ones did, but they will attack if you approach them. Wait for their defenses to be open and then strike to stun them. When a Goron is stunned, you can jump on its back and use it as a spring board.

Ascending the tower to the Goron Mines

Step One: Stun one of the nearby Gorons and climb on top of the Goron quickly to be launched to higher ground.

Step Two: Stun the next Goron in this higher area to launch through a high gate behind him and into a narrow section.

Step Three: Run forward, dodging more steam vents. You’ll come to a place where steam blows out of the walls so put on the Iron Boots and walk past these vents to prevent them from blowing you off.

Step Four: Stun the next Goron you see, then have him launch you to the upper area behind him.

Step Five: There will be more vents to use the Iron Boots on followed with more rolling Gorons to grab and throw.

Step Six: After you venture through a tunnel and grating, stun two more Gorons to boost yourself up higher to reach the entrance to the Goron Mines.

6.5Wrestling Gor Coron

Before entering the Goron Mines, remember to equip to Iron Boots. If you don’t, you will automatically fail the first wrestling challenge.

You’ll find yourself in an arena with numerous Gorons, among whom are a Goron elder named Gor Coron. To gain entry to the Goron Mines beyond, the elder will challenge you to a sumo wrestling contest. Tell him yes, and get ready to rumble!

The match against Gor Coron will be tougher than against Mayor Bo. The Goron elder is quick and aggressive. Use the same strategy for him as you did against Mayor Bo.


Wait for him to attack, then sidestep, attack and grab. You will only have to push Gor Coron outside the ring once before he relents.

Afterwards, Gor Coron will ask you to save the Goron chief, Darbus, and will allow you passage into the Goron Mines.

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