Chapter 5: Kakariko Village Twilight Realm

5.1 Getting to Kakariko Village

After leaving the Forest Temple, head past Coro’s house and take the path out of Faron Woods. Go west across Hyrule Field until you reach the Curtain of Twilight. Pass through the Curtain to reach Eldin Province.

Upon entering the Twilight you will turn into a wolf again. A short distance from the Curtain of Twilight is your old Wooden Sword. Examine it to learn the Youths’ Scent. Follow the scent to the gorge and defeat the three Shadow Beasts.

Warp to North Faron Woods to find the missing bridge. It is within sight of the spot you warp to. Talk to Midna by the bridge and warp back to the gorge with it. Cross to the other side and follow the scent to the gates. Dig underneath them and enter Kakariko Village.

5.2 The Vessel of Light

First defeat the Shadow Beasts in Kakariko Village. If they spread out and you cannot defeat them with a single attack, kill one on its own before going after the other two. Then talk to Eldin at the spring to receive the Vessel of Light.

The Tears of Light in Kakariko Village can be obtained in almost any order. This is a quick method to find them all.

The Youth’s Scent leads to the door of the sanctuary by the spring. Go around the back and lock onto Midna to jump onto the roof. You can drop through the roof where a hole has been badly covered up. Use your Wolf Senses inside to trigger a cutscene. Afterward, pick up the burning torch, light the candles on the walls and jump into the basement.

You will find three Insects of Darkness in the basement. Jump up the scaffolding at the other end to escape. You will emerge in the graveyard. Another Insect is hiding underground here: uncover it by digging and return to the village.

At the south end of the village, by the sanctuary, is a building with a low roof you can climb onto. Jump from roof to roof until you see see another badly repaired roof. Stand on the wooden boards again to break them and drop into the house. Move the crate inside to reveal an Insect hiding behind it. Talk to Midna to jump out again.

The first building on the east side of the village has a hole at ground level that you can crawl through. The sixth Insect is in here.

Outside, head up the slope, jump across the gap and enter the building. Pick up an unlit torch from the floor and light it on the candle. Light the fireplace in the corner with the torch to flush out an Insect. Another one is in the room upstairs. Get both of them and climb out the same way you came in.

At the north end of the village is the bomb shop. Climb onto the shed next to it and dash through the window to get inside. Go upstairs and hit the wardrobe to reveal an Insect. Collect its tear of Light then climb on the fallen wardrobe the reach the door to the roof.

Head to the first building above the bomb shop and chase an Insect through the hole in the wall. There are more Insects hiding in the fireplace, but this time they set fire to the building when you light it. Escape through the hole and collect their Tears of Light from the wreckage.

Go up the slope to reach the highest building in Kakariko Village. Find some soft ground by the wall to dig inside, smash some pots to find the Insect hiding there and dig out again.

Take the path at the north end of the village to reach Death Mountain. Jump up to the top of the ledge from the left side and continue up the path until you reach a Howling Stone. Another Insect can be dug up nearby.

Keep going until you reach an open area where four Shadow Beasts are waiting. One of them can only be reached through a narrow gap in the magic barrier, so find and defeat it before tackling the others.

After killing the Shadow Beasts, charge the wall in the northwest of the area to knock down an Insect of Darkness. Find a place to jump up nearby, while avoiding the fireballs falling from the volcano. Walk up the ledge on the right and wait for the hot air to stop blowing before jumping onto ledge above. Drop down into the hot spring below where the final Insect is hiding among a pack of Shadow Vermin.

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