Chapter 3: Faron Woods Twilight Realm
  1. 3.1 Collecting the Tears of Light

3.1Collecting the Tears of Light

The first two Insects of Darkness are just along the path, shortly after you speak with Faron. Use Wolf Link’s Sense ability to snuff out the Insects, and you can add the first two Tears of Light to your newly acquired Vessel of Light.

The next two are inside Coro’s house. Run up to the platform on the south side of his house. There, you can lock onto Midna and jump to the window. Talk with Coro to trigger the two Insects of Darkness to appear. You can exit the house from the second floor window.

One more Insect will have retreated past the gate leading to the tunnel. Dig under the west side of the gate to get to it.

Head towards North Faron Woods. After exiting the tunnel, charge the northeast wall to knock the next Insect of Darkness off the wall.

Approach the Poison Fog along the northeast wall. You will be prompted to jump across a series of gaps. Run up the hill and traverse these platforms in the same fashion to get to the hollowed out tree. Here you will find your next two Insects of Darkness. Continue quickly across the rest of the platforms to dodge the Shadow Deku Babas.

After crossing the Poison Fog, there will be two Insects of Darkness digging around underground. Dig while standing on top of them to expose them.

The last two are at the end of the map, where you saved Talo. Once you have filled your Vessel of Light with all 12 tears, the light will be restored to the area.

Once Faron returns, he will bestow upon you the Hero’s Clothes. It’s time to head for the Forest Temple.

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