Chapter 20: Palace of Twilight

20.1 The First Sol

After you’ve retrieved the final Mirror Shard from the City in the Sky, launch yourself via the Sky Cannon back down to Lake Hylia. Now armed with the Double Clawshots, there are some treasure chests in the overworld you can reach, including one that contains a Piece of Heart. A special stage inside the STAR Tent will be available for you in Hyrule Castle Town if you’re interested in winning the Giant Quiver, and you can fully finish the Cave of Ordeals now. (See the respective sections elsewhere in our walkthrough for more details on each.)

Take care of whatever other side quests and errands you want to do now, and when you’re ready to progress, warp to the Mirror Chamber. Once there, simply run forward to trigger a series of cutscenes. When you regain control of Link afterward, step forward beyond the reassembled Mirror of Twilight to cause some steps to materialize in front of you. Climb them and enter the portal beyond to reach the Palace of Twilight!

You’ll find yourself outside in an open plaza area. There are some cursed Twili inhabitants here, but you can’t interact with them. Cross the bridge east, then continue north to the door to enter the palace itself.

Destroy some Twilit Keese and a Twilit Baba as you enter this first room. Ahead, you’ll find a Zant Mask that will teleport around the room and fire an orb of energy at you–deflect it with your shield back at the mask. This will stun it, allowing you to run in and finish off the enemy (you can actually just use your sword on a Zant Mask without the shield deflection, but it’s a handy tactic when it attacks from afar). After the enemies are cleared out, a treasure chest will appear, containing a Small Key. Look for Clawshot medallions on the north wall (they’re red in this dungeon), pull yourself up onto the ledge, then continue through the door in front of you.

Be wary of the black fog ahead, as touching it will automatically turn you into Wolf Link, and you’ll be unable to change back until you’re out of the fog. Take care of another Zant Mask in here, and if you’re having trouble seeing through the fog, activate Wolf Link’s senses to clarify things. After the mask’s defeat, two more treasure chests spawn. Exit the foggy area to the west, and open the chest there to get the Compass (slash through the Twilit Vermin that attack here). North of the fog is the other chest, which will give you a Small Key. You’re not done yet, though, as there’s a third treasure chest in this room. Clawshot to a medallion on the west wall, then look for a medallion on the ceiling to Clawshot to. From there, drop down, slay a couple Twilit Babas, then open the chest to claim an Orange Rupee (100). Now grapple onto one of the Clawshot medallions on the north wall and drop down. Enter the next door–and just like that, it’s time for your first mid-boss encounter of the dungeon!

Middle Boss Battle: Phantom Zant

Run forward to try to claim the shining sphere being held at the far end of the room–but you’ll be interrupted by a cutscene and the appearance of Phantom Zant. At the beginning of the battle, he summons a swarm of Twilit Keese, so cut through them all as quickly as you can. Phantom Zant himself will teleport around the room at various points–stay in the middle and scan the perimeter of the room, ready to pounce on him at a moment’s notice. If you can hit him before his summoning animation is finished, you’ll inflict damage and can continue to rack up sword slashes, so get in as many as possible. The battle will continue in much the same way, except instead of Twilit Keese, the next enemies that Phantom Zant will summon are a group of Twilit Vermin or Twilit Babas. Only destroy enemies that are in your way so you can focus on Zant’s elusive phantom. After you’ve landed enough hits on Phantom Zant, he’ll disperse… for now.

Phantom Zant is gone, but he has left behind a cloud of black fog. Avoid it as you go to the northern end of the room, and after Midna’s request, strike the mechanical hand holding the Sol so that it releases it. Pick up the Sol, and you’ll notice as you carry it through the dark cloud, the fog dissipates instead of turning Link into a wolf! This is a useful trait of the Sol’s power to keep in mind for the rooms ahead.

Continue south toward the door, and you’ll be introduced to one of the more obnoxious features of this dungeon: The Zant’s Hand that had been previously holding the Sol will come to life and pursue the Sol, attempting to take it back. If you’re still holding it when the hand catches up to you, it will crash down on you like a Wallmaster from previous Legend of Zelda games, take the Sol, and slowly float back toward its pedestal with it, forcing you to start again. Note that if Zant’s Hand ever does take the Sol from you, you can take it back with a well-aimed Clawshot. In fact, while it’s still in pursuit, you can hit Zant’s Hand three times with the Clawshot (or with three Arrows) to stun the hand for a short time. For now, drop the Sol onto the circular groove in the floor to cause steps to rise up for you. Climb up them, defeat the Twilit Vermin on the way, then turn around and Clawshot the Sol to you before Zant’s Hand gets to it. Exit to the previous room.

You’re not safe in here–Zant’s Hand can travel through walls! Toss the Sol into the fog to disperse it as you deal with the Twilit Vermin using your sword. Once they’re gone, quickly pick up the Sol and place it in the groove in the middle of the floor, which will raise some steps for you to climb. Once at the top, Clawshot the Sol to you. As you climb up the next couple ledges, you’ll have to throw the Sol ahead of you. Defeat more Twilit Vermin at the end, then drop down and open the door to continue your journey south.

In this room, drop down, and be sure to avoid the diving lunge of a nearby Twilit Baba. Go into the eastern corridor, dispersing more fog as you carry the Sol, and you’ll reach a treasure chest at the end on a ledge. Put down the Sol and Clawshot up onto the ledge–open the treasure chest to claim a Piece of Heart. Quickly drop back down and retrieve the Sol. Run back through the fog, throw the Sol onto another ledge, climb up, and pick it back up again. Evade the enemies as best you can, and run all the way to the south door and go through it.

Whew, you made it! Now that you’re outside in the main plaza, Zant’s Hand can’t pursue you any farther. Return to the central area near the entrance, and optionally run past all the various Twili to restore them to their original forms. In the center of the plaza you’ll find two circular grooves in the floor. Place the Sol into one of these grooves, and part of the floor will light up. Step on it, and it will become a light platform, carrying you across the gap toward the western ledge. Hop off when you’re over solid ground and enter the door to the north–we’re going to have to do it all over again in the other wing of this palace!

20.2 The Second Sol

As soon as you enter this room, be ready to take out a couple Twilit Keese that fly at you. Ahead, you’ll see a few light platforms hovering in midair. Look for a Clawshot medallion on the ceiling, and use that to drop down onto the first light platform when it’s in position underneath you. Ride it north, then jump to the next ledge. A Zant Mask will attack you here, so deflect its energy back at it, then when it’s stunned, hop across more light platforms and finish it off with your sword. Its defeat will cause a treasure chest to appear in the northwest corner of the room. Continue jumping across light platforms to reach it, then claim the Small Key inside. There is likewise a small treasure chest in the northeast corner containing a Purple Rupee (50). Now enter the door to the next room.

Run forward, and you’ll be met by a group of Shadow Beasts that come from the black fog. Go ahead and transform into Wolf Link and activate your senses as you enter the fog so you can find and destroy them all. Just as with previous encounters, the last two must be defeated simultaneously. Farther north is another Zant Mask, so take it out as usual. Three more Zant Masks will appear in the fog, so use Midna’s area attack to make short work of them. After all the enemies have been vanquished, a treasure chest will appear in an alcove to the west. Clawshot onto a medallion on the north wall, but instead of dropping down, Clawshot to one of the medallions on the ceiling. From there, Clawshot to a medallion on the east wall (on one of the southern two medallions). Drop down and open the treasure chest you find to obtain the Dungeon Map. Clawshot back onto the ceiling, then to the medallion immediately across from you to the west. Drop down here, and open the treasure chest you made appear to pocket a Small Key. Two more treasure chests remain. Clawshot to one of the northern ceiling medallions, then grapple onto the Clawshot medallion in the northeast alcove to reach a chest containing a Purple Rupee (50). Clawshot your way to the alcove across from you, in the northwest corner, to the last treasure chest in this room, this one containing another Purple Rupee (50). Now use the Clawshot to make your way north to the door and head through it to a rematch.

Middle Boss Battle: Phantom Zant

It won’t be a surprise when you try to run up to the second Sol that it’s blocked off and Phantom Zant descends to engage you again. This battle is a little bit different from the first one, though. First off, your foe will summon a horde of Twilit Babas to begin the battle. Only take out the ones in your immediate vicinity (they’ll all disappear eventually), and stay in the center of the room, looking for Phantom Zant. Don’t chase him, but once he materializes close to you, run in and hit him with a sword strike. The best time to go after him is when he begins charging up a ball of energy that will split into numerous energy balls. Roll to dodge this attack, then attack him while you have the opening. After you’ve inflicted enough damage, Phantom Zant will be done for good.

Once again, a cloud of black fog is left in Phantom Zant’s wake. Go around it to the Sol’s pedestal, slash at the Zant’s Hand, then pick up the Sol and carry it with you southward. Just like in the previous scenario, this Zant’s Hand will activate and attempt to take the Sol back, so never stay still. Toss the Sol into the fog, then use your sword to take out some Twilit Vermin and a Shadow Beast. Drop the Sol into the circular groove, climb up the steps that form, then Clawshot the Sol back to you once you’re at the top. Exit via the same door you entered.

Run forward, and throw the Sol into another cloud of fog. Take out the Twilit Keese as well as a Shadow Beast first. Now as you place the Sol into this circular groove, run quickly in almost any direction to ensure that you get on a rising platform before it rises too high for you to scale. Once you’re on the structure, run all the way south, then once you’re on the high southern ledge, Clawshot the Sol to you, then turn around, go south, drop down, and exit through the south door.

In this room, drop down into the pit of black fog, and you’ll land next to a dark globe, which will activate light platforms on either side now that the Sol is near it. Pick one, and ride it south. While you’re riding, it’s probably a good idea to set the Sol down (don’t throw it!) and shoot Arrows at the Zant’s Hand to keep it at bay. Make your way to the high ledge south of the fog pit, where there are two more dark globes. Bringing the Sol into their proximity will activate another light platform that will carry you south toward the exit. Take out the pair of Twilit Keese ahead if they get too close, and always be on the lookout for that Zant’s Hand. Finally, head through the south exit. (Ignore for now the two treasure chests in this room that the Compass is showing.)

20.3 The Big Key

Back outside, you’re once again safe from Zant’s Hand. Go southeast to a light platform and ride it back to the main plaza. Then place the Sol into the other circular groove. With both Sols returned to their proper places, the Master Sword will be powered up with light, allowing Link to cut through the dark fog that has been transforming him into wolf form. Your eventual path will take you north, but for now, take the northwest door to return to the western wing of the palace (where you just emerged).

It’s time to open those two treasure chests we passed up earlier. Armed with the Master Sword of Light, use sword slashes and Spin Attacks to cut your way through the black fog below, and go to the dark globe on the floor against the north wall. Use your sword against it to illuminate two light platforms on either side. Let’s take the west one first–ride it just like you did when you were in here before and carrying the Sol. Keep a lookout for an alcove to the west, and once your platform reaches it, hop off and open the treasure chest to obtain a Piece of Heart. Return to the fog pit and the dark globe at the north end. Activate it again, and this time ride the eastern platform. There is a corresponding alcove to the east with a treasure chest inside. Open it to collect a Purple Rupee (50). Exit back to the entry plaza now. (Note: You could have opened one or both of these chests earlier when you had the Sol with you–but that’s inadvisable, given that the Zant’s Hand would’ve been pursuing you the whole time!)

Back outside at the place where you entered the dungeon, proceed straight north past various Twili. Destroy three Twilit Kargaroks near the end of this walkway, then use your powered-up sword to slash away the dark fog that’s barring your path. Hop across the gap, and enter the door at the north end to access the final leg of this dungeon.

Run forward, and take out the various Twilit enemies that emerge from the fog, a task that is meant to teach you that sword swings with this lit-up Master Sword will temporarily disperse the fog around you. (But you already knew this if you went back for that last Piece of Heart!) Cut through the last of the fog on your journey northward, and you’ll find a couple Sol spheres in front of you. (Don’t worry–no Zant’s Hand will attack you anymore!) Pick one up and place it one of the circular grooves just down the steps south of you. If the fog has already come back, you might just try tossing it in. Do this with both Sols into both circular grooves, and a staircase will rise from the floor.

Take the stairs up, fighting off any Twilit Keese that attack, then slash at the dark globe up here to activate a light platform. Ride it across the room, then disembark onto the west ledge. Defeat a Twilit Baba as you arrive, as well as several Zant Masks that materialize to meet you. Once they’re defeated, a treasure chest will appear with a Small Key inside it. After you’ve claimed it, walk over to the three dark globes on this ledge and use a Spin Attack to hit them all at the same time. A light platform will appear beneath you and carry you up. Fight off a couple more Twilit Keese, then hop off at the end and enter the locked door in front of you.

You’ll emerge onto an outdoor balcony patrolled by Twilit Kargaroks. Go to the eastern end of the balcony and dispatch a Shadow Beast that lurks there, as well as any of the Twilit Kargaroks your sword can reach. Place yourself between the two dark globes and execute a Spin Attack to summon a light platform. Ride it up and over to a far southern ledge–fight off any enemies that fly in to attack–and jump off once onto this ledge. Defeat the Zant Mask here (you might have to deflect a projectile or two while riding in on the platform), and activate the two dark globes on this orb to spawn another light platform. Ride it back to where you entered this room, where you’ll now be met by three Zant Masks. Block any projectiles until you arrive, and once you’re back on solid ground, show all three masks the business end of Link’s Master Sword. Once they’re all gone, a treasure chest will appear nearby. Open it for another Small Key.

After you have that, go up to the curtain of black fog against the west wall. Slash through it with your sword to disperse the darkness so you can jump across to the other side. Destroy more Twilit Kargaroks. Look above you for a Clawshot medallion on the north wall, and grapple up to it. Then grapple to the medallion directly across from you to the south, then across again to the higher Clawshot medallion to the north. There is a yet higher Clawshot medallion on the south wall, so pull yourself up to there, and finally look for a medallion on the ceiling. Clawshot yourself up there, and drop down in front of an ornate treasure chest. Open it to obtain the Big Key. Now drop all the way down to the bottom, slash through the fog and jump across back to the main area. The locked door is to the northwest, so go there.

As you enter this room, you’ll notice a barrier drop down near the fog, blocking you in. Turn around and prepare to engage a group of Shadow Beasts. Defeat them to remove the barrier, then cut through the fog and use a Spin Attack to light up all four dark globes. You’ll ride a light platform that will take you straight up. Soon, other light platforms will appear–jump onto the east platform. Ride this one, and on your right you should see a ledge with a single jar. Jump off here if you want a Fairy (though the jar will be empty if all your Bottles are full), then resume your ride on the light platform. Ride it until two more platforms appear, and jump onto either one. Once you do, aim your Clawshot up and east, to locate a medallion on the wall above a high ledge. Grapple onto it, drop down, and take out the Twilit Baba up here. Jump onto the next light platform, and ride it up and over. A Zant Mask will shoot at you along the way, so block accordingly. Clawshot onto the wall directly in front of you, drop down, and defeat the Zant Mask. Next, Clawshot onto the ceiling, and lower yourself until a light platform moves under you, then drop down onto it. Another Zant Mask will harass you. Clawshot to the east wall when you’re within range of it, drop, and take down this other Zant Mask. The defeat of both masks will trigger a treasure chest on the southeast ledge, which should be right next to you. Open it to collect the last Small Key of this dungeon. Get back onto the last light platform you rode, and let it take you up and north. Hop off, and use your new key to open the locked door in front of you.

Slay the Shadow Beast before you, and enter the fog. An onslaught of Shadow Beasts will drop into the arena, so keep defeating them until they’re all gone and the barrier lifts. All that’s left now is to use the Big Key to open the ornate door in front of you for a much anticipated showdown!

20.4 Boss: Usurper King – Zant


Approach the throne, and you’ll be treated to a few revelatory cutscenes–after which the battle begins. For the first phase, Zant transports you to Diababa’s lair in the Forest Temple. Zant will hover above the water and shoot energy bolts at you. Dodge them, Z-target Zant, and toss the Gale Boomerang his way. If it hits him before he teleports, he’ll be brought stumbling toward you. Use this opportunity to get in as many sword slashes as you can! Jump Attacks and Spin Attacks work great here and throughout the rest of this fight as well. After you’ve inflicted enough damage, Zant will take the battle to a new location.

For the second phase, Zant transports you to Dangoro’s lair in the Goron Mines. Whenever he starts jumping up and down on the magnetic arena, put on your Iron Boots so you won’t be bounced around. Stay in the middle, and wait for him to fire his energy bolts at you–make sure to block with your shield. Afterward, he’ll be momentarily exhausted, so take off the Iron Boots, run in, and slash him with all you’ve got. After you’ve inflicted enough damage, Zant will take the battle to a new location.

For the third phase, Zant transports you to Morpheel’s lair in the Lakebed Temple. Equip both the Zora Armor and Iron Boots. A massive Zant Mask will emerge from the center of the chamber, then Zant himself will appear inside when the mask opens its mouth. Dodge more energy bolts, Z-target Zant, and use the Clawshot to bring him to you. Hack away at him! After this, four large Zant Masks will emerge from the floor. Zant will only be in one of them, so stay in the center and keep looking between masks. The pattern from then on is the same as before–dodge or block the energy attack, then Clawshot Zant and wail on him with the Master Sword. After you’ve inflicted enough damage, Zant will take the battle to a new location.

For the fourth phase, Zant transports you to Ook’s lair once again in the Forest Temple. Remove both the Iron Boots and Zora Armor, then Z-target the boss, hit him with the Gale Boomerang to stagger him a bit, then roll into the pillar he’s standing on (twice) to knock him down to the floor. He’ll be stunned, so give him a beating with the Master Sword before he teleports back up onto another pillar. If you’re having trouble catching Zant with either the Gale Boomerang or rolling, wait until he does the usual energy attack, then roll into the pillar when he’s resting afterward. After you’ve inflicted enough damage, Zant will take the battle to a new location.

For the fifth phase, Zant transports you to Blizzeta’s lair in the Snowpeak Ruins. He will then grow to an enormous size and hover above the arena. As you did against Blizzeta, run around the room and check the floor’s reflection to keep an eye on Zant. Whenever he attempts to stomp down on you, get out of the way, then immediately turn around, Z-target, and hit him in the foot with the Ball and Chain. Zant will then hop around in pain, shrinking all the while. Quickly catch up with him (it helps not to Z-target on this slippery surface) and deal sword blows whenever you get close enough. Try to predict his path and cut him off. He’ll soon grow large again, forcing you to repeat the process. After you’ve inflicted enough damage, Zant will take the battle to a new location.

For the final phase, Zant transports you to Hyrule Field, near Hyrule Castle. He’s out of tricks now, so instead he resorts to simple brute force. Brandishing twin blades, he will teleport around the battlefield and try to slash at you–be sure to block with your shield! Sometimes he will do a spinning attack, in which case not only use your shield, but also don the Iron Boots so he doesn’t push you back. With no more energy bolt attacks to give you an opening, you’ll have to create your own openings, slashing away at him with your sword whenever you get a chance, while not leaving yourself open to attack at the same time. Stay vigilant, and don’t be afraid to use healing items if necessary. Get in enough licks on him, and this usurper king will be dethroned at last!

After another series of cutscenes, you’ll find yourself back in Zant’s throne room inside the Palace of Twilight. Collect the Piece of Heart in front of the throne itself, then speak to Midna to leave this place. You’ll be teleported back to the plaza at the entrance to the palace. Go south to the exit and enter the portal to return to the Mirror Chamber and Hyrule. It’s time to begin the final objective of your adventure: save Princess Zelda from Ganondorf’s clutches. On to Hyrule Castle!

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