Chapter 2: Twilight Realm
  1. 2.1 Breaking out of the Castle
  2. 2.2 The “Twilight Princess”
  3. 2.3 Acquiring a Sword and Shield
  4. 2.4 Ordona, the Spirit of Light

2.1Breaking out of the Castle

After being pulled into the Twilight Realm, a triforce appears on your hand and you transform into a wolf-like form referred to as Wolf Link. You pass out and later awaken in a prison cell in your new form, where an dark imp-like creature named Midna awaits. Midna claims that she’ll help you (if you behave) and using her powers, she cuts the chain that keeps you tied to one spot on the floor. If you can escape the cell, she might explain everything.

As the gameplay starts, go over the broken box that’s pressed against the bars and use your spin or normal attack to break it. This will reveal a small spot in the bars that looks a little damaged and you’ll be prompted to dig on the ground directly in front of it. You can now dig under the bars and escape out of the cell.

Once Midna is on your back, proceed down the hall and push through the door to the cell next door. Pull on the hanging chain above to open the small passageway in front of you and go down it.

Watch for chains hanging from the ceiling. Pulling them can open new paths.

Watch for chains hanging from the ceiling. Pulling them can open new paths.

Once in the next area, use your senses to eavesdrop on the guard’s spirit in the corner. Continue down the platform along the sewer until you reach a gap and jump across. Here, Midna will warn you about fighting enemies as the water is filled with Shadow Vermin, who will occasionally attack you.

Head down the sewer until you reach an intersection and then go to the left, where there is another hanging chain to pull. Doing so opens up a floodgate and raises the sewer’s water levels. Turn around and head straight down the sewer, swimming over a set of spikes that have now become passable thanks to the water.

There are a few spirits in this area you can find with your senses, but they’re not necessary to complete the puzzle. As you head towards the large gated area, Midna will cross the gate on her own and tell you to find your way by yourself.

Turn around and across the sewer to where there is another floodgate. Pull the hanging chain and lower the water level. Return to the large gated area where Midna waits and there is now a small tunnel in the left corner that has been revealed. Passing through allows you and Midna to be reunited and she’ll tease you about where you may be.

Follow the on-screen directions to climb up the staircase.

Follow the on-screen directions to climb up the staircase.

Going forward, there’s a circular room with a broken spiral staircase. Use the stairs, Midna’s guidance, and the ropes stretching across the room to climb your way to the top. Some Shadow Keese will attack you here, so fight them off and climb on top of a pile of rubble off to the side. Midna will once again help you out so that you can jump all the way up to the door at the top of the room.

2.2The “Twilight Princess”

You now find yourself on what appears to be a castle rooftop. Midna will tease you once again and tell you that she wants you to meet someone located in the tower. Run forward all the way down the wall and listen to the spirit of the guard at the end. He will mention that the location is Hyrule Castle.

After this, turn to the left and push the nearby box up against the wooden structure located there. Use it to climb up and over the structure and onto the next wall, where there will be a couple Shadow Kargaroks you’ll have to fight off. At the end of the wall is another wooden segment to the side where, if you walk on it, Midna will explain that you’re almost there and guide you across to the gap to a rooftop.

Run along the roof and over to the tower, where there’s a small door you can use to get inside. Run all the way up the staircase to the room at the top.

Here, you encounter a woman Midna refers to as the “twilight princess” who is actually Princess Zelda and she explains that Hyrule has been taken over by the evil Zant. After the cutscene, she tells you to leave before the guard makes his rounds and you and Midna exit back on to the rooftop.

Midna makes an offer to help you save Colin and Ilia, but only if you become her servant. She sends you back to the Ordon Spring to give it some thought.

2.3Acquiring a Sword and Shield

Midna is revealed to be with you, hiding in your shadow, and she instructs you to go find a sword and shield within the village. Follow the path back to village, taking out the Bulblins that have now infested the woods.

Do this all the way back to Link’s Treehouse where, once all the enemies have been defeated, a chipmunk will speak to you and explain that monsters have made a mess of the village and taken the children. It also explains that you can talk to animals in your new wolf form. When you enter the village, head straight across to the bridge and over the stream.

There you will walk in on a conversation between Jaggle and Mayor Bo about a shield and sword. Mayor Bo says to be quiet, so you must sneak forward into the tall grass until you are close enough to listen.

“Ugh…Look at that open window. This village is full of idiots.”

Jaggle explains that he has a shield in his storage shed and that Rusl is in possession of a sword. After the conversation finishes, as you stand up, the two get scared and run off thinking you’re a monster. Midna suggests using the water wheel to get into the storage shed.

Obtaining the Sword and Shield

Step One: Run back over the bridge. Be careful as you return though as Hanch will see you and send his hawk to attack if you get too close. Run over to the far side of the house behind Hanch. Midna will guide you up onto the roof.

Step Two: Midna will once again guide you over onto the water wheel and onto the roof, where there is a door you can enter the storage shed from.

Step Three: Once in the shed, jump down from the initial platform and climb on top of the table in the center of the room.

Step Four: Dash into the wall a couple of times to knock it down. Once you pick it up, climb out the square window on the wall to the left.

Step Five: Climb out of the river and head straight ahead to where Rusl’s house is located. Carefully sneak past Rusl by avoiding being seen by either him or his wife.

Step Six: Run to the right side of the house and use your senses to detect a diggable patch of ground next to a pile of logs. Dig here and tunnel into the main room.

Step Seven: Collect The Ordon Sword.

2.4Ordona, the Spirit of Light

Once you pick up the Ordon Sword, exit the house and run back along the path out of the village to Ordan Spring, where a mysterious voice will tell you to enter. Once you enter the spring, a red portal will form above you and a Shadow Beast will drop out of it.

“I am one of the four light spirits that protect Hyrule at the behest of the gods. I am Ordona.”

Use your various attacks to defeat it and suddenly a light spirit known as Ordona will  appear out of the spring, revealing itself to be the mysterious voice that called you there. Ordona will give you some backstory on how the Spirits of Light have all been attacked by monsters and how you are the fated hero who can defeat them.

Ordona then tells you to go to Faron Woods to try and regain your true form. Exit the spring after this dialogue and head back to wall of Twilight. There, Midna will pull you into the Twilight Realm surrounding Faron Woods.

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