Chapter 19: City in the Sky

19.1 The Dungeon Map

Climb out of the pool of water at the beginning. If you enter the shop on the left you can get Ooccoo to accompany you one last time, but she is not essential to complete the dungeon. Head north toward the city, using the Iron Boots to prevent the gusts of wind from pushing you back. Beware the Baba Serpents hiding in the long grass. Halt in front of the steps and strike the crystal switch above the door to unlock it.
The first room inside the building introduces a new hazard. If you stand on the blue blocks they will start sinking, so avoid them whenever possible. Pick up an Oocca (or use the Gale Boomerang or Clawshot to retrieve one) and glide across the first gap. Defeat the Helmasaur then use the Clawshot to grapple to the vines on the right. Pick up another Oocca and glide across the second gap to reach the exit.
The next room links the different regions of the Dungeon, so you will come back to it multiple times. Use the Clawshot to reach the window to the right of the entrance. There is a large hole in the window that allows you to go outside, where you will find a socket that the Spinner fits into. Keep spinning to extend a bridge to the east. Use the Clawshot to get across the hole in the floor. Equip the Iron Boots to avoid being swept away by the wind as you cross the bridge.
There are two Clawshot targets on the ceiling at the back of the next room. Use the one on the right and take the Small Key from the Treasure Chest. Pull yourself toward the grid on the opposite wall with the Clawshot and leave the room. Argorok appears and destroys the bridge after you cross it, but you will find a way to traverse the gap later.
Go indoors and grapple to a vine-covered pillar on the other side of the hole. Go to the door on the west side of the room – running across the blue blocks before they sink – and go outside. On the left is another mechanism operated by the Spinner. Extend the bridge to the west and cross it to reach a locked door. Unlock it with the Small Key and go inside.

Go left and hit the red crystal switch to stop the fan by the exit. Go back, take the right fork and equip the Iron Boots to walk past the first fan. You cannot do this for the second fan since the blue blocks will sink before you can get across them. Instead fire the Clawshot at the vine-covered pillar beyond the fan. Enter the room to the west to collect the Dungeon Map. Go back and run across the blue blocks in front of the deactivated fan to move forward.

19.2 Double Clawshots

Your only task in the next room is to reach the door on the other side. Unfortunately there are blasts of wind and Tile Worms to make it difficult for you. Find a gap short enough to jump across. Beyond that is a gap that requires you to time your jump to when the wind stops. Use the Gale Boomerang to remove the Tile Worm on the far side of the third gap and wait for the wind to stop before jumping. Jump onto the narrow ridge on the right, remove the Tile Worm at the end and jump over the gap to the left. There is one more Tile Worm and another timed blast of air beyond that. Finally, jump across the blue block to reach the door.

There are two Dinalfos in the next room. Once you have defeated them use the Clawshot to pull yourself up to the vines on the wall. Hanging from the ceiling here is an odd-looking switch that you can pull using the Clawshot, activating a fan underneath the floor. Pick up an Oocca and fly into the updraft to reach the exit.
The next room has more fans underneath the floor. Grab an Oocca and fly into the updraft in the pit on the right. Touch down on the other side, where there is another fan in the floor. Wait for it to stop then stand in the middle holding an Oocca. When the fan starts spinning again you will be lifted into the air and can glide over the top of the wall to the left. Veer right and try to land on the ledge. If you fall short there is an updraft in the pit that you can use to get onto the ledge. Pull the spherical switch to activate the final updraft. Pick up an Oocca, glide into the updraft in the pit and ride the final updraft to reach a hole in the wall. The exit is on the other side.
Go through the door and you will emerge at the top of a high round room. Pick up an Oocca and glide from platform to platform to get down. There are fans set in the walls around the room: wait for them to stop before gliding past them or avoid them altogether. Keep going until you reach the door at the bottom and open it.
A spherical switch hangs from the ceiling: you need the extra weight of the Iron Boots to pull this one. Doing so halts the fan blades underneath, allowing you to drop into the room below and confront an Aerolfos. Use the Clawshot when it raises its shield to pull it down, so that you can fight it on the ground. In the second phase it flies in and out of different windows and tries to catch you off guard, but the strategy for fighting it remains the same. You just need to be cautious.

After you kill the Aerolfos, the gates to a side room open. Use the Clawshot to get into the side room and open the Treasure Chest to obtain the Double Clawshots. Turn around, look at the ceiling of the main room and use the Clawshots to grapple to the nearest target. Lower yourself a little bit and grapple to the next Clawshot target. While hanging from the second target, turn to face the hole in the ceiling and grapple to the patch of vines next to the fan blades. Climb up and exit the chamber.

19.3 Reaching the Top

Look for a spherical switch halfway up the previous room and use the Clawshots to reach it. Some gates will open nearby, but only while you hang from the switch. Lower yourself until you are level with the open gates and aim at one of the targets behind them. You have just enough time to get through the gates before they close.

In the next room there are many Clawshot targets – which you can lock onto – attached to columns hanging from the ceiling. As soon as you land on a target it will start to slide off its column, so fire the Clawshot at the next target as quickly as you can. When you reach the last target, drop down, take the Compass from the Treasure Chest and go outside.
Use the Hero’s Bow or Clawshots to cut down all the Baba Serpents, then use the Clawshots to grapple along the underside of the bridge. Pull yourself to the vines on the right and climb up them. Go back inside the central room and run over the blue blocks. With two Clawshots you can go straight to the east door using Clawshot targets on the ceiling and above the door. Use the Clawshots to grapple between the Peahats above the destroyed bridge and enter the room where you got the Small Key.
Look down and you will see more columns with Clawshot targets on them. As before, you must move from target to target quickly before they disappear. Drop down from the last target and look for another one through the hole in the wall. While hanging from the target two others are available; take the one on the left then pull yourself to the grid on the wall. Walk through the hole in the wall and go down to the level below. Cut down the Baba Serpents hanging from the ceiling and grapple to the Clawshot target next to them. Lower yourself until you are level with the gate and hit the crystal switch to open it. Grapple to the Clawshot target behind the gate and climb up the shaft until you reach the exit. You will need Bombs in the next room: if you have none in your inventory take the path to the left of the door. Defeat the Tile Worm, jump across the gap and open the Treasure Chest to get ten Bombs.
The next room contains a Big Baba, like the one in the Forest Temple, which is why you need Bombs. Defeat it and look for a Clawshot target attached to a column. Grapple to the pillar covered by vines before you fall off. Walk along the narrow ledge, taking care not to be knocked off by enemies, until you are within range of the Clawshot targets on columns above you. Grapple to the last target and aim for another pillar covered by vines before you fall off. Look for a Clawshot target in the middle of the ceiling and pull yourself up to it. Drop down onto the platform below, kill the Dinalfos and leave the room.
Wait for a Peahat to hover over the wall in front of you and attach a Clawshot to it. Let it carry you over the wall and drop down. Look for a second Peahat and do the same again to get over the next wall. Look for a third Peahat on your right and grab hold of it. When it flies over the wall, lower yourself enough so that you pass underneath. On the other side of the wall, transfer to the final Peahat. Adjust your height so you that pass through the hole in the wall and let go once you are above the ledge by the exit.
You will now be above the destroyed bridge. Grapple between Peahats using the Clawshots until you reach the door on the opposite side. In the room beyond look around the outer wall for some vines. Use the Clawshot to reach them and climb to the platform at the top. Beware the Kargaroks roosting nearby. Transform into Wolf Link and walk along the tightrope. Go right and keep walking along the ropes (the Kargarok can be killed by lunging as you approach the end of the ropes). When you reach a door go through it.
A powerful fan and two Helmasaurus make it difficult to move around in this room, even with Iron Boots on. Instead, look for a grid on the ceiling that the Clawshots can latch onto. While hanging from the grid, aim at the spherical switch on the other side of the room. Equip the Iron Boots to activate it and the fan will stop moving. Let go, kill the Helmasaurus and take the Big Key from the Treasure Chest.
Drop through the hole in the floor and kill the Helmasaurs. Look at the grid covering the ceiling: it is divided into quarters. Fire the Clawshot at the segment that is closest to the room’s Treasure Chest and lower yourself into the familiar chamber below. Grapple to the spherical switch above the north door and equip the Iron Boots to pull on it. The fan outside the door will start spinning.
Go out the north door and aim the Clawshots at the blades of the propeller above you. Wait for it to rotate to the point where you can hit it. Once you are hanging from the propeller, aim the Clawshots at the next one and do the same thing. Keep doing this until you reach the other side and drop down by the door.
Enter the final building and defeat the two Aerolfos, then aim the Clawshots at the grid above the entrance. From there you can reach the first propeller. Hit the crystal switch opposite you with the Clawshots and the propeller will start moving. Grapple from propeller to propeller to climb up the room. The highest propeller is stationary but there is a crystal switch on the opposite wall that will activate it. Aim for the Clawshot target above the Boss Door as the propeller passes close to it.

Go through the Boss Door and grapple to the pillar on the right with the Clawshots, then grapple to the vines on the left pillar. Climb up the vines to reach the Boss.

19.4 Boss: Argorok

Argorok will fly off into the distance, wheel around and dive across the arena. Stay out of his way and equip the Iron Boots to avoid being blown away by the strong gale that follows in his wake. He will then circle around and hover above the middle of the arena, trying to blow you away with his wingbeats. Equip the Iron Boots and shoot the Clawshots at the hook on his tail to pull him down and remove some of his armor.
This time Argorok will settle on top of one of the tall pillars. Use the Clawshots to zigzag to the top of them and aim for his tail. Pull him to the ground again to destroy his remaining armor and expose his weak spot.
Climb back to the top of the pillars and use the Clawshots to hang from a Peahat. When Argorok prepares to breathe fire, start grappling from Peahat to Peahat. Keep it up until you are behind him. Grapple to the glowing orb on his back (you may have to aim manually to stop locking onto Peahats) and hack at it with your sword until he throws you off.
Argorok will respond by breathing fire as you climb back up the pillars. Time your movements to avoid the flames. Use the same strategy to get on his back again and attack his weak spot.
When Argorok gets low on health he will change the direction that he breathes fire halfway through. Keep grappling from Peahat to Peahat until he tries this, then reverse your direction immediately. Get on his back and finish him off to obtain the last Mirror Shard.
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