Chapter 18: Complete the Sky Book

18.1 Activate the first Owl Statue

After restoring Ilia’s memory, descend into the basement. Talk to Shad by the Owl Statue and show him the Ancient Sky Book. By reading it he accidentally restores power to the Dominion Rod. However, the Owl Statue still cannot be moved. He marks the locations of other statues on your map and leaves to investigate.

There are six Owl Statues in total. Four can be found throughout Hyrule Field, another is in Faron Woods and the last one is in the Gerudo Desert. Moving them with the Dominion Rod reveals the missing characters from the Ancient Sky Book. The order listed here is only a guide; you can tackle them in any order you like.

18.2 Find the remaining Owl Statues

The closest Owl Statue is east of Kakariko Village, near Kakariko Gorge. If you see Chu Chus on the ground you are getting close. Move the statue and check the markings underneath it to recover a missing character from the Ancient Sky Book.

There is another Owl Statue at the northern end of the Bridge of Eldin. Once you have the missing character it can be moved to the other end of the bridge to help you reach a Piece of Heart (see the Pieces of Heart guide for more information).
An Owl Statue is in the amphitheatre near Castle Town that overlooks the Great Bridge of Hylia. Clear the Bulblins from the area and look for it on top of a pillar. You need to move the Owl Statue off the pillar and position it halfway between there and the nearest ledge. You can jump on top of the statue to reach the missing character.
The next Owl Statue is not far from the last one. Look for it on a high ledge near the northern end of the Great Bridge of Hylia. To get up there you need to position the Owl Statue directly underneath the vines hanging from the wall above. Use the Clawshot to reach the vines, drop down onto the statue and jump to the ledge to get the missing character.
The Owl Statue in Faron Woods is near Coro’s house and the entrance to Hyrule Field. Look for a boulder that you can destroy. There is a small clearing behind it, where you will find the statue. This one can also be used to reach a Piece of Heart (see the Pieces of Heart guide for more information).

Search for a small series of ruins near the southern edge of Gerudo Desert. The Owl Statue is on top of them. There is only one ledge low enough to climb up, so position the statue so that you can jump onto it to reach the missing character.

18.3 Ride the cannon to the sky!

Return to the basement of the Sanctuary with the filled Sky Book and show it to Shad again. When he reads it this time it will enable you to move the Owl Statue. On the other side is a cavern containing the broken Sky Cannon. You can try to warp with it, but Midna suggests that you get rid of Shad before you transform into a wolf. Talk to him to make him leave, then warp to Lake Hylia with the Sky Cannon.

At Lake Hylia, talk to Fyer the cannon expert. He will agree to repair the Sky Cannon in exchange for 300 rupees. Once he has finished, use the Clawshot to get inside the cannon and you will be shot up to the City in the Sky.
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