Chapter 17: Restoring Ilia’s Memory

17.1 The Wooden Statue

After you’ve retrieved the Mirror Shard from the Temple of Time, you’ll find yourself back at the Master Sword’s pedestal in the temple (outside the dungeon proper). Run forward to the temple’s exit to return to the present-day Sacred Grove. Ooccoo will meet you there, and you’ll discover that since you’re no longer in the ancient past, your Dominion Rod will be empty of its magic power. Somehow, we’ll have to restore power to the rod so that we can search for the final Mirror Shard said to be in the sky.

Warp to Kakariko Village, revert to Link’s human form, and enter the Sanctuary. Speak to Renado, who has an idea on how to help Ilia regain her lost memories. He gives you Renado’s Letter and asks you to show it to Telma. Optionally speak to the others in the room, then exit and warp to Castle Town. Head over to Telma’s Bar and speak to Telma, giving her the letter from Renado. She in turn will give you an Invoice and advise you to visit the town doctor.
To get there, go to Castle Town West Road. At the dead end, near the west exit onto Hyrule Field, is his office. Enter. He’ll meet you at the door, and basically just blow you off. Show him the Invoice, though, to get him talking! He’ll mention something about a Wooden Statue that was stolen, shortly after he spilled medicine on it. He’ll then retreat into his office in the back. As he enters the room on the right, go into the room on the left instead and push the block that’s against the wall. Transform into Wolf Link and sniff the spilled medicine on the wall to learn the Medicine Scent. Stay in wolf form, and exit the building. Activate your senses and follow the yellow trail to Castle Town South Road. The scent will eventually lead you to Telma’s cat Louise, right outside Telma’s Bar. Speak to Louise as Wolf Link, who tells you she stole the statue, but then had the statue stolen from her in turn by a pack of skeletal dog beasts who roam outside the town’s southern gate at night.

Exit to Hyrule Field via that same southern gate, and wait for nightfall (if it’s not night already). Run down the steps near where the Goron was working on unblocking the path earlier in the game. There you should be surrounded by a circle of Stalhounds. Spin Attacks and Jump Strikes work well, but Wolf Link’s area attack–if you can get every Stalhound inside Midna’s ring–is the most effective tactic. Destroy them all, and the Wooden Statue will appear! Pick it up and add it to your inventory.

17.2 The Hidden Village

With this new item in hand, return to the Sanctuary in Kakariko Village and show the Wooden Statue to Ilia. Seeing it will enable Ilia to remember some things, specifically that she was with another captive in an unknown village–Ilia tells you that this person is probably still in trouble. Your next task now is to go to the aid of Ilia’s friend in the Hidden Village. A rockslide has blocked the path, so Gor Coron sends Darbus to break it down for you.

Leave the Sanctuary and warp to the Bridge of Eldin. Journey north across the bridge into the narrow canyon. Keep following the winding path until you reach a wooden bridge. (Take out any Bulblins along the way if you wish.) As soon as you cross the wooden bridge, look to your right to find a newly opened tunnel. Climb up and enter it. Inside, you’ll find Darbus pounding away the last of the rocks in your path. When he’s done, he’ll give you your objective: eliminate all the soldiers holding this village hostage. Run forward to enter the Hidden Village!
Like Darbus said, you have 20 Bulblins you must defeat before you can rescue the person who saved Ilia. The Hawkeye is probably a good idea for this segment, by the way. You start by facing south toward the village, and there will now be a counter on your screen to let you know how many foes remain. Begin by aiming the Hero’s Bow at Bulblin #1 in the street straight in front of you and taking him out with an Arrow. Zoom in, and behind him is Bulblin #2. See the explosive barrels behind where those two Bulblins were? Shoot an Arrow into one to blow them up, which will also eliminate the unseen Bulblin #3. Pan over to the right to find Bulblin #4 in front of a building on the west side. On a balcony above him is Bulblin #5. Look on the balcony of a building on the east side to locate Bulblin #6. Immediately above him is Bulblin #7. Pan over far to the left to find Bulblins #8 and #9 hanging out next to an explosive barrel. Shoot the barrel itself to take them both out! Now pan far to the right to find Bulblin #10 in a window–shoot an Arrow through the window into him. Walk forward a bit, and you should be able to see Bulblins #11 and #12 on the balcony of a building on the west side farther south.
At this point, it’s time to move into the town proper! Enter the first building on the right (i.e. the west side), climb up the stairs and go out onto the balcony. Hop onto the balcony of the next building to the south, then smash open one of the windows. From the window sill, aim your Bow at the floor and find Bulblin #13 hiding behind some crates. Pan up to locate Bulblin #14 on the roof. Next, search left to find Bulblin #15 on a high ledge on the other side of the building. As you emerge back out into the street, you should hear the telltale sound of a Bulblin Archer firing in your direction. Use the Hawkeye to pan up and to the right (i.e. south) and find an explosive barrel practically hanging off the balcony. Blow it up to take out Bulblin #16. Next, aim an Arrow at the second-floor window across the street to take down Bulblin #17. Go into the alleyway next to his building to engage Bulblin #18. In the next building to the south (still on the east side), Bulblin #19 will come out of the wide doorway to fight you. Enter that building, and shoot down Bulblin #20 on a high ledge inside.
Once all the Bulblins are defeated, Ilia’s friend will emerge from her home. She will introduce herself as Impaz and give you Ilia’s Charm to pass on to Ilia. With your business done here, it’s possible to learn the final Hidden Skill by locating the Howling Stone behind one of the buildings in this village (see our Hidden Skills section for more details), as well as obtain a Piece of Heart by speaking to the nearby Cucco in this same yard as Wolf Link and playing a game with all the cats in the village (see our Pieces of Heart section for more details on that too). Once you’ve done everything you need to do in the Hidden Village, warp to Kakariko Village.
Return to the Sanctuary and give Ilia’s Charm to Ilia. Ilia will finally remember Link, and after the heartwarming cutscene, she gives you the Horse Call. Now you can summon Epona whenever you want without having to find Horse Grass first! Now that Ilia’s memories have returned, she remembers something Impaz had said about a messenger from the heavens. And so begins the next leg of your quest to restore power to the Dominion Rod.
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