Chapter 12: Arbiter’s Grounds

12.1 Four Poe Souls

Advance forward through the opening corridor to a wider room. Be careful not to sink in the quicksand! Also watch out for Moldorms that will sometimes leap out of the sand and attack. Use your Clawshot to pull yourself onto the Clawshot medallion on the right wall, then drop to the platform below. Hop across the platforms in the sand, being mindful that some will start to sink once Link steps on them. Enter a caged-in area in the northwest part of the room and take out any Stalkin that emerge from the sand to challenge you. Now use the Clawshot to pull the chain from the wall toward you, then pull it backward to open the northern gate blocking your way. Now run through that gate to the next area.

In the alcove to the west is Lantern Oil if you need to refill. To the east, break through the wooden boards with your sword to advance to the next room. Cross the sand and break the skulls if you need Recovery Hearts or ammunition. Then open the treasure chest to obtain a Small Key. Note that there are Poison Mites in the sand–if they swarm you, be sure to get out of the sand because they’ll make you sink! Once on solid ground, destroy them with a Spin Attack. Anyway, use your newfound key to open the locked door to the north of the first room.

This is a good room to whip out your Lantern. Fight through the mobs of Stalkin, then light both torches by the door to open it. You’ll then find yourself in what’s called the grand ceremonial hallway. Four Poes will emerge to close off the doorway to the north. Three will then disperse, but one will remain. Transform into Link’s wolf form and activate Wolf Link’s senses to see the Poe. Now these Poes are little stronger than the Imp Poes you’re used to facing, but they’re not much tougher than normal. Attack this one when it glows, and land the final blow when the “Finish” prompt comes on the screen to claim a Poe Soul! Now the light from the Poe’s lantern will come to rest on one of the four torches–which means you have three left to find. Sniff the Poe’s remains to learn the Poe Scent. Follow the purple trail while using Wolf Link’s senses and dig through the small sandy square to find a chain to pick up. Pull it back to open a staircase leading to Floor B1.

Revert back to Link’s human form, but before you take the stairs, look for a pair of Clawshot medallions in the northwest corner of the room. Grapple to one, and open the treasure chest on the other side to score a Piece of Heart. Use your Clawshot on a medallion on the opposite side to return. Next, go to the northeast corner and traverse the treacherous sand there (move quickly as both platforms in the sand sink), and defeat a Bubble as you arrive. Open another treasure chest for the Dungeon Map. Now go down those steps you created to a door in the basement.

Destroy the Bubble fluttering around, then push the handle on the pillar in the center of this room clockwise. You should open a small room to the north, which will also release a ReDead. Destroy it before it can paralyze you with its scream and hit you with its large sword! Open the treasure chest behind it to claim another Small Key. Look south from this room to locate a Clawshot medallion on the central pillar. Grapple up there to reach Floor 1F, and take down the Rats that attack. Proceed to the door to the north.

Take out the Bubbles in this room first, then transform into Wolf Link and activate your senses. Attack the Poe when it flashes, and after a couple such attacks, you can finish it off and claim another Poe Soul. The second torch has been lit, and so now two remain.

Return to the previous room and drop back down to Floor B1. Push the central handle counterclockwise this time and return to the ceremonial hallway, where you’ll see the second torch lit. Take the west door to an earlier room, only now continue westward through the locked door to a new room.

The sandy portion of this room forms a bit of a maze as a wall of spikes will rise at certain points when Link approaches. Cross to the other side and take down a Bubble. When you see a cage-like block, grab and pull it out until it sinks into a depression in the floor. Now push it west so that it’s aligned with the wall. Climb the steps and hop over so you’re on top of that wall. Go south to find a chain, then pull it until the nearby chandelier is as high as it can go (this is why we positioned the block where we did). Once that’s done, let go and quickly run under the chandelier before it falls back down, and go up the steps beyond to Floor 2F. Dispatch any flying Bubbles that get in your way.

At the far end of this room is a treasure chest containing the Compass. The pillar in the center of the room has a handle that can be pushed (like the one on Floor B1), so push this one clockwise to open up the western passage. Follow it, break through the wooden boards, and defeat another ReDead to access a treasure chest with a Small Key inside. Now opposite you, to the east, is a locked door. Unlock and enter it.

Follow the corridors in this room, moving quickly through the sand, and taking out Stalkin along the way. Be careful, though, as there are a couple ReDead at the end of the Stalkin ranks. Against the wall near the second ReDead is a patch of sand. Use Wolf Link to dig it up and uncover a chain to pick up. Pull it all the way to cause the wall next to you to slide away. Activate your wolf senses as it does to reveal the Poe hidden behind the wall! Defeat it as you have the others to claim the Poe Soul and unleash the third light you need.

Instead of returning to the ceremonial hallway, proceed northward to a new room. In an alcove to the south you’ll find a treasure chest that will give you a Small Key. By this point, you might notice Link’s movements are very sluggish. Activate your wolf senses, and you’ll see the cause: Ghoul Rats. Attack them all relentlessly to get them off you, then proceed to the locked door at the eastern end of the room.

You’ll find yourself in a new part of the old ceremonial hallway, where you’ll also see the third torch lit. Only one more to go! Staying on this upper level, use the chandelier to hop the gap and reach the opposite side. Go through the door you see up here.

Go down the steps to find another cage-like block. Push it forward until it sinks into a depression in the floor. Go back and turn left from where you encountered that block to find a small treasure chest that will give you a Red Rupee (20). Now climb on top of the block, and to the left is a chain. Pull it all the way (if you’re attacked by any Moldorms from below, retaliate with the Clawshot), then run under the chandelier you’ve raised all the way across this walkway to the treasure chest at the end. Open it for another Red Rupee (20). At this point, the chandelier has probably already fallen all the way back down again. If it has, drop down to the lower part of the room and use the Clawshot medallion on the west wall to get back up, then raise the chandelier again. This time, stand under the chandelier as it falls (if you stand in the center where the floor design indicates, you should be safe). Now climb up on top of it, and jump to the east and enter the door you find.

Break through the wooden beams, and you’ll have to fight a Stalfos before you can continue. Use sword attacks to cause it to collapse into a heap of bones–but you’re not done! Next, use a Bomb (or Bomb Arrow) to blow up the Stalfos and destroy it for good. The door that was sealed will now reopen, but before you leave, let’s plunder this room. Open the treasure chest in the eastern alcove to claim Bombs (5). The treasure chest in the northwest corner contains the same prize: Bombs (5). Take the door to the south and climb the stairs to Floor 2F.

There are five torches against the back wall of this room, plus one more closer to the front. If you examine them with your wolf senses, you’ll notice the Poe Scent wafting through the front torch and back right torch. Light those two only (lighting any of the others will summon a mob of Stalkin to attack you), and the west door will slide away, allowing you to progress.

Transform into Wolf Link as you enter this eerily lit room and confront the final Poe of this dungeon. Unlike the others, however, this Poe will split into four. Your task is to find the real one–you can tell when the real one lights up, so attack it when it does. Do so twice, then execute the finishing blow to obtain the last Poe Soul of the Arbiter’s Grounds. Exit via the north door.

Hop down to the chandelier, and use the Clawshot medallion in the wall to the west to cross over. Return to the grand ceremonial hallway to see the final torch lit, which will open the gate to the north. Enter.

12.2 The Spinner

A pair of Fire Bubbles are ahead, but you just defeat them the same way you do normal Bubbles (they do more damage because of their flames, though). Take out both in here, and proceed through the west door. Drop down into the pit below, and note that you’ll probably have to take on some more Bubbles. Push the handle on the central pillar counterclockwise so that the floor rises up–do so twice. You’ll see a treasure chest to the south, but a wall of spikes will rise to prevent you from reaching it. Instead, take the eastern corridor and follow it around to access the chest, opening it for a Small Key. Backtrack to the handle in the central room. (Note that you can take the floor up and explore the other alcoves for Rupees.) When you’re ready to go, push the handle clockwise all the way down until you can access a locked door in a nook in the wall (you’ll be on Floor B2). Unlock the door and go through.

Transform into Wolf Link in this room so you can see the Ghoul Rats as well as navigate the maze of rising spike walls. (Note: If the walls of spikes are causing you much grief here, you can destroy them with Bombs to make this room a lot easier to navigate.) Make your way to the southwest corner–you’ll have to hook around to the eastern part of the room to evade the spikes–and you’ll find a chain to grab. Pull it all the way back, then run around north, then east (beware of a ReDead around here), and loop back around southward to where the wall was previously blocking before it returns to its place.

In the next room, follow the corridor eastward, watching out for spiked Spinners moving along the walls. Destroy any Poison Mites that try to slow you down, and break the jar in the southeast corner to find Ooccoo. Now enter the door north of you.

Dodge past the rotating spike log to the area opposite you. A pair of Stalfos will assemble, to take them out before continuing–remember to finish them off with Bombs (Stalfos can also be destroyed in one hit by a single Bomb Arrow). In the alcove opposite is a third Stalfos who must be defeated before the gate west of the rotating spike log will open. Go through that open gate and proceed north. You’ll have to traverse a river of sand across sinking platforms. Do so quickly, and avoid the Poison Mites that try to swarm you! (You can use the Clawshot medallions on the walls if you’re having trouble.) Jump across the gap at the end and break open the jars and skulls if you need health or ammo. Open the door for a mid-boss battle.

Middle Boss Battle: Death Sword

Run forward and cut one of the ropes binding the large sword in place to bring it to life and thus begin the battle. As soon as you’ve done so, transform into Wolf Link and activate your wolf senses to see the being controlling the sword. Wait until the creature flashes white, then attack it with relentless wolf bites. At this point, Death Sword will now become solid and visible. Turn back into regular Link and aim the Hero’s Bow manually; fire an Arrow into the enemy to make it start circling the room. Afterward, it will try to bring its massive sword down on you. Hit it with another Arrow before then to stun it. Now slash Death Sword repeatedly! Repeat this process a couple more times to win the battle. (Note that if you’re too slow with an Arrow, Death Sword will become invisible again, forcing you to fight it as Wolf Link.)

After the battle, go into the newly opened room to the north and open the treasure chest at the far end of the room to obtain the Spinner! You’ll notice grooves running along the walls. Get out your new Spinner and ride it onto one of these grooves, and you’ll start riding along the wall. Ride it back to the room where you fought Death Sword, then dismount and exit via the south door.

Ride the Spinner on the left wall, then jump off onto the sand, then to the groove on the opposite wall, which will take you up to a ledge you couldn’t reach previously. Enter the door.

In here is a large, complicated room that will put your newfound Spinner skills to the test. Start by riding along the left wall, and stay north when it ends to reach an island between walls with a small treasure chest. Open it to get Bombs (10). Ride the Spinner east to the next such island, and open that treasure chest for a Red Rupee (20). Ride the Spinner eastward again into the grooved wall dead ahead, which will then shoot you to an island northward where you’ll find another treasure chest. Open it to claim a Yellow Rupee (10).

Now for the real meat of this room. There is a spiraling groove you can access in the eastern part of the room that will take you upward. Ride it up, and drop down at the end of the groove to an area with a rotating spike log. At the west end of this section is a treasure chest containing a Piece of Heart. Fight or ignore the Stalfos here, then take the Spinner back east. Before the end of the groove, jump off to the groove on the opposite side, then jump back left before the one you’re on ends. Ride this groove to the end, and it will drop you into a small pool of sand where you can access another Spinner groove. Ride this groove upward a long way around, and let it carry you to a new area. You’ll be harried by two Stalfos here. At the west end of this area is a treasure chest that will give you another Yellow Rupee (10).

Walk or ride the Spinner east up the ramp, then turn around and walk up another ramp in the middle. Now you must use the Spinner to ride along two grooves in the walls while dodging spiked Spinners that move back and forth! Thankfully, it’s rare that one will be on one wall while another is directly across from it, which means you can simply jump to the next wall when a Spinner gets in your way. Ride to the end and enter the door.

Open the ornate treasure chest here for the Big Key. Now ride the Spinner across the sand to the west to reach a previous room. Ride your Spinner into the Spinner-shaped groove in the middle of the floor, and once you do, continue spinning with the B button to open the way to the room north of you.

In this room, ride the Spinner in the groove in the wall up all the way to the top and dismount. Inside one of the jars up here near the fence railing contains a Fairy. From this high ledge, jump down to the platform in the middle of the room. Go up to the circular groove in the floor and ride the Spinner into it. Keep spinning with B to raise a new rail with a groove to ride. Take this newly created groove all the way up to the boss door. Smash the skulls in front of the door if you’re in need of recovery items, then use the Big Key to open the boss door, and prepare for a boss battle!

12.3 Boss: Twilit Fossil – Stallord

Run forward to begin the battle. Stallord’s vulnerable point is its spine, so use the Spinner to reach it. The first time should be very easy since you can just ride straight ahead into it. Other than that, you’ll be riding along the outer groove in the wall. It takes three hits to the spine to take down Stallord in this phase, but the more damage it takes, the more Staltroops will be summoned to defend the boss–hitting one will bounce you away and disrupt your momentum. You’ll have to dodge around them as you attack Stallord’s spine. You’ll also have to watch out for Stallord’s swipe attacks and poison breath. Plus, after two hits, a spiked Spinner will be rolling along the groove too. After the third hit, Stallord will seem to go down in defeat–but don’t be fooled!

The sand will be drained, revealing a circular groove in the floor. Ride the Spinner into it, then keep spinning to raise a tall cylindrical column. The battle will begin again once Stallord knocks Link off the column back down to the floor. There are two grooves here–the inner groove (i.e. on the column) spirals upward, so you should ride that one. The grooves on the outer wall are level, so don’t use those until you have to. As you ride up high enough, Stallord will float into view. When it shoots a fireball at you, jump to the outer groove. Wait for a second fireball, then jump back to the inner groove. Keep doing this, then when Stallord gets in close, jump into its skull with the Spinner to knock it down to the floor and stun it. Slash the shard in its forehead with the Master Sword repeatedly until it gets back up again. Now it’s just a matter of repeating this strategy one or two more times until the boss is destroyed. Note that with each successive round, spiked Spinners will be added to the groove on the inner wall, thus necessitating more jumping between walls.

After the boss is down, a bridge will form and a gate will open. Grab the Heart Container and exit the doorway that just opened. Save at the prompt if you like, and afterward you’ll be back outside the Arbiter’s Grounds. Climb up the steps and hop over the gaps. Turn right to enter the structure near the end; you’ll find yourself in the Mirror Chamber.

Step forward and you’ll be attacked by five Shadow Beasts. Defeat them in the usual way–remember to lure at least the last two together and finish them off at the same time (preferably with a Spin Attack) to prevent any of them reviving. Once the battle is over, you’ll have another Warp Portal at your disposal. See the groove running up the statue in the center? Ride the Spinner up that groove, and when you land in the circular groove up top, keep spinning to raise the Mirror of Twilight out of the ground. After a series of important cutscenes, you’ll have control of Link again. There’s nothing left to do but warp out of here and begin your search for the three missing Mirror Shards!

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