Chapter 1: Ordon Village

  1. 1.1 Goat Roundup
  2. 1.2 Exploring Ordon Village
  3. 1.3 Faron Woods
  4. 1.4 Preparing for Hyrule

1.1Goat Roundup

Your adventure begins in the town of Ordon, to the south of Hyrule. Your mentor, Rusl, tasks you with delivering a gift to Hyrule’s royal family. You have only a couple of days to prepare.

Your first task in Ordon is to help Fado round up the goats at the ranch, but before you can do that you need to find your horse, Epona. Go toward the forest to find your friend, Ilia, grooming Epona at the spirit spring.

Pick some of the Horse Grass and use it to call Epona. This grass grows throughout the world and it all serves the same purpose. Ride Epona back to your house and head into the village. The ranch is on the opposite side, over the stream and up the hill.

Fado asks you to herd 10 goats into the barn. They run away from you when you whoop, so circle around behind a group of them and drive them in the right direction until they enter the barn. Afterward Fado sets up some fences so you can practice jumping with Epona. Jump the gate of the ranch to leave.

1.2Exploring Ordon Village

The next morning you are woken up by Talo, Malo and Beth. They are discussing a Slingshot on sale in the village store. Upon entering the store, you find that Sera’s cat has run away and she will not sell anything until it returns. Exploring the village further reveals that Rusl’s Wife, Uli, is also looking for a lost cradle.

Retrieving Uli’s Lost Cradle and Obtaining the Fishing Rod

Step One: Approach Jaggle and after a brief conversation, climb up the vines and he’ll draw your attention to the Hawk Grass growing next to him. You can use the grass to summon a hawk. The hawk can then be released to grab distant objects.

Step Two: Jump across the roof of the store and then onto another rock where more Hawk Grass is growing.

Step Three: Call the hawk down and send it to grab the cradle from the monkey.

Step Four: Bring the cradle back to Uli and she’ll reward you with the Fishing Rod.

guide-tp-ch1-fishingEquip the Fishing Rod and try fishing near the waterwheel, where Sera’s cat is watching the fish. Catch two fish (in Twilight Princess HD you only need to catch one fish); the cat will your fish and return to the general store.

Sera will give you milk in a bottle for celebrating the return of her “genius cat.” Now that Sera is in a better mood, you can purchase items at the shop. Collect 30 rupees and buy the Slingshot.

If you don’t have enough rupees, you can find extra rupees by destroying pumpkins, lifting rocks, and climbing the large tree in the village. There are also some rupees hidden on a rooftop.

After you purchase the Slingshot, return to your house. You will pass Rusl along the way; he informs you that he has left something in your room. Before entering your house, speak to the children to complete a Slingshot turotrial then enter your house. A Walltula prevents you from climbing your ladder, but it’s easily defeated with the Slingshot.

Enter your house and open the chest that Rusl left behind to obtain the Wooden Sword. Exit and speak to the children again to enter a sword tutorial.
Afterwards, a monkey appears and they chase it into the forest. Get on Epona and follow them. Beth and Malo give up quickly but Talo chases it over the bridge into Faron Woods.

1.3Faron Woods

Inside Faron Woods you find a high fence blocking your way. If you forgot to bring Epona you can call her with some Horse Grass and jump over the fence. Follow the trail past the spirit spring and proceed through the large tunnel. Eventually you’ll come across a dark cave. Before entering the cave, follow the other split in the road to meet Coro, a lantern salesman. Talk to him and he’ll warn you that there are a ton of caves and dank spots (even in daylight) and he gifts you the Lantern. Fill your Lantern up with oil and go back to the gate by the cave entrance where you will encounter the first enemy in the game, a Deku Baba.

Enter the cave and equip the Lantern, being sure to light the torches with it as you follow along the cave. The cave contains Rats and Keese, as well as more Deku Babas. Halfway through, a cobweb obstructs the path, which you can burn down with a swipe of the Lantern. Follow the path until you reach the exit of the cave.


Open the small chest to find a key. Then light the torches to reveal a large chest that contains a Piece of Heart.

Upon leaving the cave you emerge in a large clearing that has several Bokoblins, Keese and Deku Babas. The way forward is blocked by a locked game, so you need a find a key to continue. The key is hidden is a small cave; the exact location is laways marked in red on your in-game map. Enter the small cave and defeat the enemies there. Then open the small chest to find a Small Key.

Now that you have the key, return to the the locked gate, open it with the Small Key, and proceed to the next section of the woods.

Follow the forest path until it ends to find the spot where Talo and the monkey are imprisoned. Defeat the Bokoblins then chop through the bars of the cage with your Wooden Sword to free the prisoners. Having saved the day, you return to the village with Talo to prepare for your travel to Hyrule Castle.

1.4Preparing for Hyrule

The next day you are preparing to leave for Hyrule. Fado asks for help to round up the goats one more time. This time there are 20 goats. When you’re finished jump the fence to leave. As you pass the mayor’s house, Ilia discovers that Epona has been injured while jumping fences. After scolding you, Ilia takes the horse to the spirit spring. Follow her. On the way there, Talo requests your Wooden Sword and he refuses to let you or Colin past unless you give it to him. Let him borrow your sword to continue forward.

The tunnel that leads to the spring is on the side of the forest path.

The tunnel that leads to the spring is on the side of the forest path.

Ilia has locked the gate leading to the spring, but there is a tunnel nearby that also leads to the spring. Look around the rock walls to find the tunnel, then climb in to reach the spring.

There, you will find Ilia and Colin discussing Epona’s injury and Talo’s abduction the previous day. However, the conversation is cut short when Bulblins attack the spring.


Ilia and Colin are abducted and you will be knocked unconscious. When you wake up and try to chase after them, you find that the forest is blocked by a strange wall. A Shadow Beast then pulls you into the Twilight Realm.

Upon entering, you transform into a wolf and fall unconscious once more. A Shadow Beast will then drag you away.

Unknown to you, someone else is watching.

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