Pieces of Heart

Ordona Province

Ordon Village

Link the Goat Herder: Once you leave Faron Province, defeat the Goron Mines, and regain access to Epona, travel back to Ordon Village. Talk to Fado, the goat herder. Once you herd the goats again, he will give you a piece of heart.

Faron Province

Faron Woods

Playing with Fire: When you enter the woods to rescue the youths early in the game, there is a small cave where you’ll find the key to the locked gate that leads to the Forest Temple. Lighting the two torches on either side of the chest will make another chest appear, which contains a piece of heart. If you don’t get the piece early in the game, the area will be filled with poisonous fog when you return to get it later. In this case, use the lantern to clear a path to the cave.

Owl Tamer: Once you talk to Shad, he will give you the locations of Owl Statues around Hyrule. One of them is north of Coro’s (the lantern salesman) shack. Use a bomb to blow up the rocks and move the statue with the Dominion Rod to a shallow hole in the area. Use Wolf Link to get up to a ledge and walk down the path to get the Piece of Heart.

Hyrule Field

The Tree’s Secret: Near the center of Southern Hyrule Field is a bridge. To the south of the bridge is a group of trees. The piece of heart will be sitting in a tree and can be retrieved using the Gale Boomerang.

Sacred Grove

Skull Kid’s Treasure: In the area where you fight Skull Kid twice in the game (before the entrance to the Temple of Time), blow up the rock in the middle of the area. Change to a wolf and use your senses to find a hole. Dig the hole to find a cavern. Kill the plants in the area and open the chest for the Piece of Heart.

Eldin Province

Kakariko Gorge

Lonely Island: On the east end of Kakariko Gorge, there is a rock formation that is sticking up in the middle of the gorge. On top of the formation is a Piece of Heart. Use The Gale Boomerang to retrieve your prize.

Spelunking Expedition: In the southwest corner of Kakariko Gorge, you’ll find a boulder. Bomb the boulder and enter the cavern. As you go along you will encounter forks in your path. To reach the are with the piece of heart go left, left, right, and finally left. There you will find a Skulltula. Defeat the monster and light the torches, which will cause a chest containing the piece of heart to appear.

Superhero Link: Make sure you have the Double Clawshot before attempting this piece. In the southeast portion of Kakariko Gorge, you’ll find a grapple point on a rock sticking up from the chasm. Grapple to the first point, then to a point on the south cliff wall, then to vines on a smaller formation in the Gorge. There you will find another piece of heart.

Kakariko Village

Top Shot: Once you finish the Goron Mines and retrieve the Hero’s Bow, head back to Kakariko Village. You will need to climb to the lookout on the tallest building at the north end of town that Talo has set up and talk to him about using your bow. To get to the top, talk to the Goron and climb the ladder.You will then play target practice, eventually having to hit the small pole next to Talo on his lookout. If you can hit the pole, without using the Hawkeye, you will get a piece of heart from Malo.

The Power of Gravity: As you enter Kakariko Village from Kakariko Gorge, you’ll notice a boulder on your left near the Eldin Spirit Spring. Blow up the boulder with a bomb, follow the path to behind the spring, and sink to the bottom of the pool with the Iron Boots to claim your prize.

Explosive Archer: As you enter Kakariko Village from Kakariko Gorge, look up to the left and you’ll notice  boulders on top of the cliff. Use a Bomb-Arrow to destroy the boulders and reveal another piece of heart. Use the Gale Boomerang to retrieve your prize.

Expensive Bath: After you donate 1,000 rupees to the Goron inside of Malo Mart to help with the efforts of rebuilding the bridge to Hyrule Castle Town, talk to the elder outside of the Malo Mart. He will ask that you help his kid out at the Hyrule Castle Town. He will give you a barrel of hot spring water that needs to be given to the Goron resting at the western entrance to Castle Town in Western Hyrule Field. The delivery is time sensitive and if you fail to get to the Goron in time, the hot spring water will become regular spring water. Along the way enemies will also attack you. Stick to traveling around the southeastern edge of Hyrule field and when threatened by an enemy, set down the barrel and quickly finish them off. When you successfully deliver a barrel of hot spring water, the Goron will run off and leave behind a piece of heart. If you fail to deliver the hot spring water, return to Kakariko Village and talk to the Goron Elder outside of Malo Mart to start again.

Bridge of Eldin

Man of Iron: North of the Bridge of Eldin, you’ll find a vine that you can grapple onto. Climb it, go south, then west into a cavern. You’ll travel through this cavern and you’ll start to notice long gaps in the floor. There are magnetic surfaces that you can stick to with Iron Boots. Jump three gaps, stick to three walls, and then look for a chest in that area.

Birds and Bridges: Once you talk to Shad and learn the locations of the Owl Statues, go to the Bridge of Eldin. You’ll find a statue on the north end of the bridge. If you have reconnected the bridge with the piece from the Gerudo Desert, use the Dominion Rod to guide the statue from the north end of the bridge to the south end. There, drop it into a little alcove on the east side, hop onto it and across to the other side. Climb the ladder and you’ll find a chest at the top.

Western Hyrule Field

Classical Adventuring: Head north of Kakariko Village. Once you get close to the entrance of Hyrule Field, you’ll notice a set of boulders on the west side. Blow them up, travel the path south, destroy another rock with a bomb, climb a vine, and go north for a piece of heart.

Hidden Village

Wolf Roulette: Near the entrance to the Hidden Village, on the east side near the small bridge are some Spinner tracks. Use them and the Spinner to glide down to a small ledge. Use your wolf senses to find a hole, dig, and enter a small cave. Destroy three Stalfos and open the chest that appears.

Cat Whisperer: After you clear the Hidden Village of enemies, turn into a wolf and go to the southwest side of the village and find the Cucco leader (you may need to crash some windows to find her). She’ll have you talk to all twenty cats that are located in the village. If you talk to all the cats, she’ll give you a piece of heart.

Death Mountain

The Goron Catapult: On the trail leading to the Goron Camp, before the narrow trail that leads to where the giant rock crashed, you’ll find a Goron. Talk to him, get on his back, and face to the right before shooting east to a ledge. Go north on the ledge, then drop to a cave on the east side. You’ll find a chest inside the cave.

Lanayru Province

Lake Hylia

Guiding Light: In the Spirit Spring where you met Lanayru, you can grapple to the high cliff at the southern end of the spring. Enter the room, light the torches, and collect your prize from the chest that appears.

The Cave Less Traveled: On the southern end of Lake Hylia (east of where you meet Auru) there will be a ladder. Climb up to the southern grassy area and locate a boulder in the wall. Bomb the boulder, enter the cavern, traverse the paths using your lantern, and at the end light the torches, which cause a chest to appear.

The Berry Best: Plumm, the parrot that hovers near the giant cannon, will offer Wolf Link a chance to play a game. The game involves Wolf Link popping balloons for points. If you can manage to get a 10,000 point score, Plumm will give you a piece of heart.

Cucco Precision: Use Fyrer’s cannon to fly to Falbi’s Flight-by-Fowl challenge building. (You can also walk along the south path coming from Eastern Hyrule Field to reach Falbi.) Grab a cucco, talk to Falbi to initiate the challenge, and fly down to the floating platforms in the middle of the lake. If you can land on the second top most platform (the top small, slow-spinning one contains a 100 Rupee), you will get a piece of heart. Having the Iron Boots readily available makes this task easier as you can use them to drop down when you approach the platform; however, be careful not to wear them too long or not long enough.

Fishing Hole

Rock Fishing: Enter the fishing hole and talk to Hannah to initiate a fishing session. Paddle just northeast of the central island to find a piece of heart on the rock formation. Cast your line out to grab the piece of heart and reel it in. You can also use the Gale Boomerang to retrieve it from the shore.

Hyrule Field

Bomb Roulette: The path north of the Great Bridge of Hylia has another path being blocked by rocks. Use your bombs to blow up the rocks, use your Spinner on the tracks you spot, and guide along them (jumping between the two when necessary) to find a piece of heart on the far ledge.

Block Detective: If you head east of Castle Town, then north, you’ll end up in North Hyrule Field. Go to the northern part of the field, and you’ll find a path. Go through the southern fork of the path and you’ll find a boulder. Blow the boulder up, take out the ice with the Ball and Chain, and follow the instructions below to solve the block puzzle

Room 1:

  1. Push the southwest block north.
  2. Shove the same block east.
  3. Push the southeast block west.
  4. Slide the northeast block south.
  5. Push the same block west.
  6. Push the same block north.
  7. Shove the northernmost block to the east.
  8. Push the same block to the south.
  9. Slide the same block to the west.
  10. Finally, push the same block to the north. This will open the entrance to the second room

Room 2:

  1. Push the southwest block north.
  2. Push the northeast block south.
  3. Shove the southeastern-most block west.
  4. Push the east block north.
  5. Slide the same block west.
  6. Push the middle west block east.
  7. Push the same block south.
  8. Shove the same block west.
  9. Push the same block north. This will activate the northernmost switch.
  10. Shove the northernmost block east.
  11. Push the southwest block east.
  12. Push the northeast block south.
  13. Slide the southernmost block west.
  14. Push the northernmost block to the south. This will deactivate the northernmost switch.
  15. Shove the southwest block to the north.
  16. Push the southernmost block west.
  17. Push the same block north.
  18. Push the same block to the east. This will activate the southernmost switch.
  19. Slide the easternmost block south.
  20. Slide the same block west.
  21. Push the northwest block south.
  22. Push the same block east.
  23. Shove southwest block east.
  24. Slide the same block north.
  25. Push the same block west.
  26. Finally, push the southwestern-most block north. This will activate the second switch again and allow access to the third room.

Room 3:

  1. Shove the northeast block south.
  2. Push the southwest block north.
  3. Push the same block east.
  4. Slide the same block south.
  5. Slide the middle block west.
  6. Push the southeast block north.
  7. Push the same block west.
  8. Shove the east block north.
  9. Push the southwest block north.
  10. Shove the northeast block west.
  11. Push the same block south.
  12. Slide the northwest block east.
  13. Push the southernmost block east.
  14. Slide the northeast block south.
  15. Finally, push the northeast block to the west! This activates the last switch and allows entrance to the final chamber with a chest containing the piece of heart.

Hyrule Castle Town

Buying Love: On the East Road of Castle Town, you’ll find a man wearing a green robe asking for donations. If you end up donating 1,000 rupees to him, he’ll hand over a piece of heart.

Desert Province

Gerudo Desert

Dinner is Served: The one lone Piece in the desert is located within the enemy stronghold. While going through it, you’ll notice a giant pig (a Bulbo) roasting on a stick. Keep attacking the pig until a piece of heart falls out.

Peak Province


Mountain Race: Once you gain access to the Twilight Mirror piece within the Snowpeak Ruins, climb (or warp) to the top of the Snowpeak Mountain. Talk to Yeto and challenge him to a snowboard race. If you win, you’ll face Yeta, Yeto’s wife. If you defeat both of them, they will give you a piece of heart. Yeta knows a shortcut down the mountain, which makes her a more difficult oponent. You can take the shortcut yourself by jumping across the set of small islands the cut through the last turn.



Forest Temple

Eating Bombs: Enter the temple and go one room north and one room east. In this room, you’ll notice a giant Deku Like on the ground level blocking a treasure chest. Climb the stairs in front of you, cross the gap where you killed the first Deku Like, jump over the gap and climb the vines. You’ll find a Bombling here. Kill it, and place/throw it into the gap nearby, which will kill the Deku Like and provide access to the chest holding the piece of heart.

Fire Extinguisher: Once you have the Gale Boomerang, go one room north and two rooms east from the entrance. In this room, you’ll find Tile Worms as well as the staircase you make to rescue a monkey. In the main area of the room, use the boomerang to extinguish all the torches in the room to find a chest behind them. Open it for a piece of heart.

Goron Mines

Defying Gravity: Once you find the first elder in the mines, climb the ladder to the top of the room, use the Iron Boots to travel through this room and then to the ceiling of the next room. Walk to the northwest corner of the room. There is a treasure chest there that contains the piece of heart.

Opposites Attract: When you visit the second floor for the first time, you’ll enter a room with a drawbridge and two Beamos. Equip the Iron Boots and stick onto the magnetic surface on the east wall. Instead of going north, go south and you’ll find a chest with a piece of heart inside.

Lakebed Temple

Chandelier Repairman: Once you have access to the Clawshot, return to the main chamber of the temple. Use the Clawshot to gain access to the chandelier (you have to be on the second floor). There is a piece of heart in a chest on it.

Temple Plumber: Make sure you have water running through the temple and heading west down the staircase. Go into the westernmost room on the first floor. Cross the bridge to face the south of the room. Stand on the switch you see to open the gate and use the Clawshot to get across before the gate closes. You’ll find a chest with the piece of heart.

Arbiter’s Grounds

Castaway Chest: Enter the central chamber where the Poe torches are and go the northwest corner of the room. You’ll see a chest and a bunch of sand. Use the Clawshot to get across the sand and collect the piece of heart. The west wall contains a Clawshot point for exit.

Stalfos Roulette: After gaining access to the Spinner, you’ll enter a room on the second basement floor which is full of sand and Spinner tracks. Run around the room with the Spinner until you get to a platform on the far west that contains a Stalfos and treasure chest. Kill the Stalfos and open the chest to gain your piece of heart.

Snowpeak Ruins

Chandelier Jumping: When you are on the second floor of the main entrance, hit the chandelier with the Ball and Chain to start it swinging. Hop on and then hop onto the two chandeliers to the south. Head south and find a treasure chest on the southern ledge that contains the piece of heart.

Weak Floorboards: From the room where Yeta’s healing, head east to the spiral room. Take care of the Freezards in the cage and move to the second floor. The southern end of the room holds a weak floor. Bomb the floor and drop to the floor below. There is a piece of heart there.

Temple of Time

Possessed Decoy: In the room with sliding doors and electric fields there is a switch behind an electrical field. If you guide a nearby small statue or the larger statue to the switch, it will deactivate the electrical barrier and provide access to the chest with a piece of heart.

Controlling Twins: The southern room on the fifth floor holds a piece of heart. You must guide two statues to switches on the paths blocked by gates. You’ll have to guide the one that is there, and send one over the gate for the other. A treasure chest will appear when you get both switches.

Power Restored:  Before actually entering the temple, the main room of the Temple of Time holds two statues. When there is power in the Dominion Rod, head back there and move the statue on the southwest to reveal a chest with a piece of heart.

City in the Sky

Grapple, Grapple: When you have the Double Clawshots and you grapple around the eastern most room of the first floor, you’ll meet a giant plant (a giant Deku Baba coupled with a Deku Like). Defeat it, Clawshot to the second floor, and go counterclockwise around the room. There is a piece of heart on your journey through it.

Alternate Travel: In the room with many floating Peahats, which you can use the clawshot on, there is a piece of heart initially out of reach. Once you exit the area and travel across the gap using the Peahats, head back to reach the southern balcony. Enter the door and get the piece of heart.

Palace of Twilight

Fog Destroyer: Once you have the Light Sword, head to the east wing and the first room you enter. Cut through the fog in the room and turn right. You’ll find a grapple point and a treasure chest that contains a piece of heart.

Platform Creator: With the Light Sword, head to the west wing and enter the first room. Cut through the fog and make a platform appear in the southwest corner of the pit. The platform will carry you right to an alcove with a treasure chest.

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