Cave of Ordeals
  1. Floors 1-9: Ordon Fairy Fountain
  2. Floors 11-19: Faron Fairy Fountain
  3. Floors 21-29: Eldin Fairy Fountain
  4. Floors 31-39: Lanayru Fairy Fountain
  5. Floors 41-49: The Great Fairy’s Tears

Wait! Before you get started…

The Cave of Ordeals is located on the southern reaches of the Gerudo Mesa. Before you go, make sure that you have the Double Clawshot, the Ball and Chain, the Spinner, and the Dominion Rod.

When you’re ready to start, you can enter the cave. Fill up on items before you enter, because you can’t stop to take a break. Bombs and arrows come to mind immediately. Bring as many of each as you can. Having upgraded bomb bags and a large quiver will also be helpful.

You must understand; the cave is divided into five different sections, each with ten floors. You know you’ve entered a new section whenever you need to use one of your items to advance to the next room.

Ordon Fairy Fountain

1st Floor: In the first room, you’ll find a single Bokoblin.

2nd Floor: Move on to the next room and you’ll find some Keese and some Rats. To get a good bit at once while taking a little damage, spin-attack them when they’re close.

3rd Floor: Here you’ll find some Baba Serpents (which are stuck to the ceiling) and Deku Babas. Knock the Ceiling Babas down with your Gale Boomerang and jump into the pit to put them in their place. Since they’ll be crawling towards you, another well placed spin attack would fix most of them up nicely.

4th Floor: You’ll encounter some Skulltulas in this room. Guard against their attacks and watch for an opening in their guard. Be very careful to not let one sneak up on you while you’re fighting another.

5th Floor: In this room you’ll find some archers. You can advance on them without taking damage if you use your shield. Don’t use the Ordon or the Wooden Shield, though, they’ll burn up. Once you get close enough you can take them out with a few swipes. If you think you’re accurate and speedy enough, fire an arrow or two before they shoot at you.

6th Floor: Be careful in this room. There are Torch Slugs all over the ceiling and a few on the ground. Coax the ones on the ceiling into falling but be sure to not get hit by them. Then run around and kill all of the slow critters. You can also use your slingshot to pick them off the ceiling before jumping off the ledge.

7th Floor: This time around, you’re going to be fighting some Dodongos and some Fire Keese. Take out the annoying bats while trying to maim the Dodongos. Stay clear of the flames and you should make it out of the room with very little damage. Deal with the Keese first, as they can be rather annoying when trying to handle the Dodongos.

8th Floor: You’ll take on some Tektites here and can easily get them with spin attacks. Refrain from using any items against them at this stage. If you miss a few with the spin attacks, run. Wait till you can do it again, and by that time, they’ll catch up.You’ll also find some hearts here if you dig around as a wolf.

9th Floor: Moving on, you’ll find that you get to fight some more archers and some Lizalfos. The archers are, without a doubt, the weaker of the two. However, they’ll become a growing nuisance if you leave them alive. So take them out and then set your sights on the Lizalfos. A single arrow for each archer might do the trick, unless you have little arrows and want to conserve them.

Congratulations! You’ve reached the 10th Floor. You’ll meet the Great Fairy here and she tells you that she has released fairies into the Ordon Spring. She then offers to take you out of the Cave of Ordeals. You can then choose to leave the cave or continue further.

Faron Fairy Fountain

11th Floor: Leaving the Great Fairy behind, you’ll come to a room with some Helmasaurs and some Rats. The Rats are basically harmless. Kill them if they get close, but worry about your new, hardheaded friends. They’ll charge so be careful. You can pull off the helmets with the Clawshot or aim for the rear, with the easier option being the Clawshot.

12th Floor: With the aid of the Spinner you can move to this room. You’ll find a Giant Chu. From afar, you can use the Clawshot to attack, until the Chu can’t split anymore. Move in and then take him out to beat the section.

13th Floor: Here you’ll find some Chu Worms in their protective bubbles. Pull them out of their bubbles with the Clawshot and slash them with your sword. If you take too long, they’ll run back to their bubbles, so focus on one at a time.

14th Floor: Now you’ll encounter some Bubbles. A spin attack will often work better than just swinging at them. A Great Spin Attack is even better if you have it. Don’t waste a potion for it, though. Also, I should mention that you can find some rupees if you turn into a wolf and dig in this room—if you have the Magic Armour, you’ll need those for later.

15th Floor: Next in line, you’ll find some Bulblin Warriors. Take them out, being careful to not take any damage. Spin attacks work well here and bomb or two won’t cost you later, but I would suggest not using them at this point unless you have plenty to spare.

16th Floor: You’ll move on only to find more Keese and more Rats.

17th Floor: Prepare to collect a Poe’s Soul. You’ve undoubtedly encountered some in the past. Be sure to get the Poe before you attack the Stalhounds. Once he’s out of the way, take out the skeletal foes.

18th Floor: You get to take on some Leevers for this floor. By themselves they’re not hard to defeat. Coupled with other enemies, however, they become one of the most annoying types of enemies. For now, though, just use your spin attack to take them out. Dig as a wolf once you’re done to find some hearts.

19th Floor: You’ll fight some Chus in this room that fall from the ceiling. If you’re careful to not get hurt as they fall, you can take them out on the ground rather quickly. You can also use a bottle to capture the remains.

You’ve now reached the 20th Floor. Now the Great Fairy will release fairies into the Faron Spring.

Eldin Fairy Fountain

21st Floor: Move on into the next section and you’ll find yourself up against some Ice Keese and some Bokoblins. Watch out for the Keese while tearing those impish fiends apart. A Spin Attack every few seconds works well to defend, as well as attack.

22nd Floor: Using your Ball and Chain, move on to this room and you’ll encounter some Keese and Rats. What you wouldn’t normally know, however, is that there are Phantom Rats running about. When you find that they are slowing you down, turn into a wolf and do a Spin Attack. To make this easier, become a wolf before you jump down. You won’t have trouble beating the Keese or Rats with your canine counterpart. Additionally, dig to find some hearts.

23rd Floor: You’re going to go up against a mini skeletal army here. They’re harmless so long as you move faster than them. If you find yourself surrounded, spin attack before they get a chance to hit you.

24th Floor: Now you’re going to fight some enemies that actually pose a bit of a threat. The Redead Soldiers can hurt you if you get to close. If you have the Jump Strike then I suggest you use it. Otherwise, use long-rang attacks to take out your foes. The Ball and Chain is a good alternative. Also, instead of jumping right into the midst of them; drop (not jump) down the side of the ledge, equip the Ball and Chain and move around the perimeter of the room, taking out one Redead at a time.

25th Floor: In this next room, you’ll be fighting some Bulblin soldiers and archers. Always remember to take out archers standing on towers before you drop down. You can use the Hawkeye and two arrows for this. If you’re skilled, you can fire two shots in the dark and strike them both, but it’s not that hard to do once you see where they’re firing from. Once you’ve done that, run and jump into the pit. Try to take out the archers before you focus on the other enemies.

26th Floor: You’ll fight some Stalfos in this room. Now, Stalfos can only be killed with bombs. Bomb arrows do happen to fall under that category. In order to keep your distance, take them out with the explosive projectiles. You can fire them from the ledge above before dropping down. If you’re short on arrows, then jump down, they shouldn’t be too much to handle. After they collapse on you, be sure to set up a bomb or two.

27th Floor: When you move into this room you’ll notice Skulltulas hanging from the ceiling. Leave them be and hop down. Take out the rest of the Bubbles before you knock the Skulltulas down. Try to take the large arachnids out one by one. If you dig, you might just uncover some very needed hidden hearts in this room, but don’t think you’re safe, yet.

28th Floor: Prepare to fight a combination of Lizalfos and Bokoblins. While your main worry should be the stronger Lizalfos, you should take out the Bokoblins with spin attacks as they crowd you. Making sure to not stop moving, you can target enemies with your Boomerang to keep them at bay while you take out the Lizalfos. For a simple battle, dispatch the annoyances first, and then deal with your friendly lizards.

29th Floor: More mini skeletal dudes. This time, however, they’re being accompanied by their larger counterparts, the Stalfos, and both Fire and regular Bubbles. Spin attacks will take care of the Bubbles and the Skeleton Army, but don’t forget the Stalfos. Use bomb arrows to finish them off.

On the 30th floor, you’ll get to see the Great Fairy once more. She’ll release fairies into Eldin Spring and send you on your merry little way. From this point on, you’ll need to be as careful as possible to not lose health.

Eldin Fairy Fountain

31st Floor: Before you descend, use your Bow to take out most of the Beamos in the room. Once that’s taken care of, you can drop down and defeat the Keese. Then you need to use the Dominion Rod to move the statues.

32nd Floor: There are some of the slugs on the ceiling, so grab them down with your Clawshot or slingshot. When you drop down into the darkness you’ll find Fire Keese, Fire Bubbles, and Dodongos. Be absolutely sure that you are not using the Ordon shield or the Zora Tunic. Take the Keese and Bubbles out while avoiding the Dodongos and possibly Torch Slugs. Then you can take out the slower enemies. Spin attacks are still very handy.

33rd Floor: More Redeads! But this time you’ll also have a Poe to worry about. Staying as far from the Redeads as you can, take out Mister Poe and collect its soul. Then go on to kill the Redeads with Jump Strikes or the Ball and Chain; never forget the Ball and Chain.

34th Floor: This room contains Phantom Rats and Chus. You can collect rats without triggering the Chus if you stay against the walls. Pick up as many as you can, turn into a wolf to kill them, then run into the middle of the room and beware the falling Chus. Take them out with Spin Attacks and then look around for some buried hearts.

35th Floor: In this stage, you’ll go up against some Ice Keese and a Freezard. Avoiding the Freezard, take out the Keese with Spin Attacks. Remember to not have the Zora Tunic on. Then go after the Freezard with your Ball and Chain. Don’t get hit by its breath.

36th Floor: To take out the Chilfos, you can either use speedy dash attacks as a wolf or you can try Helm Splitters and Back Slices. From the ledge, you can also fire off a few Bomb Arrows to make life easier. Don’t stand still while down there or you’ll keep getting hit by icicles.

37th Floor: Here’s where the Leevers become annoying. They’ll attack you as you fight off the Bubbles and Ice Bubbles. Spin attacks are you best friend inside this room. Just keep using them and they should get you through without much trouble.

38th Floor: And now it’s starting to get cold! You’re going to be doing battle against some Ice Bubbles, Ice Keese, Chilfos, and two Freezards. Make sure that you stay away from the Freezards. Take out the Chilfos (by Bomb-Arrowing-ing them) and then worry about the Bubbles and Keese. Save the Freezards for last and then take them out with the Ball and Chain.

39th Floor: This’ll be your first fight against a Darknut in the Cave. There are actually two, but you should be careful to only awaken one at a time. Watchful eyes and quick fingers are your best bet against these guys. Wait until they attack first, then dodge (by preferably back-flipping), then attack while they’re open. Concentrate on stripping them of their armor and then evade their attacks until you see a chance to strike. If the two are after you and close together, but you’re in the midst of stripping the armour off of one, the other might look to attack while you’re busy. To avoid this, do a spin attack which will force the attacking one to block, nullifying the attack. Don’t get caught open as they attack or you’ll wind up wasting a potion that might save you later. You should also check around as a wolf and dig up some rupees.

You’re four fifths of the way through, and you’ve possibly taken quite a beating while using little restorative potions or what have you. The Great Fairy will congratulate you and release fairies into Lanayru Spring. You’re almost there!

Now, brace yourself, for the final ten floors!

The Great Fairy’s Tears

41st Floor: You’ll find rows of Armos lined up neatly in this room. Wake them up one by one and strike their backs until they explode. If you succeed in only awakening one at a time, you should be able to move about nimbly and not take much of a beating. Remember, they go hammer-happy and explode right after they’re defeated.

42nd Floor: Move on with the Clawshots and you’ll discover some Deku Babas and some Bokoblins. Keep your shield raised and do Spin Attacks to avoid being hit. It you find yourself caught within the jaws of a Baba, Spin Attack your way out.

43rd Floor: There are a whole bunch of archers here and a few Lizalfos waiting for you once you jump down. Take out the archers on the towers first and then feel free to jump down. Once in the middle of battle, take out any stray archers while being careful not to accidentally bump into the Lizalfos. Then take out the larger, scaly beasts.

44th Floor: You’ll be fighting a group of Dynalfos, who are armored, and a Poe in this room. As usual, you’ll want to collect the Poe’s soul. The additional enemies aren’t going to make it easy for you, though. It might be wise to try firing some arrows and bomb arrows from the ledge before you drop down.

45th Floor: This stage contains a Bulblin Archer, a Redead Soldier, and a Chu. Take out the archers on the towers with your bow and try to see if you can hit some Chus. Then hop down and use your Jump Strike or Ball and Chain to take out the Redeads. Bomb Arrows also work pretty nicely. Don’t forget to look for some hearts as a wolf before you leave.

46th Floor: Now, at first glance, this room appears to be filled with only two Freezards and a few Frozen Lancers. While you’re down there, however, you’ll notice that you move really slowly. That’s because there are Ghoul Rats crawling all over you. To avoid most of the Chilfos taking advantage of this, Bomb Arrow some of them before jumping down. Turn into a wolf and take the rats out. Next, take out the remaining Chilfos one by one. Bomb Arrows work well here, but you can also dash at them. Then take out the Freezards with the Ball and Chain.

47th Floor: Now you’re going to fight a Bokoblin, a mini Skeleton Army, and a swarm of Rats. Spin attack is all you’ll really need here.

48th Floor: The next two fights are going to tire you out, so I hope you still have at least one potion left. In this room you’ll stumble across one Darknut and two Aeralfos. Be very careful to not trigger the Darknut, but you most likely will anyway. Don’t bother with him; he’ll just stare at you while walking very slowly towards you. Focus on the two Aeralfos first. Bring down one and attack, but keep moving, the other up there my attack as well. Be careful not to corner yourself my moving too close to the walls with the enemies in front of you. When you’re done having fun with the two flying ones, it’ll just be you and the armored Darknut.

49th Floor: This is the real test. The final room; I hope you’ve brought along a potion or a fairy with you, a Golden Chu, and the Magic Armour with a Giant’s wallet full of rupees work well, also. You’re going up against three Darknuts in this final room. Two, you can see, while the other one would be stomping around under the ledge you’re standing on. Since there are three and it’s hard to break them up, you can try using bombs to hit them. Let a bomb flash a few times in your hands and then throw it over their heads. Once one loses its armor, take it out first and then turn your attention back to its slower brothers. Keep moving; do not corner yourself as before, shield up. When you’re focusing on one, be sure to do a spin attack to make the others defend. If you’re low on health, bring out the Magic Armour and fight with all your skills and strength until your rupees run down. When that happens, open up a potion or two. If you’re low on health again but you have the Golden Chu, now would be the best time.

Congratulations! If you made it through all fifty floors, the Great Fairy will reward you with a special gift. Whenever you visit a spring, not only will it be filled with fairies, but you will also find the Great Fairy waiting to fill one of your bottles with Great Fairy’s Tears. You can only carry one bottle of it at a time, however.

Optional Item: Hawkeye Guardian Statue Puzzle

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