Woodlands Level 4: Forest Temple
  1. -1- Light the torches
  2. -2- Defeat the enemies
  3. -3- Dodge the arrows
  4. -4- Boss: Margoma

-1- Light the torches

Follow the path north to reach several torches. Many torches are lit, but two are unlit. Use arrows to light the torches. First, stand on the right side of the room and shoot an arrow through the fire towards the unlit torch to light the torch on the ground.

Next, create a three hero totem with the bow-wielding hero at the top. On the north side of the room, there are two tall torches: one lit and another unlit. Stand on the right side of the lit torch and shoot an arrow through the fire towards the unlit torch. When all of the torches are lit, the gate forward will open.

The next area contains several enemies. The bat-like Keese can be defeated with sword strikes or arrows. The blade enemies must be defeated with bombs. Throw a bomb into the center of each enemy to destroy them. When all of the enemies are defeated, a key will appear. Carry the key to the locked door on the north side of the room and continue through the Triforce gateway.

-2- Defeat the enemies

The second stage is a battle against Tektites and spinning blade traps. First, have all three heroes step on the large floor switch in the center of the room to begin the fight. The spinning blade traps can be destroyed the same way as before: throw a bomb into their center. The Tektites jump across raised platforms. You can only defeat them while using a totem.

When all of the enemies are defeated, enter the Triforce gateway.

-3- Dodge the arrows

The third stage will have you out running a lot of arrows. Carefully walk west while avoiding the arrows firing from the walls. Near the west end of the path, use bombs to destroy the cracked blocks that stop the arrows. When all of the blocks are destroyed, the arrows will light one torch. Then, stand to the south of the lit torch and fire one arrow north to light two additional torches and open the way forward.

Continue north to find another path full of arrows. This time, travel east while avoiding the arrows. Then, follow the path north and west to reach a staircase and a large block.

The block can only be moved by all three heroes. Push the block north and then east down the hallway. Push the block all the way to the eastern end of the room. The Triforce gateway is blocked by a spinning blade trap. Use a bomb to destroy the trap and activate the Triforce gateway.

-4- Boss: Margoma

The fight against Margoma can be very difficult. Margoma will move around the room and periodically charge at players with a spike attack. When Margoma charges and hits a wall, it will be stunned momentarily.

While Margoma is stunned, throw a bomb into its center. This is easier said than done. You must use a totem and throw your bombs carefully to make a successful hit. You may find it easier to climb up the sides of the arena and attack from above, but keep in mind that Margoma will not attack (and therefore will not be stunned) if there are no players in the main arena.

After a successful hit, Margoma’s eye will be exposed. Create a totem and throw a hero on top of Margoma. Quickly attack the eye with several sword strikes, and then retreat.

The process must be repeated multiple times to destroy Margoma’s shell. After the eye’s defenses are gone, the eye will bounce around the arena. Shoot the eye with arrows to stun it, and then attack with several sword strikes to defeat Margoma.

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