Woodlands Level 3: Moblin Base
  1. -1- Activate two crystal switches
  2. -2- Defeat all the enemies
  3. -3- Use the key to open the gate
  4. -4- Miniboss: Moblins

-1- Activate two crystal switches

First, walk to the northeast or northwest to find flying plants. Step on a plant and ride it to the higher cliff, then select an item.

Northwest of the item locations, there is a path blocked by cracked stones. Use bombs to destroy the blocks and open the path. To open the way forward, two crystal switches must be activated at the same time, but the switches are on the opposite side of the river and they are separated (one on the left and one on the right). The crystal switches are also too high for a single hero to activate; you must use a two-hero totem to gain enough height to activate the switches.

The crystal switches can be activated from a distance using arrows, but you need a way to create a two-hero totem on both platforms in a small amount of time. First, throw the bomb wielding hero to the east platform. Then, create a two-hero totem on the west platform and shoot an arrow to activate the crystal switch.

After the first crystal switch is activated, quickly throw a bow-wielding hero over to the east platform, create another two-hero totem, and activate the second crystal switch. If you move too slowly, you’ll have to activate the first crystal switch again. Both switches must be active at the same time for the way forward to open.

-2- Defeat all the enemies

The second stage is a battle against a variety of enemies. You will face electric Buzz Blobs, Deku Scrubs, and Like Likes. When all of the enemies are defeated, the Triforce gateway in the center of the area will activate.

-3- Use the key to open the gate

Follow the path south, east, and north until you reach a locked gate. Then, travel east across the river. When you reach the end of the path, use a bomb to activate the crystal switch below the gated area.

Activating the crystal switch will reveal five more crystal switches at varying heights. All five crystal switches need to be activated to reveal the key. Have the bomb-wielding hero pick up one of the bow-wielding heroes to form a two-hero totem. Then, use the bow and arrows to activate three of the five crystal switches.

At the same time, the remaining hero should use the bow and arrows to activate the two crystal switches that are closer to the ground. When all five crystal switches are active, the key will appear on a platform on the other side of the river.

Send one hero to the platform with the key and another hero to the platform in the center of the river. Then, beginning at the west side, throw the key to the hero in the center of the river, and then to the hero on the east shore.

When you have the key on the east shore, carry it back to the locked door and continue forward.

-4- Miniboss: Moblins

The last stage is a battle against Moblins. You will fight Moblins on the ground as well as Moblins riding invulnerable Armos Knights. The Moblins on the ground can be defeated with a single hero, but the others will require the use a totem.

Two Moblins are also located on the raised platforms on the east and west side of the arena. To defeat them, create a three-hero totem and throw bombs on to the platforms.

When all of the Moblins are defeated, the Triforce gateway will be accessible.

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