Woodlands Level 2: Buzz Blob Cave


  1. -1- Use the key to open the gate
  2. -2- Defeat the Buzz Blobs
  3. -3- Activate three switches
  4. -4- Miniboss: Electric Blob King

-1- Use the key to open the gate

First, grab a Bow and Arrow. Use an arrow to pop the balloon in front of you to make a wooden bridge fall into place. Jump down the cliff and walk across the bridge to meet your two companions in a larger room.

Defeat the nearby Buzz Blobs so that they do not interfere with the next puzzle.

Find the Key


Step One: Throw two heroes on to the ledge on the east wall of the room.


Step Two: One hero on the ledge can throw the second hero on the ledge up to an even higher ledge.


Step Three: Have the hero on the highest level shoot an arrow at the balloon west of the cliff to find a key.


Step Four: Pick up the key and walk to the locked gate to unlock it.

Travel north, through the gate, and enter the Triforce Gateway.

-2- Defeat the Buzz Blobs

guide-tfh-woodlands2-005Follow the path west to reach a large room. At the southern end of the room is a switch that must be pressed by all three heroes at the same time. When the switch is pressed, several Buzz Blobs will appear. Defeat them using sword strikes and arrows. When the first batch of Buzz Blobs is defeated, a second larger batch will appear. Defeat the second batch of Buzz Blobs to open the gate and reach the Triforce gateway to the next area.

-3- Activate three switches

Use the moving platforms to reach the center area, then form a totem with all three heroes. The center area contains a crystal switch, but If you move close to the crystal switch a metal shield will prevent you from activating the switch. Likewise, the nearby Deku Scrubs will hide underground if you stand too close to them.


If you stand too close to the crystal switch, it will close and you will be unable to activate it until you move further away.

While standing a few steps away, the hero at the top of the totem can defeat the Deku Scrubs and activate the crystal switch using arrows. There are two additional crystal switches: one on the north side of the room and a second on the east side of the room. All three can only be activated from a distance while using a three-hero totem. Use the moving platforms to reach each crystal switch.


-4- Miniboss: Electric Blob King

The Electric Blob King’s weak point is a red orb inside its body. The only way to damage the Electric Blob King is with arrows. As the fight progresses, the red orb will be placed higher and higher, requiring the use of a totem.

The Electric Blob King’s moves slowly hoping to hit you with its electrified body. However, it will periodically attack with rotating lightning strikes. If you need additional health, hearts can be found by cutting the bushes throughout the arena.


Use totems to continue attacking the weak point after it is raised into the air.

The first phase of the fight is very simple; the red weak point can be attacked by all three heroes while standing on the ground. After four strikes, the red orb will be raised into the air. Form a two-hero totem to continue attacking the weak point with arrows. After four more strikes, the red orb will be raised once again. Add the third hero to your totem and strike the Electric Blob King four more times to defeat it.

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