Woodlands Level 1: Deku Forest
  1. -1- Press three switches
  2. -2- Defeat the Chu chus
  3. -3- Ride the moving platforms
  4. -4- Miniboss: Deku Scrubs

-1-Press three switches

Begin by grabbing a Bow and Arrow, then travel north across the bridge. The first puzzle requires that three floor switches be pressed at the same time, but two of the switches are placed on high platforms.

Create a three-hero totem, then throw one hero to the switch on the right side. Then, using the remaining two-hero totem, throw another hero to the switch on the left side. The last switch is at ground level. When all three floor switches are pressed, the gate will open.

Continue north and enter the Triforce Gateway.

-2-Defeat the Chu chus

Stage 2 is a battle against Chu chus. You can easily defeat them using your sword and bow. Some of the enemies are on higher levels; throw heroes up to the higher levels to defeat all the enemies.

When all of the enemies are defeated, a Triforce Gateway will appear.

-3-Ride the moving platforms

Stage 3 introduces crystal switches and requires that you use totems to activate distant crystal switches. There are three crystal switches to activate and three moving platforms along the way.

Activate Three Crystal Switches

Step 1: The first crystal switch is nearby when the stage begins. Strike it with your sword to activate a moving platform nearby.

Step 2: Ride the moving platform, then travel north to find the second crystal switch on a higher platform.

Step 3: Throw two heroes on to the high platform. Then, create a two-hero totem and activate the crystal switch from a distance by shooting an arrow.

Step 4: Travel south and east (across a moving platform) to find the third crystal switch in the waterfall. Create a three-hero totem, then ride the third moving platform in toward the east.

Step 5: Along the way, shoot an arrow to activate the final crystal switch.

Step 6: When the final crystal switch is activated, a bridge leading to the Triforce Gateway will appear directly north.

-4-Miniboss: Deku Scrub

The last stage is a battle against Deku Scrubs. There are four Deku Scrubs total, and you need to use totems to defeat three of them. All four Deku Scrubs will hide underground if you walk too close. To defeat them, you must fire an arrow from a distance; a single arrow will defeat a Deku Scrub.

One Deku Scrub can be defeated by an individual hero, the Deku Scrubs on the east and west sides of the arena can only be defeated by a two-hero totem, and the Deku Scrub on the far north side of the arena can only be defeated by a three-hero totem.

When all the Deku Scrubs are defeated, the way to the Triforce Gateway will open.






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