Optional Item: Swift Sail
Version Exclusive Item
This Swift Sail is only available in The Wind Waker HD. It cannot be obtained in the original release of The Wind Waker.

1.Obtaining the Swift Sail

The Swift Sail is a new addition to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, and allows Link to sail at double the speed of the normal Sail. Furthermore, the Swift Sail allows Link to travel at full speed in any direction, by changing the wind’s direction to the direction that Link’s boat is traveling in. The Swift Sail can be activated while the normal Sail is deployed.

swift-sailOnce you have obtained the Song of Passing and have defeated Gohma in the Dragon Roost Cavern, sail to Windfall Island (D2) and change the time of day to night using the Song of Passing. Enter the Hall of Wealth signified by the luxurious red and gold door next to the Chu Jelly Juice Shop. Talk to Zunari once you enter the Hall of Wealth and participate in the auction. There is a random cycle of items that can be put on sale, such as Treasure Charts and Joy Pendants. You can either buy all of the items until the Swift Sail appears, and if you do so, you will need to exit the Hall of Wealth, play the Song of Passing two times and then re-enter the Hall of Wealth and participate in the auction again. If you do not want to participate in all of the auctions, you can exit the Hall of Wealth and re-enter for a new item to be auctioned.

During the auction you will be competing against other Windfall Island residents. A good technique is to place a bid that is 10% to 15% higher than the current bid, which will stun the other participants for 15 seconds. By raising the bid by 10%, you can stun the competitors repetitively, whilst keeping the price low. The opening price of the Swift Sail is 100 rupees, however you should expect to pay around 300 rupees. At the end of the auction, if you have the highest bid you will receive the Swift Sail as a reward.

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