Pieces of Heart

Forsaken Fortress

1. A fellow inmate
After you exit your prison cell, the first floor of the next room will have a similar cell that is locked as well. Clear away the barrels to reveal a switch that will give you access to the chest inside the cell that contains a piece of heart.

Star Island

2. Under the star
Travel to Star Island and bomb the giant rock to reveal a hole. Jump down the hole and defeat the enemies in the cave to get the piece of heart.

Crescent Moon Island

3. Love goes deep
If you received the Treasure Chart (11)  from Dragon Roost Cavern, you can pull out this piece of heart from the ocean floor.

Seven-Star Isles

4. Heart of the beast
Travel to Seven-Star Isles and look for a flock of Seagulls flying around an area. Travel there and prepare to battle a Big Octo. Defeat the creature by shooting all its eyes with projectiles and collect the piece of heart from the bottom of the ocean.

Spectacle Island

5. Gotta love the game!
A man named Salvatore has a shop that is on Spectacle Island. Pay him fifty rupees to play a mini-game that involves shooting enemy ships with a cannon. Defeat five ships in ten shots or less to receive the piece of heart.

Windfall Island

6. Admiral of Zee Fleet.
Salvatore  has another mini-game shop on Windfall Island, and it is a classic game of Battleship™! For ten rupees you can participate in the game and if you sink all three squids with the available shots, you will receive a piece of heart.
7. Child’s play
Once you have obtained the Picto Box, visit Miss Marie in the schoolhouse and talk to her about the boy gang, “The Killer Bees”. Play a game of hide-and-seek with the boys and they will give you this piece of heart.
8. Money can buy you love
Go to the town auction during the night and win a few auctions. Once you have won a certain amount, a piece of heart will be up for bid. Everyone has bottomless wallets so make sure you raise the bid high enough to stun the crownd, wasting their time. A clever strategy will win you this piece.
9. A piece of true love
Once you have obtained the Deluxe Picto Box speak to Linda, the woman in the orange dress near the gathering place of the “Killer Bees” gang. Take a picture of her and give it to Anton, the man with the cap who often walks by and glances at her. Speak to both last time and meet them on their date in the Cafe a few days later. Linda will then give you a piece of heart.
10. Booming business
Speak to Zunari once you have the Delivery Bag. He will employ you, starting the trading sequence. Once you acquire enough items by trading with the Goron merchants at sea, Zunari rewards  you with a piece of heart
11. A piece of true love?
After your second visit to the Forsaken Fortress, go to the second floor of the mansion to find Maggie, the new rich girl. Talk to her and agree to mail her letter, then return to the auction house to see a fight between the postman and her father. Meet the postman in the Cafe later and give his letter to Maggie for a piece of heart.
12. Relight my fire
Make the windmill run again by turning the wind to the north and activating the switch up the tall ladder in the village (behind Salvatore’s shop). Ride the windmill up to the top and shoot a Fire Arrow into the middle of the lighthouse to reactivate it. Talk to Kreeb, the man in the yellow hat outside the top of Salvatore’s shop, to get a piece of heart.
13. In the spotlight
Once the lighthouse is lit, float to the small island where the invisible chest appeared near the Bomb Shop with your Deku Leaf. Open the chest to find another piece of heart.
14. Decorating Windfall
Start the trading event with Zunari to obtain flowers or decorations for rupees. Place the decorations in the small crowned-pots all over the outside of the island. If you put one in all fourteen spots, talk to the man sitting on the bench near the stall to receive a piece of heart.

Pawprint Isle

15. Only slightly hidden
Sail to Pawprint Isle to find a small blue dome with a tiny crawl space. Go inside to find a chest with a piece of heart.
16. From very high to very deep
If you found  Treasure Chart 30  in the Tower of the Gods, it will point you to a spot on the ocean near Pawprint Isle where you can use your crane to find a piece of heart.

Dragon Roost Isle

17. Link’s true calling
Inside the Rito Village, complete the letter sorting activity with at least twenty-five letters sorted. Then talk to the new assistant on the front of the island near the mailbox. Complete the activity with twenty-five again and speak to the man outside once more. He will give you a letter to mail since he cannot reach the mailbox and will give you a piece of heart.
18. A fancy gift
Bring twenty Golden Feathers to the guard on the second floor of Rito Village, he will give you one hundred rupees in return and later his girlfriend will send you a piece of heart through the mail.

Flight Control Platform

19. Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
After you have acquired the  Magic Meter upgrade, dock at the Flight Control Platform and glide through the sky in the mini-game. You must reach the banner to get the piece of heart so try to catch all the updrafts to give you a good chance.

Rock Spire Isle

20. Like a pirate
Sail around the island until you find two enemy ships. Destroy both of them and use you crane where they sank. One of the wrecks will contain a piece of heart.
21. An artifact for an artifact
This sector contains a piece of heart that can be found after obtaining Treasure Chart 2 by giving Maggies father 20 skull necklaces after rescuing the girls from the Forsaken Fortress.
22. Love for sale?
After you get the first wallet upgrade, Beedle will send you a letter about a special sale. Visit his shop at Rock Spire Isle and you will find a piece of heart on sale for 950 rupees. Despite what he claims, the store does not close throughout your adventure.

Tingle Island

23. Tingle’s pet
Sail North of Tingle’s actual island to see a flock of seagulls that are circling over another Big Octo. Defeat the creature and use your Grappling Hook to recover a piece of heart where he sank.

Three-Eye Reef

24. Going once…
One of the Treasure Charts (38)  you receive from the Windfall Island auction leads to a piece of heart that can be found in the ocean near this reef.

Greatfish Isle

25. Cliff cave
Locate a small cave entrance on the side of one of the islands and remember exactly where it was. Sail to the small rock and climb to the top near the withered Deku Sprout. Blow the wind Northwest and use the Deku Leaf to glide to the cave to find a chest with a piece of heart.

Six-Eye Reef

26. Underwater adventure
There is a submarine Southwest of the island itself, sail towards it and enter the vessel. Defeat all the enemies inside to get the piece of heart.

Thorned Fairy Island

27. It’s a breeze
One of the Treasure Charts (5) you receive in the Wind Temple will lead to a spot on the ocean in Thorned Fairy Island that will contain a piece of heart.

Needle Rock Isle

28. Birds, birds, birds
Shoot down all the Kagorocs flying across the island and use a Hyoi Pear to gain control of a seagull. Fly to the top and hit the switch to lower the flames of a treasure chest that contains a piece of heart.

Stone Watcher Isle

29. Who watches the watcher?
Climb to the top of the observation platform East of the island. Defeat all the enemies and destroy all the cannons underneath with your Bombs to get this piece of heart.

Bomb Isle

30. Underground golf course
Bomb the large boulder on top of the island and jump inside the hole. In the first room, attack the Magtail until it becomes a ball and place it on the switch to open the door. In the second room, make to the large platform and get the Magtails into balls. Throw each Magtail into one of the holes to receive the piece of heart.
31. Unearthing treasure
A Treasure Chart (20)  you will find in the Earth Temple will lead you to Bomb Island. Recover the chest to get this piece of heart.

Diamond Steppe Island

32. Link loves battleships
The Treasure Chart (7) you receive in the Battleship™ mini-game on Windfall Island leads to a spot near this island. Recover the chest to get the piece of heart.

Southern Fairy Island

33. Love goes deep into your wallet
Buy the 900 rupee Treasure Chart (4)  from Beedle’s special shop at Rock Spire Isle (C2) to have it lead you to this next piece of heart.

Forest Haven

34. A little thank you
After you locate the Forbidden Woods, the Rito Chieftain will send you this piece through the mail.
35. The Great Sea gardener
The newly-planted Deku Trees are withering all over the Great Sea. You must obtain Forest Water from the Forest Haven to sprinkle the water on each of the eight trees. Look to our specialty guide on this exact side-quest here, for more info on how to complete this task in an easy fashion.
36. Nayru’s Love
Treasure Chart 30 from The Tower of the Gods will lead to a spot in the Forest Haven. Recover the chest to get a piece of heart.

Outset Island

37. Champion of the labyrinth
Enter the Savage Labyrinth by floating West from the highest point of the island near the entrance to the forest. Pick up the boulder and enter the horrible cave. Keep fighting enemies and keep going deeper into the dungeon until you receive the Triforce Chart. Then use you Mirror Shield to dissolve the statue to dig EVEN DEEPER into the Labyrinth. You have to conquer another grueling fifty floors until you reach the piece of heart.
38. Better than truffles
After obtaining the Power Bracelets, lift up the giant black pig in the woman’s backyard. Bring it to a black patch of soil on the other side of the bridge and spread All Purpose Bait on the soil. It will dig you up a shiny piece of heart.
39. Old, but not rusty
Go to Orca’s training lodge and agree to duel with him. If you succeed to hit him 500 times before he hits you three times, he will reward you with this piece of heart. Remember to use your shield!

Headstone Island

40. Fetch!
Use a Hyoi Pear to gain control of a seagull and fly to the top of the island. Fly through the piece of heart and quickly return control to Link and you will receive the piece of heart.

Angular Isles

41. Playing with blocks
Push and pull all the blocks to make enough space for you to climb up to the top of the isle. If you manage to reach the top, a piece of heart will be waiting for you.
42. Forbidden love
A Treasure Chart (15)  in the Forbidden Woods will lead you here in the Angular Isles. Uncover the chest to get the piece of heart.

Five-Star Isles

43. Underwater battle
Somewhere near the island, a stationary submarine can be found. Jump inside and defeat all the enemies to receive another piece of heart.
44. Love is beautiful
Once you receive the Treasure Chart (33)  from taking a picture of the “beautiful” woman on Windfall Island, trace it to Five-Star Isles. Uncover the chest to receive the final piece of heart.

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