Great Fairies

Fire & Ice Arrows

To obtain the powerful magic arrows, conduct the Ballad of Gales and travel to the Mother and Child Isles, or section B2 on the chart. Here rests the Fairy Queen, who holds the greatest power of them all. Once she sees that you wield the divine blade, she will grant you  the Fire and Ice Arrows and bestow them upon your Hero’s Bow. Use the Ballad of Gales to exit the island.

Magic Meter Upgrade

The quest for a larger Magic Meter isn’t an easy one, for it requires a battle with a Big Octo, one of the giant squid-like creatures that roam the seas. Set sail to the Two-Eye Reef, or section G4 on the chart, and look for a flock of seagulls circling around an area. Approach the flock and get ready to get sucked into a whirlpool and fight the Big Octo. Use Bombs, Arrows or your Boomerang and destroy each eye on the creature to defeat it. A Great Fairy will then appear and grant you  more magic.

Wallet Upgrade

Your first wallet upgrade can be obtained on your home isle, Outset Island in section G2. Once you have Bombs, travel to the top of the island and stand on top of the highest rock. Set the wind to West and soar over the broken bridge to the entrance of the forest. Inside the forest, search until you find a great boulder. Blow up the boulder and enter the fountain. The Great Fairy inside will expand your wallet capacity to 1,000.

Second Wallet Upgrade

Travel all the way to Northern Fairy Island, or section A3 on the chart. Once there, enter the hole in the ground to find a fairy fountain. Inside, the Great Fairy will give you the ability to hold up t0 a whopping 5,000 rupees in your wallet.

Bomb Bag Upgrade

Raise your sail and travel to Eastern Fairy Island, or section C5 on the chart. Once there, use your Bombs to blast a way into the seashell on  it. Drop through the hole inside. The Great Fairy inside will grant you  more Bomb Bag capacity, making your bag hold up to sixty Bombs.

Second Bomb Bag Upgrade

On Southern Fairy Island, or section F4 on the chart, lies the last Bomb Bag upgrade. Once on the island, use your Bombs to quickly break away the wooden boards that are bolted to the door and enter the hole. The Great Fairy will now allow your Bomb Bag to hold a maximum of ninety-nine Bombs! BOOM!

Quiver Upgrade

Set sail to Western Fairy Island, or section C1 on the chart to expand your Quiver. Once you have arrived, use your Skull Hammer to smash the switch that will douse the flames blocking the seashell entrance. Drop down the hole and the Great Fairy will grant you  the ability to carry around sixty arrows.

Second Quiver Upgrade

To locate the final Great Fairy and receive the last Quiver upgrade, travel to Thorned Fairy Island, or section D7 on the chart. Once there, use your Skull Hammer to hit all three switches to remove the thorns blocking the entrance to the seashell. Drop down the hole and the final Great Fairy will allow you to hold a maximum of ninety-nine arrows!

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