Chapter 9: The Royal Crypt



After exiting the dungeon, Ezlo will complain about almost freezing in
that place. But something odd is about to happen, the entire area
becomes dark! And what’s this…? A figure above the dungeon entrance?

It is the old King of Hyrule, Gustaf! He only comes for a short while,
but he marks an important spot on your map. Once this is over, it is
time to head to the Elemental Sanctuary to infuse your blade with the
Water Element you just got. So, get out your Ocarina, and fly to the
Wind Crest in Hyrule Town, which shouldn’t be a hard crest to find.

Head now north to Hyrule Castle. Make your way quickly through Hyrule
Field, since nothing is really there, and enter the castle gardens, and
finally the castle itself. But wait, you cannot go into the castle! The
King, as you might remember, was possessed by Vaati, and he doesn’t
want anyone in the castle. So, from here you’ll have to enter the
Garden. Head east into the garden, since a guard currently blocks the
other path.

Head east until you hit a wall, and then head south. You will see a
large patch of bushes that you can slash away, or you can even light
just one bush on fire with your Lantern and watch the rest burst into
flames after that. No matter how you get rid of that patch of bushes,
though, a hidden ladder will appear, and you will climb down it.

Head north through the door. The room is semi-dark, so you can plainly
see the there is a piece of heart right next to you! Nab it right away,
and then continue even further north.

Talk to this familiar looking man, and he will call himself Grimblade!
There are actually multiple trainers like these men throughout Hyrule,
so it would be wise to keep a lookout for these guys. He wants to train
you, but the room is too dark! So, get out your Lantern and light the
two fire pits on Grimblade’s left and right, then talk to him again.

You are about to learn the Sword Beam, an attack plenty powerful. It
actually shoots a beam out of your sword when all of your hearts are
full, giving you the ability to hit enemies from a distance. Take the
Tiger Scroll, and keep it safe.

Leave the room and head up the ladder. Head a west from here, and leave
this area of the garden. Continue west, heading around the flower
patches, and enter the left side of the garden. Here, guards roam
freely, and if one spots you they will take you back to the beginning
of the garden and tell you to be gone! You need to sneak behind them,
when they are either not looking, have their backs turned, or you can
slip into an area were they will not see you.

The only way you can go is north, past the guard, so try not to get
caught. When you get through that one head east, avoiding yet another
guard by waiting in the safe area until he moves to the far right. From
here you can move south, and if you want take a break in a small pocket
of safety. Getting past the next guard is tough, because he has a large
visual range and there are two guards as well. When he heads to the
left, walk under the long bush and hide until he begins to walk the
other way. Quickly run north, and keep hidden in the corner until the
second guard heads south past you. Run north, out of the garden, until
you hit a patch of bushes. Slash it away to reveal another ladder,
which you will then climb down.

This room has a very definite path, seeing as there is only one you can
actually take. Head north, then east, and step on the switch when you
get to it. Also, it would be wise to prepare for fights with snakes…

When you walk through the door at the end of the pathway you will end
up inside Hyrule Castle. All you need to do is head north from here,
and out the door. Continue north and enter the Elemental Sanctuary.

Continue even further north, through the room, and through the next
room when the door closes behind you. Walk onto the area where the
element lay and set your sword down on the stand. The Water Element
will infuse in your blade! Look, it’s so blue! You can also now,
instead of split into two Links, split into three!

You now must create three Links when you step on a four area. So, head
down the steps, off the elemental area, and onto the pads. Charge up
your blade, and step on the rightmost pad of the left set, and leftmost
pad of the right set, and the rightmost pad of the right set to make
three Links. Only two, however, can step on the switches and open the
door. Head through the door.

Go back through the castle and reach the door that you first came out
of, that leads to the pathway that leads to a ladder that leads to
outside… whew, that’s a mouthful. Anyways, head back through the
pathway, which is easy both said and done since, if you killed the
snakes, there will be none there, and climb the ladder at the end.
Then, make your way out of the garden by either getting caught, or just
walking back through trying not to get caught (Which is kind of
pointless, but hey, you can play how you want.).

Head back to Hyrule Town, through Hyrule Field. There is an item that
is pretty useful here, though optional, it may seem familiar to many of
you… head south, all the way to the southern end of town, and enter
Stockwell’s Shop, which has a large rupee on its roof. Grab the red
object that rests on the back shelf, and bring it up to Stockwell to
pay for it. It costs 300 rupees, but I assure you that it is well worth
the price, and you should have 300 rupees by now, with all the dungeons

The Boomerang – This will-crafted weapon returns when thrown! It is
good for hitting enemies long distance, much like your Sword Beam, but
always available. Some enemies will not be damaged by this Boomerang,
but will only be stunned – but that still gives you the opportunity to
hit them.

We’re almost done in Hyrule Town, there is one last thing to take care
of, and that is a new lesson from Swiftblade. So, head to the southwest
corner of town and enter Swiftblade’s log cabin. Speak to him: You can
learn a new attack! It is called the Dash Attack, and allows you to
dash with your Pegasus Boots, and hold your sword out at the same time.
But, you must have both your Sword and your Pegasus Boots equipped.
Once you have the Tiger Scroll, head out of Swiftblade’s house and
prepare to leave Hyrule town.

We’re done in Hyrule Town, so go back into North Hyrule Field, with
Bombs equipped and ready. Head northwest, following the dirt path,
until you reach a broken bridge. Fall off of it, even if you may think
it wrong to do. Swim north and get off at the dock, and enter the cave.
Right in front of you should be a heart piece! If you have been
following this guide correctly, you only need two more pieces of heart
to get a heart container.

Head north, up the stairs, and you will be in a room with a large
block, and a set of six four pads. Make a vertical row of three Links,
and push the large block to the right, until you cannot anymore. Head
up the ladder, and jump off the ledge to your right. Yes, jump off, and
swim north.

You are now in the Hyrule Castle area… and you are swimming in the
moat! Swim north, around the rocks, until you can reach a new screen.
In this screen will be a treasure chest, which contains 200 rupees!
What a way to make up for the boomerang you just bought, eh? But it’s
not over yet, head back south, and from here, swim west along the path,
and enter another screen to the north. Yet another chest lies here,
which contains 100 mysterious shells! You are now done with the
treasure collecting, so leave this area and swim back south until you
reach a cave you can enter.

The room looks very familiar, because it is the same room you were in
not too long ago. Repeat the process: Make a vertical row of Links, and
push the large block as far to the left as it can go. Walk around it,
and up the ladder.

Head south from here, following the path. Jump off the ledge when you
need to, and slash the lever with your sword. Viola! The bridge is now
repaired. Walk onto that bridge and jump off of it, why don’t you? Swim
again north, into the same cave, walk up the same stairs and repeat the
process for the third time, of which now I will just copy and paste:
Make a vertical row of Links, and push the large block as far to the
left as it can go. Walk around it, and up the ladder.

Now head north up the stairs, and go to the next screen west. You will
enter the newest area: the Royal Valley. Ezlo is scared, but he won’t
admit it. This is a good time to get out your Lantern and light the
area up a bit. In this area roam Ghini’s – ghost-like creatures that
will grab you and lick your health away, literally. They take three
hits, but can become incredibly annoying.

Before anything, head down the steps and make a quick right: You should
see two fence-like objects that are about a door’s width apart. Blast
them with bombs to open a door… to a great fairy spring. Walk up to the
spring, and when she asks you to tell her of your adventure, say Yes.
Now, any incorrect answer will lead her to punish you by reducing your
arrows to zero, so answer this way: She will ask you if the Fire
Element was the first Element you got: say No. Is your grandfather’s
name Smee? No. Melari has seven apprentices? Yes. The Blabber Nut gives
a person the ability to understand Minish? No. The robe of the current
King of Hyrule is white? No.

Upon answering all these questions right, she will give you a valuable
item: a large quiver! Now, you can carry more arrows! The number has
been increased to 50. Exit this room now.

You’ll want to follow the pathway, which is very clear. Do not head
south when given the option, only go south around the trees and then
turn north, into the next screen.

This screen is a maze, and is actually quite easy. However, the
directions in each game are shuffled, so there is no single path that
can be recorded. All you need if a semi-good memory – follow the signs,
going whatever direction they tell you to go. is actually quite easy.
However, the directions in each game are shuffled, so there is no
single path that can be recorded. All you need if a semi-good memory –
follow the signs, going whatever direction they tell you to go. You may
also more then likely run across signs that say “Same as before” or
“Same as two before.” Recall the sign that you saw two screens or one
screen ago. The same applies for the “Same as beginning” sign. Recall
the direction that the sign gave you when you entered the maze. The
final sign will always say “Up.” Exit the maze when you get there.

Head north, taking the rightmost path. The left path leads to a dead
end. Continue north, and then make a turn to go east when you reach a
large locked door. When you come to a fork, take the upper path, and
continue east until you reach a house. Everything will turn light
again, and you can walk into the house.

Speak to the man: His name is Dampe, and he is the gravedigger here.
After telling him of the King who contacted you, he will give you the
Graveyard Key! Use this to gain entrance into the graveyard. You can
exit the house… but something is about to happen.

After leaving the house, one of those awful crows will swoop down and
knock they key away from you! A second crow will then take the key! You
need to get it back… so, equip your Pegasus Boots instead of your
sword, and walk around the area, looking for signs of the crow who took
your key in one of the trees. If you spot the crow, ram the tree with
your Boots, and the key will fall. However, if you get too close to the
bird, it will fly to another tree. Try to spot the crow as far away
from it as you can.

Once you have gotten the key back, you can gain entrance to the
graveyard. Walk up to the large locked door from wherever you may be
standing, and talk to Dampe, who is next to it. He will open the door
for you, and then you may head inside.

In the graveyard, head east until you see a group of stones lying on
the ground. If your sword is not equipped, equip it and slash all of
the stones away. This will uncover a four area – with three pads!
Charge your blade and step on the only three pads available. It is
recommended that the original Link (you) be the one on the far left, up
top. This makes it a bit easier to maneuver the other two links around
the tombstone. The one you must work around is the one just above you:
So, have the top left Link (hopefully you) move between the two
gravestones, and then quickly shift that Link to the left. Continue on
by walking upwards, and all three Links should have gotten past safely.
Now, all you need to do is head west, and step on all three switches at
once, and the King’s tombstone will shift backwards, revealing a hidden
staircase. Enter.

As soon as you go into the Royal Crypt, you will see two mummies, each
carrying items. One of them has a small key. These mummies are
incredibly dangerous, and take a whole mess of hits. Instead of
counting, I would just suggest trying to survive by slashing them out
of existence as fast as humanly possible. If you wish to have a very
easy way of defeating these mummies, take out your Lantern and burn
them. They will turn into normal jumping Skeletons! If you do not do
this, they will remain dangerous. When they capture you, they suck out
your health – very fast. So get rid of them – very fast. Get the small
key, too. Once done, advance to the north.

Three mushrooms to choose from… hmm… there is only one that will lead
you across safely. Pick the one to the far left, and launch yourself.
Now, you have three doors to choose from! Two of them will hurt you
upon going near them, the final one will open for you – and it is the
middle door. Walk up to it and use your small key on it. Enter the

You will see two ways to go: Left and right. The entrances to the left
and right areas are just north of where Link is standing, so first we
will take the left path. Walk north, and then around through the
opening to the left area of the room, and head south again.

You will see two moving platforms with various blocks in between them.
On the northern side of this chasm rest three switches – you must make
three Links in the sequence they are on the four pads that should be
just nearby. There is only one way to organize your Links, and you need
to then get on the platforms and maneuver your Links safely across,
which is surprisingly easier done then said. Once at the other end,
step on the switches and a small key will appear in front of you. Once
you have the key, ride back south on one of the platforms and exit the
left side of the room.

Head a bit north from there and you will see two blocks. There is only
one thing different about these blocks that you have not seen before:
They have a key hole. Walk up to the first block and press A to make
the block disappear. Now, it’s time to get the second key for the
second block – on to the rightmost side of the room.

This side might be a big harder. The stones are set in the same way,
but now you do now have the safety of leaning up against the wall so
calmly. There is a Trap (those moving blades) circling around the
middle structure of blocks. The formation of Links is the same, and the
blocks extrude in the same way. All you have to worry about is avoiding
the Trap. When you make it to the top, step on the switches just like
before, and the small key will appear.

Take it back to the final block, and unlock the block. Head north and
through the door. Right away, you will have to fight off snakes, so be
prepared for some slashing action. Continue north through the narrow
room, and enter through the door at the end.

The northern huge door will close! That’s not something you have seen
before, normally the door behind you would close, and the door in front
of you would close… but anyways, with you having really no where to go
but this room, you may as well take out your Lantern and light the four
fire pits in the corners of the room. Behold! Two mummies! You know how
deadly these guys can be already, so try to kill them very, very
quickly. What makes things even worse is that the fire pits you lit
will turn against you, and shoot fireballs at you! But if all goes
well, and you slash fast enough, you should be fine. The door to the
north will open, and you are free to walk through it.

You made it! This is the room where Gustaf resides. Head north and up
the stairs, and the King will automatically appear and talk to you.

He will give you a Golden Kinstone Piece! You must seek “the source of
the flow,” apparently, with this Kinstone Piece. Afterwards, you will
be taken outside the King’s tomb, and into the graveyard.

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