Chapter 8: Temple of Droplets


Flame Lantern

If you ever want to leave this dungeon, you can do so by stepping on
the platform you landed on upon falling in.

Ezlo will argue about how cold he is, and tell you to hurry up. Better
listen! Anyways, just in front of you, down the steps, should be the
door to the boss room. But you can’t go there yet, as you probably

The floor in this room is ice, and you need to make your way to the
back of the large central structure via this ice. However, it is quite
slippery – so be careful. You might end up moving too fast, and fall
off. Move slowly, and when you need to push ice blocks out of the way.
It does not matter if you head left or right from the Boss Door, they
both are the same length, shape, etc., and get to the same spot. When
you reach the door, head in north.

Vases attack! Don’t get hit by them! Also, the firepots will be
shooting at you as well, so it seems everything in this dungeon really
is against you! Just go quickly through this room, and head east out
the door.

Three red bugs. Just kill them off and head down the stairs.

There is a lever here. Push it by standing to the right of it and
pushing left. This will open a hole in the room above, that you saw the
light shining on. Well, the light is down here now, and you can also
head back to that room and jump down the hole. So, head back up the
stairs why doncha?

Fall down the giant hole in the center. There is no possible way you
can miss this huge, gaping hole right in the center of the room. You
will head down it. You will land on ice. And you will be happy.

Yay, we are happy! You landed on the ice, and Ezlo will tell you to
check out that block of ice upon moving near it. You need to melt that
block so you can get the Small Key inside. Stand behind it, and push it
south so that it hits the stone below. Then, stand to the left of it,
and push it to the right, right into the light! It will melt quickly
and you may run and grab your new Small Key! Exit the icy area by
heading to the southeast corner, and pushing the block to the right.
Head north, up the stairs, and then make your way one more room to the
west where the vases attacked you earlier.

In here, open the locked door, hopefully without getting hurt too much,
and head in.

There are some blue spinning bugs in here, so get rid of them. There is
nothing else to do here, so fall down the gaping hole in the center of
the room. Don’t worry, you’ll find it. You can’t miss it. Really.

Walk to your left. You will see something you never expected to find so
soon: The Big Key! Oh, but it is frozen in ice, along with two other
ice blocks! The Big Key is the center ice block, and there is one above
it, and one below it. There are three stones to the left on the three
blocks, meaning all three can be pushed to the left safely. Push the
top block to the left, and the push the Big Key to the right as well.
Leave the bottom block alone for now. From here, push the big key up
and then once again to the left. The top block is no longer needed, so
just ignore it. Now, it is time to move the bottom block. Push it to
the left, and then down. Push it once more to the left. Head around the
top block and get to the Big Key, and push it down. From there, push
the Key to the left, then up, and then to the right – it will land
right in the sunshine. Whew, that was quite a hassle for just a key!

From here, stand below the lever and push up on it, to close off the
sunshine. The hole above you will also be closed, so you can head up
the nearby stairs to your north, and head back east out of this room!
In the next room, avoid the flying pottery and the fireballs, and make
your way south back to the room where you entered the dungeon.

Continue back around the central structure south, and make your way to
the Boss Door, which you will use the Big Key on. This was a short
dungeon, wasn’t it?

If you want to get the hearts in the vases, be careful of flying vases,
which are just near the ones where hearts lay.

Anyways, walk forward to find a large chunk of ice – with the element
sitting in it! Ezlo will explain to you that you cannot touch it while
it is in that condition, so it looks like you will need a new item to
solve this problem. Head south, ignoring the Big octorok, and head left.
Watch out for more flying vases, and head through the door.

It seems your dungeon quest is not yet over. The Boss Room sure is big!
Actually, it’s not the boss room quite yet. You still have a whole
dungeon ahead of you, so let’s get moving! Save if you wish to.

In this new room, head south through a door/tunnel. You will get some
rupees on the way, but when you reach the end you will get something
even better: The Dungeon Map! Now you can’t get lost!

Now head back north. Continue north until you reach a small river area,
with a spiked roller moving across! You have to practice your diving
skills, so be ready. Enter the water, and when the roller comes in you
direction, press B. You will dive underwater, and can swim safely away
from the roller. Head west.

Leave the water when you get to dry land, and head up the steps. Head
east from here, back into the water, and into the next screen east.
Head south from here and you will have to face two flying bugs.
Unfortunately, you must be on land to fight them, so get on some and
kill them off, then head south to the next screen.

Equip your gust jar, because you will need it to suck up that mushroom
across the river so you can hit that switch! Do what was just said, and
hit the square switch to open a path down the waterfall. Reenter the
water, and fall down.

Swim south, and beware of the roller. Dive under it, just like you did
the last one, and continue south. When you reach the end of the river,
head west to find a tombstone-like object. Read it, and it will say…
“The way forward is hidden in the bottom of the pot.” I wonder what
this could mean… Well, we will find out soon, but for now, hit the
switch below the tombstone.

Head east into the next room and you will find a series of walls
organized to form a shape. A shape that looks sort of like… a pot.
Remember the saying? Put it to use here, and swim to the bottom of the
pot. You should see a little area of waves, a square of them, near the
bottom of this pot – dive there to retrieve a Small Key. Head back out
of this room, north past the roller, and up the wall that needs your
Grip Ring to climb.

Push the block in front of you up, so you may get past, and head north
until you see a door that can be unlocked with a key. Unlock it with
your newly acquired small key, and head through the short tunnel. Head
south from here to find a switch, which upon finding you should press.
This will open the gate next to you. Now that that is done, hop on the
lily pad. You can just swim to it.

Take out your gust jar. Now, navigate your lily north, then back to the
waterfall, which lies east to the next screen, and then south, south
all the way south… fall down the waterfall, lily and all.

Head south with your lily, attempting to avoid the roller. The lily pad
will go under it, but you won’t. If you are quick enough, dive. If you
are not, then just get hurt once or twice until you can make your way
under. No serious damage done. When you reach the wall, head east back
to the room with the pot. Navigate around the pot east to the platform
with a switch on it. You can get off the lily now, and press the switch
to lower the water gates.

Make your way east to the next screen on you lily pad. Do not swim. You
should come to a familiar enemy – remember fighting one of these in the
first dungeon? Well, it’s a bit harder on ice. Just try not to get hurt
too much, and when you have the chance, suck up the cobwebs on the
walls with your Gust Jar, because they will frequently bounce you back
into this horrible worm. When defeated the door to the north will open.
Head in.

Open the big chest to get the Compass! Now you know where all the
goodies in this dungeon are, and if you have been following the guide
correctly, there are eleven treasure chests left to get! Let’s get all
of them, shall we?

It would be wise to save now. You wouldn’t want to do this entire
dungeon over again, would you?

Head back south, and hop on your lily pad again. Push it west, and then
head north to the next screen.

In here, park your lily next to a path of ice to your left, and get
off. Swim around the path of ice, and head east above the gate. Get out
of the water, and hit the square witch to lower the water gate. You
will need to move your lily past this point soon, but not yet. Head
north and step on the large area of ice, upon which bugs are running

Go north to the very end of this ice area to find a treasure chest with
50 rupees in it (Woo, one chest down!), and then head back south to an
area with ice block scattered all about. You need to get one of those
blocks to stay on the switch.

There are many blocks… how can you make one stay on the switch? Well,
find the uppermost block, and push it down. From there, push it to the
left. It will hit the purple wall and stay. Push the block to the right
of the block you just pushed (this block should also be to Link’s
right), to the left. It should stack in front of the other block. Now,
find the bottommost block on the left side. Push it upwards, to have it
collide and stack up onto the block you just pushed. It should have
connected just below the block. You should have two blocks left to
push, one closest to the switch, and one below that one. Take the block
closest to the switch and push it left, and then up onto the switch.
The water gate will drop. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Head back to your lily pad. Navigate it west along the water pathway,
and make it go north. Do not take the intersection left just yet. When
you have gone north, take a turn to the right and continue until you
reach a door. There is nothing special in the vases; you aren’t leaving
anything behind, so walk in the door.

It’s dark in here! You can’t see a thing, but luckily this room is
tiny: just walk diagonal, following where the fire pot is. To the north
you should make it to a door, enter.

There is nothing to do in this room yet, so just head up the stairs,
across the platform killing off slugs, and through the door up the

Mini boss battle! You’ve fought these guys before, so use the same
tactics. It is highly recommended that you get out your shield, to
protect yourself from when they fire their pinchers or whatever you
wish to call them. When they are clawless, slash them as much as you
can. They will die… and in the middle of the room a blue portal will
appear. This blue portal will take you back to the beginning of the
dungeon, as always.

Exit through the southern door, and head west. The next screen after
this should show you a large lever, and just below you should see two
four pads. There is only one way you can clone yourself, so do so and
stand next the lever (if you are clueless, on the rightmost side of the
lever), and push it to the left. This will open up an area of sunlight,
a large area in fact, and will melt the chunk of ice blocking the path
to the right. Ezlo will talk, and when he is finished, jump down off
the ledge.

Head south, and make a right, going through the door that was just made
newly available to you.

In here, head north through the door. That’s all you can do for now in
here. In this northern room, grab the Blue Kinstone Piece in the
treasure chest, and then head right. Be careful here, don’t fall off
the ledge. When you get far enough, you should see another treasure
chest. Head south across the narrow path of ice, which isn’t too hard
since it is against the wall, and grab the Blue Kinstone Piece.

Head back around the ice and go south down the second path. You should
see a group of green blades, moving around in a line, blocking your
path. But there is an opening, so wait for it to come. When it does
come, run quickly into the circle of blades and stop yourself before
hitting the blade opposite you. There are now two paths to take, to the
left and to the right. Going to the right will lead you to a dead end
with two vases. The left pathway will take you out of here. Go left.

In this new room, all you can do is go north. You don’t have a small
key yet, and you can’t melt the ice. So go north.

Head down the steps in this room. This room should look familiar to
you, but never mind that. Just go down.

In here, head down once again. You will enter a room with a frozen
treasure chest and a lever. Push the lever, and you will hear a noise
telling you that some type of door has opened, revealing sunlight. It
was actually the opposite. You closed one of the light holes above you,
so head up.

Walk across the now closed hole, and push on the lever to reveal
sunlight. Head back downstairs, and push the lever down there to open
up the second light hole and unfreeze the chest, containing a small
key! Head up the stairs, twice, and then head south out of the familiar
room, and into the room that had a locked door. Open the door with your
small key, and walk in.

It’s a room, a nice, big, empty room. A gate will pop up behind you.
Head south and push on the lever… a hole will open up above, revealing
sunlight and something new: Drops of water? Or wait… no! It’s a Giant
Blue ChuChu! This is not the boss of the dungeon, but it does put up
quite a fight. Get out your gust jar.

You cannot suck its base while it is surrounded by electricity. Wait
until the current of electricity stops, and then use the Jar. Other
then that, it is the exact same fight as the boss of Deepwood Shrine,
nothing new. It does, however, take a few more hits, so be careful and
don’t expect too little of this fight. If you keep hitting it
constantly when it falls down, it should take around four slash rounds
to kill it.

After the ChuChu explodes, a large chest will appear in the center of
the room. I wonder what I could be…

A Flame Lantern! This handy item lights up the night! Press the button
to turn it on or off. This lantern will not only light up dark areas,
it will also melt ice chunks (some containing treasure), and light fire
pits! With this in your hands, head out of the room.

First and foremost, melt the ice to your left with your new Lantern.
You also might want to scavenge the vases for hearts, if your health is
low from the battle. When done, head down the stairs nearby.

Get the treasure chest out of the ice with your Lantern, and you will
receive 100 rupees! Melt the other ice blocks, and head east, into the
next room.

Another mini boss battle, and this time it is in darkness. Luckily,
there are four unlit fire pits around you, so you can light those with
your Lantern. Note that they will only stay lit for a limited amount of
time, and you can relight them simply by touching them if you have your
Lantern equipped. You shouldn’t need your shield for this battle, so
keep the Lantern equipped at all times as you fight these three
familiar monsters.

When all is over, exit the room to your right. You are inside another
dark room, this time a labyrinth of sorts. Head straight east, and
destroy the vase blocking the fire pit. Light the pit with your
Lantern, destroying a block. Walk back around and pass the block,
heading north. You will see a chest, but you can’t get it just yet. So,
head a bit further north until you see an accessible fire pit – light
it, and another block blocking your path will be destroyed. Before you
advance, however, you might want to head a bit west first, and enter
the area where the treasure chest is held. It contains a red Kinstone
Piece. Now, you may head back to where the block disappeared. If you
cannot find it, it is marked by a symbol on the floor. Head north from
there. When you then head west a bit, you will see two ways to go down.
The first way leads to a dead end, with a vase containing bombs. The
second path is the one you probably wish to take. From here, head west
until you reach a wall that is obviously able to be blown up by a bomb.
Equip your bombs momentarily and set one down, back away, and then
reequip your Lantern. When the bomb explodes, enter the door.

The room is filled with scattering beetles… kill them off. When all are
dead, you shall receive a small key! Head out of this room, there is
nothing left to do here.

Head east, the north. When given an option to go left or right, head
right. Continue right, the north until you reach a treasure chest,
which contains a red Kinstone Piece! Head south from there, across
another part of the maze, until you reach a fire pit. Light it to make
another block disappear. Head back to where you came from, and this
time take the left path. Head north, killing all enemies, and when
given the choice to go up or down, go down. You will see a treasure
chest, containing a red Kinstone Piece yet again, and a fire pit to
light. Light the pit, and head back around, going up now. Unlock the
locked door with your small key, and head on in.

It is highly recommended that you save now… I know as well as you do
that you don’t want to die and do this all over again!

In this new room, you will see fires – lines of them – and they move!
They are very dangerous, so steer clear of them. The trouble is, it is
a small room filled with blocks, and you are on ice! My suggestion is
to quickly run to the other side of this room, taking the risk of
getting hurt, because one you are on fire you cannot attack in any way,
shape, or form. When you reach the other side, head into the next dark

In here, there are ledges you can fall off of, so be careful. Just walk
around the path, and then north through the door.

Whew, it feels good to be in the light again! Head through the door
that leads under the platform, north, and then make a left to exit out
the path. You will get a few rupees along the way. Enter the door when
you come to it.

Woo, a puzzle! Simple, but a puzzle.  You have two four areas, and
three large blocks. We want to first concentrate on the top right
block. You should see an accessible FA, so head to it and make a column
of vertical Links. Push the top right block over to the left, until you
cannot anymore. Now, head back to the FA, but this time make a
horizontal row of Links, and push the bottom right block downwards,
covering the first four area.

Make you way now to the second four area, and create another horizontal
row of Links. Push the top left block (the only one you have not yet
moved) downwards. Do not cover the four area at all. You will need it
in a moment. Only push this large block down one move, not two like the
other two blocks.

Head back to the uncovered four area, and make a vertical column of
Links. Head to the left side of the top right block, and push it to the
right just enough that you can head north through the door. Do so.

You are now in a long room where, at the left end, rest three switches
that must be pressed simultaneously. You see two sets of four pads,
each with two four pads per set. You also see two ice blocks,
obviously, one for each switch, and Link on the third switch. But that
is incorrect. You also will notice a continuation of large blocks
throughout the room.

First, move the first ice block you see to the left. Push it so that it
is not blocking any paths at all. Next, head over to the left end of
the room until you see a second ice block. Push it downwards, then walk
around and push it to the left, right onto the switch. Head back now to
the four pads.

You want two Links that are two pads apart, meaning you will have to
step on the top or bottom pad of each set, which also means you will
have to do a bit of walking in between pads. Step on the top pad of the
bottom four pad set, and then walk around so you can step on the top
pad of the top four pad set. Your Links are now far enough apart that
they can maneuver around the large blocks without running into them.

Head east, and then south, then east again, then north. From here on,
just run quickly east until both Links land on the two switches and the
door below you opens. Walk through.

The flame lines here only move around the edges of the room, so if you
can get past the walls you are safe. Look around the room: There is a
central block, and four surrounding blocks. Which block does not match
the others? The top right one is that one. Push the top right block
upwards, and the door to your left shall open Walk through it.

Melt the ice chunk that rests on top of the four area. Make a vertical
column of Links, and head south. Push the block to the right, and head
south. Ignore the second four area, and head up the stairs.

This room is much harder then it looks. To open the door, you must
light all fire pits at once. There are nine, sorted in a three by three
array. It’s harder then it sounds, though it helps that you are on ice.
My suggestion is to light as many as you can the first time around the
ice, and keep lighting unlit ones until you catch up the ones that keep
getting burnt out. Eventually, you will get all of them lit, and can go
through the door to your left.

Whoa, that’s a lot of rollers! You don’t need to dive for the first
few, though. Just swim past them, attempting not to get hit, until you
reach the one that is after the first land roller: You will need to
dive for this one to get over to the other side, onto dry land. Here,
you will see a group of large bugs, very familiar bugs, bugs that you
don’t have to fight if you simply head south, then east through the

In here, there are three bugs with bombs to drop. Run around, and let
them drop their bombs. When they have dropped the bombs, kill them off,
and then destroy the vases if you wish. In the bottom right corner of a
room is a switch, step on it to create a red portal. This portal, as
you probably already know, takes you back to the beginning of the
dungeon. But you don’t need to go there right now – equip your bombs
and blow up the obvious door in the northern area of the room. Enter.

Two worms… wow! Didn’t you already fight one of these? Well,
fortunately for you it’s not on ice this time. But your Lantern can
prove especially useful here: Use it to burn the cobwebs, instead of
wasting time using your Gust Jar. When you are ready, fight and kill
the giant worms just like you have done before.

When the door is opened, head through it. In the new room you should
see a treasure chest, but you can’t get it yet. We’ll get it in a
moment, just for sheer completion of the dungeon this walkthrough will
get you all the treasure chests marked on the map, and some that
aren’t. So, ignore that for now, and head through the door to the
north, up the stairs.

In here, quickly run across the bridge. There is no real threat,
besides falling slugs, but there is also nothing special about this
room. So move across the bridge quickly, if you feel like it, then go
up the stairs to the north.

Kill off the blue beetles here, and walk up the stairs. Exit south, and
in this room just head east. You should now be near the second large
lever you have seen in this dungeon, so you should know partially or
completely what to do. Make a vertical row of Links, and push the
lever. The rays of light just below will finish what they started, and
increase in size, melting the ice around the element. Ezlo will talk…
you can finally get the element… but wait, what’s this? The octorok is
unfreezing! It will suck up the element, and run off with it. Now, if
this were a guide that cared not about completion, then it would tell
you to go and fight the boss right now. But there are a few stray
treasure chests…

Head south, and go through the leftmost door. Head under the roller,
like you remember, and make your way to the familiar lily pad up the
steps. Get on it, and use your gust jar to move it east, then south
around the central structure. Fall down the waterfall, and make your
way south, past the roller, and east into the room with the “pot.”

Head east until you reach the familiar fork. Head north with your lily.

Head straight north with your lily from here, and dock it at the
shallow water. Get off, and use your Lantern to melt the ice chunk that
encases a treasure chest. Open the chest to get 100 mysterious shells!

Get back on your lily pad, equip your gust jar, and head west, then
north when you must turn. Instead of heading east this time, we are
going to take the fork left… you should enter an annex that you have
seen before; Equip your Lantern and melt the ice around the chest. Open
it to gain a red Kinstone Piece!

Time to head back; you’ve gotten all chests on the map. Equip your Gust
Jar, and push the lily out of this annex. Head east from here, avoiding
the bombing bugs, and enter into the dark room to the east. Walk north,
making sure not to fall off the edge, and exit the dark room.

Walk up the stair here, onto the platform, and then up the stairs into
the next room. In this room, simply step on the blue portal to
transport yourself back to the beginning of the dungeon.

It is very, very strongly recommended you save now, as you are about to
fight the boss.

So, with all that done, head south into the main room that leads to the
boss room. Refill your health if you wish using the vases on the top
corners of the room, and when you feel you are ready, head south
through the large opening into the boss room.

Boss: Big Octorok

A gate will pop up behind you! I suppose there is no escaping this one.

The first thing you need to do is get rid of your sword. You won’t bee
needing it for this fight. Replace your sword with your Pegasus Boots,
and replace whatever you have set to A with your shield for now. At
first, the octorok will fire large stones at you. Deflect them with
your shield three times, and they will bounce back and hit him three

The hard pert comes now: Everything will freeze over, making it hard
for you to control your running. On top of that, the octorok will now
suck up anything that runs near its mouth, and spit it out. What’s
worse, if you are caught, it does an entire heart full of damage! And
even more so on top of that, he can also spray an icy blast: this will
freeze poor Link. If you are frozen, press all the buttons until you
break free!

Even worse then that, though, is the octorok’s agility. During all of
this, it will spin faster than you can catch up with its flower, which
you have to hit with your Lantern. Now is when you need to replace the
shield you have equipped for your Lantern. Use the Pegasus Boots you
equipped earlier to catch up with this octoroks flower… and when you
reach the flower, burn it.

When you burn the flower, the octorok will run around and smash into the
wall – watch out for falling stones! Soon after, the room will unfreeze
again, allowing you to repeat the process again.

The second time through, getting the boulders to hit the octorok is a
bit tougher. It will alternate from sucking Link up and throwing him
(which again, causes a whole heart of damage), to spitting out
boulders. Make sure you deflect the boulders as often as you can. After
three hits, everything will freeze over again.

Equip your Pegasus Boots again. If you are lucky enough, you can get to
the flower before the octorok starts moving, because if you don’t you
will have a hard time killing this boss. It moves even faster on the
second run-through, making it incredibly hard to reach the flower.

Again, once the flower is burnt, watch out for falling stones!

The third time around is even tougher! Not only will it suck you up,
but now it can make the room dark at will. This is where your Lantern
comes in handy: Light up the room so you can see where the octorok is.
It will ram into the wall during the darkness confusion, dropping
stones, and lots of them, in Link’s general area. It would be nice if
you could see the stones. The darkness, after a while, will fade away.
Whenever you get the chance, deflect a boulder back at the octorok.
Thankfully, when it isn’t sucking you up, or making the room dark and
unleashing falling stones at you, it generally spits out two to three
boulders at a time, giving you ample opportunity to hit it.

Once this is done, the room does not freeze over. The octorok explodes,
revealing the wonderful element inside. The computer will walk over and
grab the element for you.

It is the Water Element! Water quenches thirst, ends draught, and
nourishes life. The Water Element is the embodiment of that power.

A heart container will appear above you, and a green portal to the
beginning of the dungeon will appear below you. Of course, nab that
heart container first! Then, walk into the green portal. Exit the
dungeon from here.


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