Chapter 7: Lake Hylia


The library and beyond

Okay, you’ve finally gotten out of that awful Fortress of Winds; have a
magical Ocarina that can take you anywhere you want, so where do you
go? Use the Ocarina. You will now discover that you can only fly to
area that you have uncovered Wind Crests. Wind Crests are those symbols
that you uncovered by making the tombstone shaped objects disappear.
Your first destination is, surprisingly, the first Wind Crest you
revealed. Head to the Crest in Lake Hylia. If you don’t know where that
is, it is the crest to the far right on the map, just above the Minish

Ezlo will give you a short speech, and then you can shrink yourself
with the Minish Portal nearby. Head in the Minish house north of Link.

Speak to the Minish inside, and he will be very surprised that you have
been able to find him. Apparently, to find the entrance to the Temple
of Droplets, you must speak to the elder Librari, who is currently
retired and resides in the Hyrule Town library. So, enlarge yourself
with the Portal and head to the Wind Crest in Hyrule Town!

From here, head east until you reach the town library. It is a two
story building with a green roof. Enter.

From here, ignore the people and just head northwest up the stairs. You
will see some Minish footprints! Speak to the man and he will say that
he isn’t crazy – those books move on their own! Head south, now, out
the door. To your left you will notice a vase… equip your Pacci and
flip it. You can now shrink yourself, so do so and head back into the
top floor of the library via the Minish door nest to the regular door.

Head toward the Minish footprints, and you will enter a little book
world. Speak to the Minish draped in yellow, and he will complain that
a book is missing. This book was initially the ladder that allowed you
to go see Elder Librari, so you need to find that book! Supposedly, one
of the Librarians has it…

Enlarge yourself using the vase just outside. Re-enter the Library and
go down the steps. Remember when you entered, there were two people
sitting at desks? Talk to the one on the left, and she will help you.
The book you need to find is A Hyrulian Bestiary, which is currently
checked out by a girl with a cat. This house is south from the library.
Actually, quite a ways south. Head to the four-way intersection, and go
south through the market area. From here, head east until you see a
house with a purple roof and a house with a blue roof, connected at the
top by a small wooden plank.

The house with the book is the blue roofed one – enter to hear Ezlo
talk about the book. Now, you are presented with one problem: How do
you get the book from the top of the shelf? First of all, read the
letter. The girl who owns the book is next door, so enter the house
with the purple roof. You will see two fireplaces, one flaming and one
burnt out. You need to burn out the flaming one, so it’s time to fill a
bottle with water. Exit the house and head west, until you reach the
river. Fill your bottle and head back to the house, and douse the fire.

Now, you will see yet another blue vase. Flip it over with some Pacci
magic and enter the fireplace that you just burnt out. You will be
taken up the chimney and onto the roof. Head across the small wooden
plank and into the fireplace of the blue house. Ezlo will make
statements about how scary everything is. Just make your way over to
the Minish ladder on the opposite side of the room, avoiding the cat at
all costs. When you walk up the ladder, head to the right, and push the
book down off the shelf. Head out of the house and enlarge yourself.

Now that you are normal size again, head to the blue roofed house and
get the book you pushed off the shelf. Now that you have the missing
book, head back to the library. If you forget where the library is, it
is northwest (very northwest) of where you are now. In the library,
speak to the librarian on the left again, and she will praise you for
getting the first book she needs.

Now you must get another. The book is titled Legend of the Picori,
checked out by an absentminded scholar. You must go find the infamous
Dr. Left! All you have to do is head south once again, and near the
entrance of Hyrule Town you should see a yellow-roofed building to the
left, which should be a café. Inside the café is yet another blue vase…
flip it and turn it into a Minish portal. Shrink yourself, and head to
the opposite side of the room where a Minish door resides, and exit the

Head west, across the bride, using the small wooden plank as a Minish
size bridge. Continue west, and when you need to head north. His is the
house with a purple roof – enter via the Minish door. You should see
Dr. Left doing work in the center of the room, and two Minish doors at
the back of the house. You can only enter one at the moment, so enter
the bottom one to find yourself in a Minish house.

Speak to the Minish man in blue to hear of clues to a treasure… Cross
the bridge that spans the rapid flow… through the land of the fearsome
beast… until you reach the misty falls… the treasure sleeps on the
other side of the secret entrance there…

Also, the hunt starts at this very house! You can exit the house now,
though, and enter through the back of the log cabin just south of Dr.
Left’s house. In here is a Minish portal, which you can use to enlarge
yourself. Exit out the southern door, and head to Dr. Left’s house. As
you approach the door, he will tell you he has the book. Enter the

He has the book, but he hasn’t seen it in days! You should put out that
fire with some water and explore the chimney; it did you lots of good
last time you did it. Head out of the house, and go to the nearby river
to fill your bottle with water. Re-enter the house and douse the fire.

Go back to the carpenter’s house, the log cabin, and shrink yourself.
Head out the back way, and go to Dr. Left’s house once again. Enter his
chimney – you will be taken up top the roof. Use the wooden plank as a
bridge; make your way north, into a house with a yellow roof via
another Minish door.

In here, you will see a man and Minish man standing. Ignore the man,
and possibly even the Minish man, just head north through this house,
and out the back way. Now, outside the house, loop around by heading to
the right, and then south. It’s time to follow the other Minish’s

First: Cross the bridge that spans the rapid flow. Well, you see a
small plank, don’t you? It spans across the river. Cross it. You’ve
just completed step one… which wasn’t hard at all.

Step Two: Through the land of the fearsome beast. From where you are,
you should head north. You will pass by a small caged area with two
cats wandering back and fourth, which would be the “fearsome beasts.”
At the northwest corner of the area is an entrance you can walk
through, so do so. Make your way south, maneuvering carefully around
the cats. When you get to the end – hopefully you didn’t lose too many
hearts on the second cat – head down the vine, and walk around the
fountain to enter the Minish door. That was both step three and four:
Until you reach the misty falls… the treasure sleeps on the other side
of the secret entrance there.

Ezlo will seem surprised! Who knew this was behind the town’s water
pump? I guess you did, since you followed the Minish’s clues. Now, we
have to find that treasure. Head to the room to your right.

You should be familiar with all the enemies in here. Just kill them
off, and use your Cane of Pacci to charge the hole in the northern area
of the room. Enter the hole and launch yourself up. Head through the

Oh no! I mini boss battle! Kill off the blue beetles… they shouldn’t be
too much trouble. They take four hits each, and once dead you will get
the much sought after treasure! This treasure turns out to be the Power
Bracelets! You’re filled with strength, even while tiny! This stays
equipped always, just like the Grip Ring you found at Corel.

You can head out of here now. Back through all the paths… the cat area,
the small bridge, and any Minish you speak with will be amazed and
congratulate you on your feat. You can ignore them, and just make your
way back down Dr. Left’s chimney. Now that you are a strong little
Minish, you can push those cabinets! Go in between the two, and push
the left cabinet to the left. Then, go around and push the rightmost
cabinet to the left as well, until you have created a walk able path to
the Minish door on the wall. Head up the ladder and into the door.

You will see a large open book and a Minish in blue reading it. Ignore
him, and concentrate on the Minish in green to his left. He complains
about the dust everywhere in the room, so equip your Gust Jar and get
rid of the dust below him. Not only will he be satisfied, but you will
be to, because there is a four area here! Make a vertical column of two
Link’s, and head east, making sure to not let the clone Link hit
anything on the way to… a large green book wobbling on the edge of a
wood beam? This Minish wants to return that book, and he needs your
help to make it fall off. Get both Link’s to stand on the edge of the
book until both Link and the book fall.

You need to be full size, don’t you? Head out of Dr. Left’s house and
back into the log cabin to enlarge Link. Head into Dr. Left’s house
once again, and nab the book. Now you have two! Though, you need be
Minish size again to get back across the bridge, so head back into the
carpenter’s house and re-shrink yourself. Head out the back way, and
cross the bridge to the south. Head east, back into the café… enlarge
Link, and head north to the Library to return the second book.

Speak to the lady once again, and she will be so grateful of you that
she thinks you deserve a medal! Anyways, the last book is entitled A
History of Masks, and it was checked out by Mayor Hagen. Head directly
east to get to his house. You will need to go just a bit south, but not
too much. His house has a yellow roof.

Speak to Hagen, and he will tell you his name, and that he did indeed
check out that book. But he is not sure of it, so it’s up to you to get
it from him. First, you need to knock the masks off the shelf on the
wall. Do this by using your Pegasus Boots, and ramming Link against the
wall to knock one or two masks over at a time. On the far left, a
Minish door will appear behind that last mask. Now, you see that vase
to your left? Flip it with some Pacci magic, and shrink yourself.

Climb up the Minish size ladder on the right side of the room, and head
left into the door. Speak with the Minish people, and they will mark a
spot on your map. This spot is Hagen’s Lake Hylia Cabin, and he left
the book there by accident! I guess we have to take a trip to Lake
Hylia, then.

Exit the room, and head back to the Minish portal to enlarge yourself.
Exit the house, and use your Ocarina to fly to Lake Hylia, just as you
did before. We’re not staying in Hylia for long, though, so jump down
from the platform and exit out to Lon Lon Ranch. In here, you will need
to head north, and walk around the platform west until you reach an
empty hole. You’ve done this all before – take your Pacci and shoot the
hole, launch yourself upward, and head eat. Hop in the whirlwind and
head south. Head a bit east, hop in the next whirlwind and head south
across the patch of water. Now you can exit into the Minish Woods, and
you should be near Syrup the Witch’s Hut. You are one screen away, so
just head south.

Just near the stairs leading to Syrup’s hut is a door. You were never
able to break these… before the Mole Mitts, at least. Well, now you can
simply dig through these doors, so test out your Mitts on that door to
open a cave entrance. In the cave there is an abundance of sedimentary
rock… dig through it with your Mitts. Head west for a treasure chest
containing a blue Kinstone Piece!

Head north from here, and ignore that conveniently placed green rupee –
it is a likelike. Continue heading north, and go up the ladder. Head
east, and you will see Hagen’s cabin, but you don’t need to go in just
yet. He’s left only a message for you there: “If you can’t solve a
problem, ram your head right into it!” Well, you are about to do just
that. Head around the house on the right side, and you will see a tree.
Upon ramming the tree with your Pegasus Boots, a Minish Portal will be
uncovered! Use it to shrink Link, and enter the Minish path just below.

It’s just too easy. There are no obstacles, enemies, or anything in
this path. Just Link and his lily pad. Equip your Gust Jar, and
continue straight south until you hit the dock at the other end. When
you leave the path, you will find Link to be in the Hylia Cabin… to
reach the book, hop onto a clover and ride it around the pool of water.
Head over to the cabinets on the opposite side of the room. Push the
rightmost cabinet to the right, and it will uncover a ladder. Climb up
and head east to the book. Push it down off the fireplace.

Head back through the Minish path. This time, however, there are
enemies, so be ready. It’s nothing terrible, though, just a swarm of
bugs, which are not hard to destroy. When you have made your way out of
the path, enlarge Link and head around to the front entrance of the
cabin so you may enter and nab the third and final book.

Now that you have the last book, fly back to Hyrule Town and get to the
library. Give the last book to the librarian, who will call Sturgeon
down to bring them back to the bookshelf. Now you can safely go to the
second floor, shrink yourself, and enter the Minish book world.

Talk to the Minish in yellow, and he will reward you with a prize of 50
rupees! Climb the blue book to your left now, and then climb the next
set of book after that. Head east, and then head down one book. You
should see a large green book with a clover symbol on it and a door on
its spine. Enter to meet Elder Librari.

Librari will tell you how to enter… but first you must go through his
little adventure. He will send (Well… more like trick.) you down into
an area where you must find the item you need to get into the temple.
So first, you need to get out of this caged area.

Push the bottom left corners blocks out. The top one to the left, the
bottom block down, so that you may exit. Head south to the next screen,
and kill off all the slugs here. Take out your Gust jar, and pull the
mushroom at your left towards you to launch you across the water. Head
to the next screen.

Here, kill off the slugs and head through the door. Simple as that.

Another mini boss battle! These bugs have large claws on their mouths,
which they can send hurtling at you like boomerangs. On top of that,
they take quite a few hits as well, around eight or so. And you have to
fight two of them, so be ready! You can hit them anywhere that the blue
claws are not. When defeated, a large blue chest will appear. Open it
to receive…

The Flippers! Press A to glide through the water and B to dive!

Anyways, they are another permanent equip, like the Power Bracelets, so
you may always dive safely into water now. Do so to try them out – head
into the nearby river and head south. At the next screen, just continue
south to exit the mini dungeon.

Welcome back to Hyrule Town! Head east to get back to the library and
enlarge yourself. Do it quickly, because it is now time for Dungeon #4
– Temple of Droplets.

You are done in Hyrule Town, so get out your Ocarina and fly to Lake
Hylia! From there, jump off the ledge and head north, crossing the
bridge. When you see a house with a small pond next to it, get into the
pond via the steps. Swim to the center and press B to dive and you will
get a Piece of Heart! If you have been following the guide correctly,
you now have a whole new heart container.

Continue around the house east, and go down the steps when you get to
them. Dive into the lake. Now, you might see the dungeon just near you,
it looks like a little white circle of ice, but you cannot get to it
yet. In fact, you have to swim all the way around the lake clockwise to
reach it, all because it is blocked off by stones! So, get swimming,
and try to avoid enemies shooting at you. Don’t try to get the heart
piece either, you can’t. When you reach the dungeon.

Jump into the circle. It is actually a Minish portal! Shrink yourself
and head on in!

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