Chapter 6: Fortress of Winds


Mole Mitts

Welcome to the Fortress! As soon as you walk in, you already have a
choice of three doors to go through. Just go through the one straight
ahead of you, the middle door.

Break the skulls open for hearts if you wish, and walk down the steps.
New enemies! These are Skeletons, jumping ones too! They take two hits,
so kill them off while you can. You need arrows now… so equip your bow.
If you need more arrows, break the skeletons resting at the bottom of
this room. Head upwards, and face one of the two statues in this room,
it does not matter which. Kill it with arrows, and be on you merry way
around and up the stairs to your right or left.

You will get the dungeon map when you open this chest! As the norm;
lighter rooms are ones you have visited, the blinking room is where you
are. Now that you have the map, go back up the stairs of this room,
since you cannot go any further here.

Exit out of this room as well, and head left following the path to a
new room. Slash the skulls for hearts if you wish, then walk down the
stairs. Here are some Keese, and some Jumping Skeletons. Kill them off,
and try not to fall down the hole, which will bring you back to the
room below, which you just left!

Head north now, and focus your attention not on the eye on the left
wall, but on the skulls on the right wall. They will attack you, since
they are a trap, so be ready. Kill them off, and collect the loot
inside, then focus your attention on the eye hanging on the left wall.
It is surrounded by little stubs that will not let you pass by and get
near the eye! So, you have your arrows equipped: shoot the eye from a
distance, meaning shoot it from the right. It will close, unlocking the
nearby door. Go through it.

A mini boss battle! Well, not exactly, but it is four Skeletons. It
should not be too hard a battle, you can just blindly swing your sword
and they will die. The door to the south will then open, so go through

Just south of Link is a nice patch of green rupees – but beware, one is
a green rupee LikeLike, which as you might know takes one rupee at a
time from you if caught, and takes plenty of hits. Kill it if you wish
to receive a five rupee prize, and then continue south. You will see a
small enemy traveling with an electric current around it, so be careful
to not let it shock you. Continue now east, and grabbing the rupees
along the way, but be careful about the red rupee – it is a red rupee
LikeLike, which also takes rupees from you, more then one I might add.
Kill it as fast as you can.

Go towards the ladder south of Link, and head upwards. You cannot do
anything in this room, so go west and into the room above you.

Moving platforms, hurray! You need to shoot both eyes on the northern
wall, but there is a catch – if you shoot one, you must shoot the other
before it opens again, or that door to the north will not unlock. Use
the platform that only moves side to side to complete this task, and
time your shots well. If successful, the door will open. Enter.

There are two sleeping statues here, but they won’t awaken until you
press both of those round switches at the same time. Above you are some
of the glowing pads… charge up your blade and step on the leftmost pad
of the right group of pads. Walk under and around the leftmost statue
and then step on the leftmost pad of the leftmost group of pads. You
should now be just the right distance for you and the Link close to hit
the switches at the same time, so do so. The statues will awaken, so be
ready! Once you have killed both statues, a large chest will appear,
containing the Compass! Now you can find all the treasure in this
dungeon easily. There happen to be six left here.

Exit the room and get on the platform that moves side to side. Make
your way east across the room and transfer over to a platform moving
vertically. Again, you will see two eyes on the eastern wall. Shoot
them, just like you did the last eyes, and the door to the right of you
will open. Enter.

Killing off the snakes is your first task here, and getting rid of the
skulls that rest on top of the glowing pads is your second. Charge up
your blade and make a vertical column of Links. Head to your right, and
push the top large block as far as it can go. If you run out of power,
charge up your blade again and make another vertical column of Links.
This time, head to the right again, and move down just a bit, so that
you may push the bottom large block to the left. This will clear a path
for you to make a horizontal row of Links. Charge up your blade, and
make one, then head to the right and push the large block upwards, all
the way.

There is a lever here. Pull it with R, downwards. A key will fall down
a floor… two floors! Fall down yourself, and get that key. Then, head
south out of this room.

Head all the way east from here, until you reach the rightmost door.
Walk in, and head up the stairs, ignoring the tiny Minish Door to your
right. In this room, you will see a treasure chest on the left side.
Break the skulls and open it, avoiding the electric enemy, to get a
blue Kinstone Piece! Walk south, and pull the lever up with R. The door
at the bottom of the room should open, but you don’t want to leave yet.
Walk over to the right side of the room, breaking the skulls, etc. Pull
the lever here, to make a treasure chest appear. Inside is another blue
Kinstone Piece! Now you may head south out of this room.

Head down south through this room, and go up the ladder. You can’t get
this chest just yet.

You can’t get the chest in this room, either, so just hurry north
through the door. There are two switches in this room that must be
pressed at the same time. Conveniently places in the room to Link’s
left are some glowing pads, which from now on will be called a Four
Area (FA), and one glowing pad will be an FP (Four Pad). The reason
behind this naming is partially because typing up glowing pads every
time doesn’t make too much sense, as you will se later in the game. You
will see the reason behind the name I gave it later.

Anyways, move into the room on your left. There are three skulls
sitting on the Four Area! Two of them which will attack you. Kill them
off, and then proceed to kill the IA next to it. Once all enemies are
dead (Ignore the second IA, it is off.), charge up your sword, and step
on the leftmost Four Pad. Walk around the other FP’s, and step on the
rightmost FP. Now you have two Link’s, the perfect distance apart from
each other. Make your way back into the rightmost room and hit the
switches to open the door.

In here is a Minish portal! So, shrink Link, and walk back south, and
then back west. Continue west through the room and make your way to the
IA. Walk up its shield, and turn the IA on. Make your way now, a bit
south, and go through a small opening in the barricade that blocks the
path to the Minish portal in this room. Enlarge yourself, and push the
block under you to the right to make your way out of this walled area.
Proceed to fight, and kill, the IA, revealing a lever. Pull the lever
to see yet another key fall. Follow it! Fall down.

You got the small key, but we are not done here just yet. Head back
north up the stairs, and get back to the room where you had to hit the
two switches. Go north and shrink yourself in the Minish portal, and
then fall down the hole that you just jumped down about two seconds
ago! As Minish Link, head through the Minish door to your right.

In here is yet another Minish portal. Enlarge yourself, and nab the
Piece of Heart! If you have been following the guide correctly, you
should have three heart pieces now.

Caution: Save! Save with all your might, because you would hate to do
this entire dungeon over again, right? …It rhymes, too, so you just
have to save!

Alright. Now, we need to get out of this room enlarged, don’t we? Head
toward the left side of the room, and push downward on the second south
most block. This should open a path for you to exit the room.

Now, make your way west to the central door we went through when we
first got to this dungeon. If you can’t find the door, it is located
right in front of the dungeon entrance. Head down the steps, and then
head around the center structure to the north part of this room.

Look! Two doors and they each need a key! You have two keys! Use them
both; just open the doors for now. We are going to head through the
door to the left for now.

Ride the moving platform north, dodging all blocks that could push you
off. When you make it to the other side, head west. In here, there is a
new type of enemy, similar to a Floor Master, which you will learn
about soon. This enemy takes four hits, and is a giant hand. However,
this one is red, and tried to pound its giant hand on you. This
qualifies it to be what is known as a Wall Master. When you see a
shadow, quickly get away from it. Slash the hand when it falls.

Now, you need your arrows. Shoot the two eyes across the large pit to
the west. The bridge will form, and you can walk across it into the
next room.

Hmm… this place looks like a boss room, but there is no boss! I wonder
why? Make your way to the southern exit of this room and – whoa! Here
is the boss, and it is a Darknut! It takes around four hits, but they
are not easy hits. Equip your shield, and when it tries to take a swing
at you, block it. It will freeze, giving you time to run around and
slash at it’s back. When it is dead, a Blue Portal will appear! This
portal will take you have to the entrance of the dungeon.

You might want to save now, having gotten that portal.

Head south now, and then go east. Don’t go too far, though, because you
will see three strange patterns on the floor. Bomb the wall that they
rest against! This will lead you to a secret room, where a large blue
chest lays. Open it to get this dungeons featured item: The Mole Mitts!
Dig, dig, dig to your heart’s content! You can use these to slash
through piled of sedimentary rock. Speaking of which, there is some
next to you, so why not equip these nice new gloves and slash your way
east to a treasure chest, containing 100 rupees?

Once you have gotten the rupees, head out of this room and continue
east. This is the end of this place! Drop down, but do not enter the
door to the right! Instead, head south, around once again the central
figure, and up the stairs. Head west, very west. Use your Mole Mitts to
dig through the rock layers east, until you get to the wall. On the top
corner of this all is a chest containing a blue Kinstone Piece, so get
rid of all rock surrounding the chest. Once done, enter the door to
your right. Be prepared for a battle.

A mini boss battle! These are wizzrobes, and are quite powerful. They
don’t take too many hits, but they can teleport and cast spells. On top
of there being two of them, you also have the fire pits turning against
you, shooting at you! Once the two magicians are dead, a treasure chest
will appear in the center containing 80 Mysterious Shells!

Walk out of this room. If you desire a bunch of rupees, make your way
all the way east, to the other side of the room. In a spot that was
equal to the treasure chest, a large rupee will be waiting there fore
you. Get it if you wish. Once done, head to the door that is one
position to the left of the central door (the door that is in front of
the entrance).

Enter, and make your way north. Continue north, and go into the room on
your left. Exit south. Make your way back through this room, heading
east, and going up the ladder.

Here, you see a switch. Dig it out, and press it. A treasure chest will
appear, but its front is blocked by rock! Dig it away and open the
chest for a red Kinstone Piece! Make your way back down, and out of
this room, and back into the entrance area of the dungeon where the
five doors lay. Enter the door that is one position to the right of the
central door, and make your way up the stairs.

Go south, through this room, and come out of the other end. Here, you
will see a black chuchu, and a treasure chest. Work your way around the
chuchu, and get to the chest. Dig, and open for a red Kinstone Piece!
Climb up the ladder, where you will see another chest encaged in rock.
Dig away the surrounding rock, avoiding the electric enemy, and open
the chest for yet another red Kinstone Piece! Head into the northern
room, and then make your way into the west room. Fall down the hole in
the middle.

Now, head out of here and head back to the central door, the one in
front of the entrance. Go up the steps, around the center structure,
and now we are going to enter the door to the right.

Here you see a lever. Pull it, hold it for a while, and a bridge will
appear, but not for long. Hold the lever a bit, even after the bridge
has formed, and you will get extra time to get across the bridge. Get
across that bridge as fast as you can by rolling with R. If you don’t
know how to roll, you just run and press R. Keep tapping R until you
are all the way across, and Ezlo will tell you about how scared he was.

Head up the stairs to your right. Here we have a new enemy: Floor
Masters. There nasty hands will try to pick you up and drag you back to
the bottom floor, so don’t let them grab you, or you will have to come
all the way back! They take four hits each, so tread with caution. Once
the floor masters have been disposed of (which might take a few tries),
you will get plenty of rupees and… a Minish portal! But you are not
going to use it just yet. Walk through the door to your right and make
your way south, killing the flying skulls in your way. Be careful now,
you have to get in between those two moving spiked rollers, and you
have to dodge any empty holes on your way east. So, get in between them
when they move to you, and make your way easy, doing what was mentioned

Exit north, and move the statues. Move the rightmost statue onto the
bottom right switch, and a leftmost statue onto the upper left switch.
Now, continue north until you see a four area. Kill off the snakes
first, and then charge your blade. Step on the bottom most and the
topmost four pads (Top and bottom including both sets of pads, so this
is the top and bottom pad saying that both lines of pads are just one
line.). You should now have two Links that are diagonal from each

Navigate your way through the small black path south, which should not
be too hard because you moved the statues. Hit the switches, and
another key will fall! Nab it, and head for the door to the south by
going back through the rollers. Open the door, and then walk north.

We are going to go now into the Minish portal that you uncovered after
defeating the Floor Masters. Shrink yourself, and take Link back into
the room you were just in to your right. Do no go down, instead, go
through the Minish size door to your right. Head south from here, being
careful to avoid the snakes. When you reach the rollers, get in between
them, dodging all empty holes along the way west. When you get to the
door that was recently opened by you, head through it.

Now, go west. You should see a Minish door on the wall, so go in. In
here is a Minish portal, so we want Link large again. Enlarge him, and
step on the switch! A small key will fall from the ceiling, into a
hole. You now need to use your Mole Mitts to reach the key and grab it.
Do so, but be careful. There are enemies in some holes! You can avoid
them by simply going across the very bottom of the rock, and then
heading north when you cannot go east any further. Now that you have
the key, head back and shrink yourself, then leave this room via the
exit to the south.

To your right is a small opening that you can jump down through. Do so,
and head to your left to find a Minish portal. Enlarge Link, and kill
off those horrible Floor Masters. Once dead, head southeast through the

You now need to have your newly received Mole Mitts equipped and ready.
Slash your way through all the rubble and get to the ladder to the
south. If you run into a worm, they take four hits. Climb up the ladder
when you reach it, and head north through the door.

Some skulls will fly at you, and some Skeletons will be here, but it’s
not much of a problem. Kill all the enemies you see, and head to the
not-so-distant locked door to the north of Link. Unlock it with your
key! Head north.

In here, you can only fall down one hole. Fall down the hole to the
right. In front of you now will be a large chest, open it to get the
Big Key! Now you can go to the boss room!

Push the block to your left, to the left, and fall down. Make your way
west, up the stairs, and even more west until you get to the point
where you may jump off the ledge. Head south, through the room, and go
through the door to the south.

In here, you are going to want to get rid of the rock around the statue
with your Mitts and push it onto the switch above it to make a treasure
chest appear. Inside will be a blue Kinstone Piece! Now head up the

In here, dig away the rock blocking your path to the door, and enter
in. Push the top right block to the right to make a red portal appear!

I suggest you save right now, as you are about to fight the boss!

In the next room, you will see skulls with electrical enemies moving
around them. Inside the skulls are hearts and arrows (which you will
need for the upcoming boss battle), grab them if you wish, and head
north to the boss room. Save if you wish, and enter the room.

Boss: Mazaal

Have your bow equipped and ready! The first thing you must do here is
go for the eyes on his hands. You must shoot the eyes on his hands with
your arrows. One hand will not be moving at a time, but the other hand
will be trying to smash you!

Once you have shot the eye, run up to it and slash it with your sword
until it is destroyed.

Mazaal’s remaining hand may move across the screen and attempt to grab
you, but don’t let that happen! It is a powerful, painful combo of
hits. When the hand rests, shoot it with an arrow and destroy the eye.
Mazaal will then fall down, and be still. You must run to one of the
two Minish portals at the top of the room, shrink yourself, and enter
through the small hole in Mazaal’s mouth.

In here, walk up to the statue that has an eye on it, it will also have
some glowing things underneath it. Slash it, and destroy it! A drone
will then proceed to pull you out of Mazaal’s head.

Hurry now to the Minish portal! He is active, and he won’t stop now
even if you are Minish size. So, enlarge yourself and repeat the
process of shooting the eyes on the hands. The hands will move more
often now, so be careful.

When you enter his head again after shrinking, you have to dig with
your Mole Mitts to find the correct statue to slash! It should glow
like the last one did, but find it quickly! Slash it as soon as you
find it. Make sure it is completely destroyed.

Now it might get a bit tough. Mazaal will fire beams at you from his
mouth: it might turn you Minish size, or it might electrocute you.
These beams might be a bit of a pain when you are attempting to destroy
on eye. Eventually, you will get it done, and it is time to reenter
Mazaal’s head.

The same thing again: dig! Dig though all the rock and such until you
find the correct statue to slash. Once it is found, destroy it, and
along with it will go Mazaal. You will be taken outside of Mazaal’s
head, and you also get to watch him explode!

A door behind Mazaal will open, and a Heart Container will form just
ahead of you. Grab the heart container first, and then make your way up
the stairs north of Link.

Wow, this is a nice place! Head north, ignoring birds and such. Focus
your attention on the large green stone tablet. Read it, for a little
lecture about the Tribe of the Winds. They are masters of the wind, and
have been for as long as they can remember. For you to grasp their
power, you must learn the… notes of Zeffa? That is strange… but not
strange for long, because a bird will fly fourth, dropping an Ocarina
on the ground. Pick it up and you will receive…

The Ocarina of Wind! North, south, east, and west are all just a breath

Ezlo will then continue to talk, telling you that the Wind Element is
out of reach for now. You will then be transported out of the dungeon.


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