Chapter 5: Elemental Sanctuary


It sparkles! It’s…a new sword!

You went through all that trouble of getting another element just to
pass the time of Melari’s sword making! Well, now that you have
finished this time passing, you can go get your new sword. Climb down
the ladder and into the Minish Portal to shrink Link down to Minish
size, and then walk east into Melari’s Mines.

The clang of Melari pounding on your sword seems to have stopped,
so go down the stairs to your right and talk to him. You will see a
nice new green blade sitting on the table beside Melari… that is your
new sword. Talk to him and he will give you the White Sword! Its
beautiful white blade sparkles with light! You can put away your
grandfather’s sword now.

Melari will then continue on that you need the rest of the four
elements to revive the swords power. Contrary to what he says, the
Minish Elder did not tell you about the Elemental Sanctuary, hidden in
Hyrule Castle. You are to go here next, so once he is done talking,
make your way out of the mines and enlarge yourself again.

Jump down the ledge below you, into the empty hole. Get out of the hole
and walk south down the ladder. Just walk east… all the way across the
screen until you reach a point where there are two mountain walls you
can climb – one that goes up, and one that goes down. Go on the one
that goes down, and make your way… down! One you hit the bottom; go
down the next wall below you. Once you hit that bottom, do the same
thing and go down one more wall below you.

Walk south, down the ladder, then down the vine. Make your way east out
of Crenel. You should now be back at the Trilby Highlands. You know
this area, so just go east, then south until you get back to Hyrule

The Sanctuary of Elements

The first thing that you are going to want to do when reaching Hyrule
Town is go to Swiftblade’s house, to learn a new technique: the Rock
Breaker. All this does it allow you to break pots with your sword,
which is a more handy technique then you may think! So, go to south
Hyrule Town, into the bottom left corner, and into the man’s log cabin.
Get the tiger scroll after learning this technique and get out of his
house, then head north to Hyrule Castle.

Go through North Hyrule Field, and into the Castle Gardens. Enter
Hyrule Castle.

When you are in, go north, but then go west. Take the stairs that you
see up to a platform, and go down the stairs to your north. Head east,
and then north. Go through the door you come to, north through the
completely empty gardens, and into the big glowing door. Ezlo will make
a comment about this, could this perhaps be the Sanctuary? Well, if it
wasn’t the sanctuary, I wouldn’t have led you to it, would I? Enter the
Elemental Sanctuary.

Head north through this first room, there is nothing to do here. In the
next room, however, the door will shut behind you! Ezlo will lead you
do the place where you can infuse your blade with the power of the two
elements you have – that slot right in the middle of the room. Walk to
that slot, and press A. Your two elements will come out, and force
newfound power into your blade, turning it red! The powers of Earth and
Fire Elements have infused your blade!

Now, a large stone tablet will appear behind you. You have the power to
separate Link into multiple Links… step on one of the glowing pads, and
charge up a spin attack. Now, you will have to hold that charge until
the green line in the corner of your screen fills up, and then you will
also have to walk on the other glowing platform to complete the
splitting. Ezlo will also make a comment on this, after you are
finished. Also, your clone will not be there forever – when your charge
runs out, the clone disappears.

To leave the room, you will have to practice your new cloning
abilities. But you can only make two clones at this point, and you need
to hit both switches at the same time. So, charge up your sword, step
on the rightmost glowing pad of the left set of pads, and the leftmost
glowing pad on the right set of pads to clone yourself at just enough
distance to step on both switches. Press R to get rid of the clone, and
walk out of this room.

Walk back through the empty garden, and into the castle. Go south, back
up the stairs you came through, and leave the castle. Take Link through
the castle gardens, and back through North Hyrule Field. You get a
little surprise here – who is that laughing at you? Why, it seems like
Vaati! And he mutters something that his old master was the last person
he expected to see here. Who is his master? Certainly not Link… wait a
minute, is it Ezlo who is talking back to him? Ezlo seems to have
created a cap that can grant the wishes of its wearer. And he also
seems to be on a curse. Vaati has this cap now. And, as thanks to Ezlo
for making him this cap, he will give you a boss battle with two

Moblins are pig-like creatures that carry blades with them, so be
careful. You cannot attack their front, and they will charge at you.
They take three hits, and do plenty of damage, so be on your guard.
Once they are dead and rotting, a dialogue will ensue…

It turns out that both Vaati and Ezlo are Minish. Ezlo was once a
renowned Minish craftsman, and Vaati was his apprentice! Vaati became
engulfed by evil, and took the cap that was made for Humans only: it
grants the wishes of the wearer. A flashback will take place, allowing
you to see exactly what happened first hand. And then, you learn
something very important about gifts from the Picori/Minish: The Picori
Blade was one of those gifts, but the Light Force, a source of
limitless power, was the second. Vaati wants this power.

Anyways, dialogue over! Make your way back into Hyrule Town from here.

Sleep, shoes, and syrup

Just a quick footnote before beginning: Kinstones now are as random as
rupees and Mysterious Shells. They can be found in the grass, and in
vases. It might be a good idea to begin slashing around for some,
because they will not be said of in this guide.

Alright, once in Hyrule Town, make your way to the four way
intersection in the middle of town. From there, go east across the
bridge, and out to Trilby Highlands. Go south, until you see a ladder
that you can climb down underground into. Remember this? It’s where you
bought your Empty Bottle from the scrub.

Once inside, you will see glowing pads. You have a new sword now, so
these pads mean something to you. Charge up your blade, just like you
did in the Sanctuary, and make a vertical column of two Links. Push the
large block to the west as far as it can go, until you cannot push it
further. From there, climb the nearby ladder.

Welcome to the swamp. There are moblins, blue octoroks, the whole works.
Anyways, in this first screen, head southward, killing off Moblins etc.
as you go. When you come to an intersection, giving you a choice of
right or left, go to the rightmost path. Continue right until you meet
up with the dirt road, and from there, follow it south.

You will enter and area called the Western Wood, and at this point a
short scene will begin. Look, it’s Vaati! In the King’s castle? What
could he be doing there… watch the scene to see him take over the Kings
body, and order all forces to begin search for the Light Force. This is
bad… you’d better return to Hyrule Town. But before we go, there is
something we need to do first.

Head south through the Western Wood. Along the eastern wall, you should
see a small boulder resting next to an empty hole. This boulder can be
pushed into the hole to gain easy access to Hyrule Town and the Western
Wood later one. Push the boulder into the empty hole, and then head west.

Continue west until you see a sign. The sign will say, “^ Castor Wilds;
Danger! Don’t forget your Pegasus Boots!” You don’t have the Pegasus
Boots yet, but you will soon. Follow the arrow on the sign, and go
north. When you reach a bridge to the west, cross it.

This is the Castor Wilds! Ezlo will say something about the muck, and
then you can try to cross it. You can’t cross the muck without sinking
under. Because you cannot go anywhere, we are done here for now. Leave
via the bridge to the east.

Head south now, back to where you came from, and when you reach the
Castor Wilds sign go east. Continue east until you reach the boulder
you pushed in the empty hole earlier, and leave east to the next
screen. You should be back in South Hyrule Field.

In South Hyrule Field, just go straight east until you reach the
familiar entrance to Hyrule Town. Enter Hyrule Town, and go north until
you hit the square that is the marker area. To your left should be a
building with a large shoe on top… it is the third in a series of three
buildings. Walk into it; you will notice the man working on his shoes.
But suddenly, as you continue on, he will fall asleep, and also knock a
pair of shoes of his desk.

Shrink yourself. If you didn’t notice already, the vase in the top left
corner of the store is actually a Minish Portal. Shrink yourself, and
walk to the small ladder that resides on the shoemaker’s desk…

On his desk are Minish! Who would have thought? Speak to them, one will
tell you that Rem, the shoemaker, needs to be woken up. To clear your
path, you need the Pegasus Boots. Of course, these Minish folk have
them, but Rem needs to put the finishing touches on those shoes.

Syrup lives in the Minish Woods, finding Syrup’s hut is your next task.
Syrup has something that you could use to wake up Rem. The spot where
Syrup lies will be marked on your map with a red checkmark, so you’d
now best be off to that spot. Walk out of the Minish area, enlarge
yourself, and get out of this shoe store…

You might want to walk into the inn, now. It is the rather large
building that was previously closed. It is located to the east of where
you are, has two stories and a green roof. Enter the bottom floor, and
walk up to the counter. Pay for a 50 rupee room, and when you awake, a
treasure chest shall appear. Inside the chest will be a green Kinstone
Piece! Once you are done, exit the room. We won’t pay for the next few
nights right now: Come back when we need another healing. For now, exit
this place.

Head south, and exit Hyrule Town. Take the quick route and just head
straight east until you reach the Eastern Hills. Head towards the
bridge that enters the Minish Woods, but do not go in. Instead, go
north. When you see a pair of octoroks, just head to your right, you
will see an empty hole. Get out your Pacci, and charge the hole for
jumping. Get in, and launch. From here, you may walk east.

What a surprise! Link has entered the Minish Woods, but there is only
one way to go: Inside the tree. Enter the tree. Once in the first room,
go down the steps and you will be in the room of none other then…

The Great Fairy! She will ask you to do something completely
outrageous, and dump all of your rupees in the Adventurer’s Spring!
Answer “Sure,” and she will ask if you really want to do this. Of
course, say “Yes.” She will reward your kindness now, with…

A Big Wallet! Now you can carry more rupees! Alright, leave this room,
and exit the tree, and exit the Minish Woods! Head north even further,
and go to Lon Lon Ranch. Head north until you reach Malon, and her
worried Father. Her father has lost the key to the house, so it is your
job to get it. Shrink yourself using the nearby Minish Portal above
you, and enter the house via the Minish Door next to the human size
door. In this room is a vase Minish Portal, so use it to enlarge Link.

Now, the Key is hidden in this room. The upper right corner of vases
holds the key; just break them with your sword to find it. You can also
now operate the ranch door.

Shrink yourself, and exit the house. Enlarge yourself by going to the
Minish Portal around the back of the house, and then talk to Malon’s
frantic father. He will thank you lots for finding the key, so you are
now also welcome to use the area of the farm behind his house. Enter
his house. Walk into the next room of the house, east, and out the

The first thing you probably want to do here is head northwest, to
find a cave. In here, charge your sword and stand on two glowing pads
horizontal to each other. Push the large block with both Links, and
grab the 50 rupees in the chest. Exit this cave, and head east.

Continue east until the screen shifts to a new one, and then take the
dirt path north. Heading west, and when you get to it push the boulder
into the empty hole, which is just west of another empty hole. Now that
this boulder has been pushed in, go to the second hole and use your
Pacci on it, then launch yourself upward. Here, make good use of the
Minish Portal nearby you, and shrink yourself down to size.

Head to the right, across the Minish size bridge. Fall down the
hole/crack you find at the end of this bridge, and open the chest
inside that room for a red Kinstone Piece! Exit this room, go back
across the bridge, and enlarge Link.

See that whirlwind just south of you? Well, make use of it! It’s time
to jump onto that whirlwind and just head straight south. From here, on
this new platform, go to your right Continue east, and hop into the
next whirlwind you see. Again, head south, and go over the small area
of water that was blocking your way before. Take the path east.

You should now be in Lake Hylia, so follow the darker path down the
screen. Take the exit to your left – and head left through Lon Lon
until you find a boulder to push into and empty hole. Push it in, and
then go back into Lake Hylia. Take the path south into the next screen.

Head south once more, and then go up the stairs to your right. Head
east, and when you reach a vibrant looking pink hut, enter it.

This is Syrup the Witch’s Hut. She makes potions, and has a mushroom!
You can always buy a bottle of Blue Potion from her for 60 rupees; you
may need some later on. But for now, we want that mushroom sitting on
the floor. Grab it with A, and talk to Syrup, who is stirring a potion
in the northern part of the room.

This item is a wake-up mushroom! One whiff and you’re wide awake, its
stench chases away those nasty sleepies, so it’s perfect for waking up
the shoe maker, Rem. Pay Syrup 60 rupees to get the mushroom, and be on
your merry way out of here, and back down the stairs from whence you

Before heading north to the exit, head west. All the way west, and take
the path south to find a Piece of Heart! If you have been following
this guide correctly, you should have three pieces of heart right now.
Now head back north, and out of the Minish Woods. Enter Lon Lon Ranch
from the next screen.

Go up the stairs and hop into the whirlwind to your left. Glide
northwest from here, until you land on a platform. Jump down to the
south, and push the boulder into the empty hole nearby. If you wish to
speak to the creature punching the cliff next to you, called a Goron,
you may, but all he states is that he needs more friends to help bust
up the wall. So now, having that job done, exit this tiny area and head

You want another heart on your life, don’t you? Its sure been a while,
so let’s fill in that last empty space in our heart pieces… on the most
northern part of Lon Lon Ranch, following the dirt path north, is an
empty hole. Shoot it with your Pacci and launch yourself up. Head north
to the next screen.

Welcome to Veil Falls! Here, head north, then down the steps to your
right. Continue east until you find the heart piece. Whew, we finally
have a nice new heart container finished off! Go back the way you came,
and out of Veil Falls, and into Lon Lon Ranch once again.

Head south, along the dirt path, killing all annoying enemies in your
way. When you see a vertical line of cracked rocks to your left, blow
them up. Enter that screen. This is a nice little shortcut back to
Hyrule Town.

Once back in town, head south down the steps, and then head to the left
to get back to the Shoe Store. Once inside, talk to the sleeping Rem
with A, and Link will pull out the ever-trusty wake-up mushroom.
Grateful to you for waking him up, he will tell you that you may have
some shoes from him. He will add the finishing touches on the Pegasus
Boots, and give them to you. Hold the button to run faster then the
wind! Now that we have these, we can successfully make our way through
the Swamp, so we’re on our way to the third element!

On our way to the third element

Alright, head toward the four way intersection at the north part of
Hyrule Town. When you reach the four-way intersection, head west, and
out into the Trilby highlands.

In the Trilby Highlands, head south, and climb down the ladder that
leads underground. This is the same area where you purchased the empty
bottle from the shrub, only now you know what those glowing pads are
for. Charge up your White Sword, and then make two Links, going in a
vertical line. Push the large stone to your left to the left, until it
cannot be pushed further. Exit to your north by climbing the ladder.

The new or not so new enemy around this area is Blue octoroks. They are
nothing special, seeing as they are the exact same as Red ones. Kill
them with one hit. When you are done with the slashing fun, bomb the
area to your north and enter the door you created. You should come upon
a nice treasure chest, which comes complete with a red Kinstone Piece!

Exit this room via the south exit, and head south through the field.
You should come upon a Moblin, so kill it off fast. When Link comes to
an intersection, take the right path, and then go north up the stairs,
killing all enemies in your way. Push the boulder into the empty hole,
opening an easy path back to Hyrule Town when you need it.

Head south until you get to the next screen. You should once again be
in the Western Wood, where you first saw Vaati take over the King’s
body. Head south from here. You will encounter a new enemy here: The
raven. They are nothing, so when they fly at you, slash at them and
kill them. When you reach an intersection on the southern area of the
screen, take the path that goes right. You need the Pegasus Boots for
this path, which you just received. When you get to a sign, go north
until you reach a bridge. Take the bridge west.

You are now back in the Castor Wilds. This is the swampland, and that
green stuff isn’t water, it is muck. You can walk into it as you once
did, but staying in too long causes you to sink and drown as you know.
Luckily, we have out Pegasus Boots! Jog across the muck east, after
heading a bit north and having Ezlo explain things to you.

From here, take the muck south, and then before you sink completely,
turn to your left and start up the boots. Here, we encounter a new
enemy: Snakes. They aren’t hard, and take two hits. But they will run
fast at you. Make your way now, up the northwest path. Ignore the
peahat, and enter the cave above you.

In this room, go down the steps. From here, just head east, killing all
snakes in your way, until you reach another door to your north. Enter,
and go up to the nearby treasure chest. It will disappear! And in its
place will be your newest of foes: The Darknut.

Darknuts can be a pain to defeat, but you might want to get used to
killing them, because you’ll be doing quite a bit of it later in the
game. The trick is, after the swing at you, run around to their back
and hit their cape. After a multitude of hits, it will die, and the
treasure chest will reappear. Inside it is the miraculous Golden
Kinstone Piece! Look at the sparkles…

Anyways, you can leave this area now. Head back out of the cave, and to
your left you should see a vine. Slash away whatever blocks your path,
and climb the vine. Take the northern bridge, which heads northeast.
When you get to the end, climb down the vine below Link. Take Link
northwest from here, under the bridge.

To your right, we have a nice little lake of muck. Continuing right,
across this muck, are various objects you could bump into, and finally
a Minish Portal, in the forum of a stump. You need to get to that
stump, so using your Pegasus Boots, get across that muck any way you
can. Shrink yourself using the Minish Portal, and head west through the
hollow log, until Link enters a path.

Another Lily Pad! You might remember this from Deepwood, it’s the same
concept. Get out your gust jar and begin to force the lily across the
path. There are three large flowers in your path, a Red one, a Blue
one, and a Yellow one, but you can just ignore them, they do nothing.
You just have to maneuver around them. When you reach the end, exit
this place. Fall down the nearby crack/hole that you see.

Blue beetles! And they are running fast! Kill them off as fast as you
can. They take two hits each, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
But when you get anywhere near these, they will spin and charge at you,
hurting you, so be careful. When all are defeated a large blue chest
shall appear in the center of the room, containing…

A Bow! Now you can take out enemies from afar!

This is your newest weapon, and you will need it plenty of times here.
But of course, to use a Bow you need Arrows, and lucky you, you are
already stocked full! You can, at this point, carry up to 30 arrows.
Exit this area, make your way back through the river path, and enlarge
yourself with the portal.

Make your way back across the muck, and then focus your attention on
the large statue with one eye. Upon shooting these statues with your
arrows, it will awaken, but you must shoot the eye. After they awaken,
they must be shot in the eye three more times before they are
destroyed. Practice your bow and arrow skills on this monster, and then
climb up the vine that was uncovered.

Note: If you ever need more arrows, there is a cave just northeast from
the statue you just killed. There will be a Deku you must defeat, and
he will then sell extra arrows to you for 30 rupees, of course for a
full quiver.

Alright, you climbed up the vine, now go to the whirlwind. Hop in, and
glide south, when you reach the blue water, try to turn left so that
you land on land. Once you’ve landed, head west and then south. You
will come to a nice, large lake of muck. Equip your Pegasus Boots.

Now, enter the muck and head south, and make a turn west so that you
are now standing in front of thee large statues. These three statues
have a purpose: To fuse Golden Kinstone Pieces with you. You already
have one of them, so walk up to the rightmost statue, and press L to
start the fusion. Select the correct Kinstone piece to fuse with the
statue, of which there should only be one selection possible because
you only have one Golden Kinstone.

The statue will jump, and the rock just below you will start to crack.
We need to get the other two Golden Kinstone Pieces! Now, glide across
the muck all the ways east, make no turns. You will come across one of
the gravestone type objects, which you should look at and let
disappear. Also, there will be a boulder to your north that you can
push into an empty hole, so do so. Now, prepare to fight another

Awaken the statue nearby you, and get rid of it quickly. Then, climb up
the vine that was uncovered. Head across the only bridge available to
you, and then hop into the whirlwind you see. Using the same maneuver
you did before, going south and then making a turn, you will get to
another patch of land, which is actually right next to the vine! Cut
the grass and push the boulder into the empty hole for easy access now
back to where you came.

Enter the cave, and open the chest for your second Golden Kinstone
Piece! Make your way now out of this area and back west, making no
turns along the muck. Position yourself in front of the middle statue
now, and press L to fuse Kinstones. Select the only Golden Kinstone
Piece you have, and fuse. The statue will jump, and the rock will break
even more!

One more Kinstone to go, so let’s head back east. Head north, through
the path that you had created earlier by pushing a boulder into an
empty hole. Climb the vine, and walk south across the bridge. Here you
will see another statue, so prepare for a fight. This one might be a
bit harder then other, since you will have to do it sideways, and there
are also borders on this platform that can hurt you, so proceed to
awaken with caution.

After killing, walk across the bride and open the chest to receive a
Blue Kinstone Piece! Sorry, it’s not the Golden one just yet. Also, if
you see any red rupees, they are Like-Likes. Kill them if you wish,
they take many hits, though.

Walk back across the bridge, and now go across the northern bridge,
which actually should be the only one you can take. From here, do not
go down the vine, but go across the next bridge to your left, or above
you. Here, also do not go down the vine, and take the bridge above
you/to your right.

No going down the vine! Take the bridge to your right and then head
down the vine there. Be prepared, though, to awaken another statue.
Once dead, use you Pegasus Boots to go across the muck north of you,
and the head east. Continue, heading northeast, until you reach a cave.

A treasure chest! Open it for the final Golden Kinstone Piece. Exit the

From here, just head south until you hit a patch of grass blocking a
boulder and an empty hole. Slash away the grass, and push the boulder
in. Now, cross over and make your way northeast, under the bridge. Kill
the statue northeast of you again, and climb the vine, again. Jump into
the whirlwind, and head southwest like you did once before.

Now, head south until you reach a large tombstone surrounded by grass.
Slash away the grass, and get in front of the tombstone. Push it
forward to reveal a staircase! Go down these steps.

The first thing to do in this room is grab the heart piece that is
right next to you. Now, walk up to who looks to be Swiftblade…

It is Swiftblade the First, Spirit of the Swordsman! If you train with
him, he will teach you amazing skills. But you cannot train with him
yet – you need all seven tiger scrolls! You only have two, so leave
this place.

Okay, head across the muck pond south, to reach the three statues yet
again. Go to the leftmost statue, and press L to fuse Kinstones. Select
the only Golden Kinstone Piece you have. The Mysterious Statue will
turn happy, and he will crumble up the stone completely for you! Walk
south past where the large stone used to be.

Welcome to the Wind Ruins! Walk up the stairs and south, and you will
notice your newest foe: A weird pink thing? Wait, upon closer
examination this is no pink thing… it is a soldier! These soldiers are
called Iron Automata (But that’s a lot to type every time you see one!
So, we’ll just call them IA from here.). When awakened, slash it with
your sword or shoot it with arrows. It takes four hits. When it is
killed, head north, and then south, down the steps.

You will see a Minish Portal, so use it and shrink yourself. Head north
to the crack/hole in the ground and fall through to enter a Minish
house. Open the chest inside this house to get a Red Kinstone Piece!
Talk to the Minish if you want, and he will reveal why the IA were
built and that there is also a switch inside that turns them on or off…

But that can’t be, there is no switch in this house. Get out of the
house, and head straight for the IA nearest you, to your right! If the
switch is inside… then it is in the only inside we can get to – it’s
head. Climb up the tiny ladder the rests on the IA’s shield, and enter
its head to find a switch. Slash the switch with your sword to turn on
the IA, which will begin to glow and make sounds.

Enlarge yourself now and prepare for a fight with an IA. It shouldn’t
be too hard, now that you know how it works. When dead, head north,
then around the wall and head south. If you see an enemy that comes out
of the ground, kill it, it takes two hits. These types of burrowing
enemies are common in water areas.

Also, push the boulder to your left into the empty hole, for easy
access later on. Now, head east onto the next screen.

Nothing to do here, so kill the spiders and go up the ladder to the
next screen.

Here, your path is blocked by some sort of small statue! All you have
to do is kill the spiders – no big deal, and the pathway will open.
Head north, and up the stairs, and then east to the next screen.

Here is a Minish Portal! Shrink yourself, and head back a screen, west.
From here, continue west and jump down the ledge as Minish Link, and
then continue south. You may think there is no way to go, but on the
far west side of the screen is a vine in between the wall and a large
stone ruin. Climb down it.

Now, on this screen, you will see three vines that are possible for you
to climb down. Climb down the middle vine. You will land on an area
that leads right to a small Minish opening, so walk west and enter.

In here, kill the bugs that get in your way, and head west into the
next room. Here is yet another maze that you cannot fail to get across
on because there is only one path, so make your way across and head
east to the next room.

Kill off the bug, and head east yet again, into the next room. In here,
head north, and go into the room on your left. Look, a Piece of Heart!
Nab it, and get out of here, going back the way you came. If you have
been following this guide correctly, you should only need two more
heart pieces before getting a full container.

Now that you are outside the cave, assuming you went back the way you
came as was said, climb back up the vine to your right, and from this
screen, climb up the vine to your far left. Here, you might not see it
at first, but there is a vine to climb up on the far right of the
screen, just next to the steps. Climb up it, and go around to the next
screen and enlarge yourself with the Minish Portal.

In here, head south, killing any and all snakes you see. Once all
snakes have been killed, shrink yourself again using the Minish Portal.
Also, slash away any tall grass that gets in the way of your path to
the IA. Now, head for the IA as Minish Link, and climb up the IA’s
shield again. Slash the switch and turn it on.

Head out, enlarge Link with the Minish Portal to the north of you, and
go kill the IA. Once dead, head north and push the nearby boulder into
the empty hole, for easy access later on. Head south from here, to be
in an area with four IAs!

One of them will awaken right away, and move to block a southern route.
But the other three are active and ready for a fight – so kill them
all, and it will open an area that holds two treasure chests to your
right. One chest contains 100 rupees, and the other contains 50
Mysterious Shells!

Anyways, head now for the Minish Portal nearby you. Shrink Link, and
head for the IA, which is now no longer blocking the southern route.
Enter the IA’s head, and slash the switch to turn it off. Now, enlarge

Head to the southern pathway, killing all enemies in your path. Slash
all rocks, because some of them are those turtle enemies that love to
disguise themselves. Though, no foes here should be much of a problem
for you, and once all are killed, a path to the north will open. Head
through it, onto the next screen.

Kill off the enemies here if you want, but you want to go north again,
up the stairs, into Dungeon #3 – Fortress of Winds.

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