Chapter 4: Cave of Flames


Cane of Pacci

When you first enter, take the door to your right, not the one above
you, as it leads to a blocked path. On this screen, kill off the Bomb
enemies, which take only one hit, but will run around after you hit
them until they decide to explode, so watch out. Once those guys are
dead, bomb the door to the north open, and walk through.

These turtles in this room are dangerous unless you know how to work
with them. You sword, bombs, and gust jar will not work for this. You
need your shield. Take it out and defend yourself when one attacks you
– after it hits you, it will flip over. Proceed to then slash it with
your sword, it takes two hits. Kill off the second one, and a large
blue chest will appear in the center. Open it to reveal a…

Compass! Use it to find locations of hidden items, like you did in
Deepwood Shrine. Now, walk through the open door to your left.

In this room, try collecting the rupees. You will be surprised when it
is revealed that one of them is not a rupee, but an enemy called a
Like-Like! These enemies will grab you and trap you, and you must tap B
to get yourself out. They take an enormous amount of hits. Just slash
at them all you can if you absolutely have to. When you are done, walk
down the steps to the north.

Nothing to do in this room. Go southwest into the next room.

Kill the bomb guy and go up the stairs, then head north. From here,
continue east, and then south. Go east until you find an open door that
leads to a room filled with iron-masked birds. Ignore them, and listen
to Ezlo: Hop in that mine cart! You will go pretty fast, and open a
wooden door into a room far west.

Continue west, killing all enemies in your way, until you reach a wall
that can be blasted open with a bomb. Do so, and walk in.

In this room, you have no choice but to kill all five iron-masked
birds. Kill them off, and a Minish Portal will appear in the center of
the room! Jump on it and shrink yourself. What is this? No fun
animation? Oh well, once you are shrunk, walk north, and find the small
hole with an arrow above it. Walk through.

Those are some pretty big spiky turtles! You probably want to avoid
them at all costs. Walk across the room with caution and go through the
door to your right. Continue right in the next room, and go through the
small Minish door.

You can’t get that heart piece yet! Ignore it for now – we’ll come back
and get it later. For now, walk south through the Minish door. Continue
south in the next room, again, through another Minish door, to enter a
very misty room.

You can’t climb down the stairs, so walk left, and then go south to
find a small opening in the ledge barricade that you can jump down
through. Navigate your way around the fire to get to the Minish Portal,
and enlarge yourself. Now, make your way south across the red stones –
move fast, as they sink – and nab the Kinstone Piece inside the chest.
Also, press the switch to open the door below. Make your way back
across the sinking stones, navigate around the Portal and go up the
stairs. Open up the big treasure chest to get your Dungeon Map! Now you
can never get lost!

Go back south and cross two of the red stones south, onto the third
non-sinking one. Before you step on the sinking stone to your right,
use your gust jar to rid yourself of the vases on the other side. Then,
make your merry way across the next few stones and east into the next

The enemies in this room can actually be rolled up into balls! Just
point your gust jar at them and hit them with a gust of air. They will
curl up – but don’t push them into the lava, or they will be lost! Pick
one of the balled enemies up, and throw it into the hole in front of
the treasure chest in the room. Open the chest and claim 50 rupees for
yourself! Then, grab another balled enemy and throw it into the hole in
front of the vases blocking your exit. Toss the vases aside, and walk
up the stairs. The door is closed though, and there is a switch next to
a treasure chest that you need to hit. Jump into the whirlwind and fly
south to the next whirlwind. Once you have hit that, fly north around
the rock barrier and land safely on the ground. You can’t get this
chest yet – just hit the switch and we will then get the chest.

Once you hit the switch, the door will open. Push the extruding block
up or down, and then push the treasure chest to the west, and only to
the west, until it drops in the hole. Open it to get a Small Key! Go
north through the door, and then east through the next room. Toss the
vases aside, and continue east. Get in the Mine Cart again, and ride
back to the iron-masked bird filled room.

You have a small key – open that door to your left! Walk through, and
across the track bridge. Slash the switch with your sword, and walk
back across the bridge. Get back in the cart and ride it. You will go
through many doors, and past the heart piece! You will get it soon, but
first we need to continue through the door to your left. Have your
shield ready.

Kill the two spiked turtles, and go through the northern door.

Watch out for those blades on the side of the room – when you pass in
between them, they will strike. The empty hole will protect you,
though, because you will fall into it and they are above you. Jump out
of the hole. Anyways, that mine cart is overturned, you cannot ride it.
So you will have to make your way across the bridge on your own. Be
careful, as there are keese flying around.

When you reach the other end, it’s time to get that much wanted Piece
of Heart. Bomb the door to your south and go through, nab the heart
piece when you get there. Collect two more to increase your life
energy! Once you have it, go back north. Head north again through the
next door.

Prepare yourself for a mini boss battle! Go north and drop down – eight
Black ChuChus will attack you. Kill them off as quickly as you can. It
shouldn’t be too hard of a battle. Now, open the large chest that
appears to get a whole new item…

The Cane of Pacci! This mystical rod has the power to flip things over.
Use it to charge up energy in holes and then flip up on out of it!

Continue on west though the next room, and equip your newly acquired
Cane of Pacci. Break the vases if you wish, and the walk onto the first
sinking stone. Fire your Cane of Pacci at the next stone, which is
flipped upside down. It will flip right side up, and you can walk
across it. When you have crossed, Ezlo will tell you to fire your Pacci
into the hole south of you. Do so, and then jump in! You will spin a
few times, and then be launched upwards. Step on the switch to open the
door, and create a Blue Warp Pad down below you that leads back to the
beginning of the dungeon.

I suggest you save now – I know you don’t want to do all of this over

Anyways, now that you are all saved, go south. Make sure you don’t let
the blades hit you, and use the Cane of Pacci to flip the cart over.
Jump in the cart and take a ride. When you have gotten off, walk south
to the treasure chest. Push it north, and then into the hole. Open it
to receive a Small Key.

Jump back in the mine cart, and head north again. Head north from that
room, avoiding the blades again, and jump down the ledge. Use your
newly gotten Small Key to open the door above you.

In this new room, do not hit the switch that changes the railroad track
path – go straight to the Minish Portal and shrink yourself. Now we
have the dangerous part: making your way through the path of moving
blades without getting hurt! There are places you can stop in between
the blades, so this shouldn’t be too hard, but be careful. Head west
and cross the path of blades to get to the Minish door.

In this next screen, you don’t have to fear those little red guys –
they don’t move yet. Make your way through the maze of red blocks
(Which you can’t really call a maze since there is only one path…), and
get to the Minish Portal to enlarge yourself. Now you have to fear the
little red blades buys.

These blades will move in the only direction available to them when you
walk in front of them, but they move slow, giving you time to escape.
They do increase in speed as time goes on, if you let them spin too
long. Don’t let one hit you! Make your way back through the almost-maze
of red blocks, and try to avoid the spinning red blades as much as

When you reach the end, flip the nearby cart over with your Pacci
Powers! You can now ride this cart. So… do so. When you are flung off,
hit the switch with your sword to change the tack position, and
immediately get back on the cart. In this next room, do whatever you
need to do to turn the four enemies into balls. Pick them up, one by
one, and throw them into the holes in the southeast corner of the room.
Fill up all four holes, and then grab the pink platform that a switch
lays on with R. Drag the switch back with R, and then push it north,
into the hole in the northwest corner. Proceed to then hit the switch,
and the gates will lower.

Walk up the steps, and jump down the northernmost ledge on the screen
you see after walking north. A treasure chest should be right in front
of you. Open it to get a blue Kinstone Piece! You may then push the top
block to the right to get out. Head south from here, and fire your
Pacci at the hole. Get in the hole and fire yourself upward to get what
is in the second treasure chest… a green Kinstone Piece! You can then
head east to the next screen.

Fire! Blow it out with your Gust Jar. Here you now have a few sinking
stones that are turned upside down, and one that is not. Stand on the
one that is not upside down, and fire your Pacci at the upside down
stone as it passes you by. Ride it north with your gust jar equipped,
and step on the area that heads east, not the one that goes to the boss
room. Blow out the fire in your way, and step on the switch to reveal a
Red Warp Pad that leads to the beginning of this dungeon.

Now, you have to flip that same stone over again, so do so, and then
ride it back to the beginning of this room. You will then have to flip
it over again, because it sunk. Once you have it flipped, ride it
south, and flip the other one quickly. Get on that one. Flip the next
one in the series, and get on that. Flip all that you need to so that
you can go east, and then take the northern path. Get to the end of
that path, and flip another stone. Before you get on it, however, suck
up those vases with your gust jar. Then ride the stone across and get
off on the safe area.

This part is pretty tricky, and you might have to time it. You also
must be quick doing this, so I would read what you have to do before
going and doing it.

First, get on the first sinking stone. In the middle, when you can,
flip the stone over. Wait until it passes you again to get on it, these
stones will sink much slower then other ones you’ve gotten on. Repeat
the process for the next few stones, getting on and flipping the next
one over, waiting and getting on again, until you get to the last
stone, which you are to ride north and exit this screen.

Walk up the stairs to your left, and jump down one of the ledges to
your right. Proceed to walk to your right until you come to a screen
with three moving blades. Maneuver yourself past them, it won’t matter
much if you get hit once or twice, and open the treasure chest to get a
green Kinstone Piece! Make your way back to the left, trying your
hardest not to get hurt.

Use your Pacci on the topmost empty hole, and jump into it to launch
yourself onto the ledge. Go a little bit south, and jump off the ledge
to Link’s left, the one with a whirlwind hovering above it. Use your
Pacci on this hole as well, and fling yourself into the whirlwind. Make
your way north and land on the ledge, and then go east until you reach
another whirlwind. From here, jump into the whirlwind and go southwest
– this will bring you to another ledge. Make your way east, then south
to the next screen.

Another whirlwind! Jump in it and navigate your way south to the next
whirlwind, which you should also jump into. Go south still, until you
reach a ledge with a treasure chest. Open that chest to gain an
astounding 100 rupees! Jump north, off this ledge, and use your Pacci
magic on the empty hole. Launch yourself into the whirlwind and head
east to land on the center platform. Jump south, into the next
whirlwind, follow that one west into the next one, go southwest to the
next whirlwind, and a sharp southwest to land on the safe area in the
corner of the room. Open that chest to gain yet another green Kinstone

Use your Pacci magic on the empty hole just north of you to launch
yourself into the whirlwind above. Head northeast into the next
whirlwind from here, and then northeast again, onto the center
platform. Open the large chest to receive none other then…

The Big Key! Use it to open big doors! Now you can get into the Boss’s
Chamber. Jump off the ledge to the north of Link, flip the stone to
your left over, and ride it to the boss’s chamber.

Boss: Gleerok

First, go into the boss room and collect all the hearts you need to
refill your life. Also, it would be very wise to catch a Fairy in your
bottle at this moment, as you may die in this fight. When you are
ready, fall down the large hole in the center of the screen.

This boss is fairly easy, make sure you have your sword and Cane of
Pacci equipped.

Gleerok will appear out of the lava and attempt to shoot you with
fireballs. Run around until you can find enough time in between
fireballs to stop and hit him with a shot of your Pacci magic. You
cannot hit his neck/head, so you must hit him on his side or back. His
black shell will then break, and his neck and head will fall down,
giving you time to go to his neck, walk across it, and slash as much as
you can at that yellow spike on his body. His head/neck/body will then
sink into the lava (possibly with you still on it), and the room will
crumble for a moment. Stones and rocks falling from the ceiling might
hurt you, so be careful and try to dodge them. He will then rise up
from the lava again, and shoot fireballs at a more rapid pace. It will
also be harder to get to his backside to fire a Pacci shot, so you have
to be quick.

After the second series of hits you give him, the lava
pool will enlarge to near the edge of the screen when the room
crumbles. It will then quickly return to normal size, and Gleerok will
pop out of the lava again for more. On the third and fourth run-
throughs, he will rapidly spit fireballs at one side of the small
square you have to run around in, covering it with fireballs, though,
even with all that happening, this shouldn’t be much of a fight.

Repeat this until he blows up and dies. All the fire will disappear and
the lava in the center will harden. And from the sky will fall none
other then…

The Fire Element! Flames bring light to darkness and warmth to all. The
Fire Element is the embodiment of that power.

Head north from where you stand, nab the Heart Container, and go in the
Green Warp Pad to bring yourself back to the beginning of the dungeon.

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