Chapter 3: Mount Crenel

Return to Minish Village

Whew! That was quite a fight. Now that you have been teleported back to
the beginning of the Deepwood Shrine, you can simply make your way out
the front door and back into the Minish Woods, you’ve done everything
you can do here.

Walk past the heart piece… you still can’t get it! You will later,

Go south until you reach the Minish Village, and enter. Remember when
the Elder said to come back and talk to him after getting the Element?
Well, you are now doing this. Make your way west to the elder’s yellow-
roofed house and have a chat with him. He will give you an important
tip: Where you are to head next, while also complimenting you on your

Of Bombs, Hyrule, and Kinstones

Your newest destination is Mount Crenel. There, you are to talk to a
man named Melari. This man is a Minish, and supposedly, according to
the Elder, there is no Minish better to repair your broken Picori
Blade. The Elder will send a word to Melari, and wish you luck and bon

But wait, there’s more! He will open a door for you on your left – one
that will get you out of the forest quickly. Take it. Walk through the
second room, and out the next door. You should be standing outside of
the Elder’s home, on a path that leads to the forest. Go in. Before you
do anything else, have a talk with the Minish in the nearby teeny tiny
house: His name is Belari, and he is an inventor and researcher. He
will give you a helpful item that will allow you to clear away debris
on your way out of the forest.

Behold the glorious Bomb Bag! Now you can blow up lots of stuff! Now
you can leave the house.

Link is still tiny! We’ll have to fix this. Press R while standing next
to the stump to enlarge yourself. Ah, it’s good to be big again! Walk
north and examine that tombstone-like object: it will grant you the
power of the wind, and disappear. I wonder what this could mean?
Anyways, leave it there for now, and cross the bride to the west. Going
north here will get you nowhere, because those holes are Minish size.
So, we are going south. But something blocks our way, something that
can be blown up. Blow up the tan colored cracked stones with your

Walk south and cross the bridge to your left, it will take you back to
the eastern hills. Watch out for some new enemies in here – those
turtles hide in the grass and will pop out and attack you. They take
two hits each, so they should be no threat. Now, grab hold of the
mushroom to your left, and pull back, then launch yourself over the
crevice. It’s time to get tiny again, so jump on the stump and press R
to shrink Link to Minish size.

Walk into the nearby Minish house to learn about a very important item,
the Kinstones. There’s nothing you can do about it now, but remember
where this little guy is, because he wants you to come see him when you
get Kinstones. Be on the lookout for them.

Go out the door and enlarge yourself with the stump. First things
first, blow up one of those cracked rocks with a Bomb and walk through.
Go through the northern path created, and now we see a nice big crack
in the wall. Any guesses on what to do here? Yes, bomb the wall and
break it open. Walk inside to find a new enemy, Keese, which you should
kill off right away (1 hit each, but they get annoying), and a blue
treasure chest, which contains 20 Mysterious Shells! Leave this room.

Walk to your left and go up the stairs, killing any enemies that may
get in your way. We have also, another new enemy to introduce –
Peahats. And you can’t hurt them, no matter how many times you slash
your sword at them. To kill them, take out your Gust jar and fire a
puff of air at them, which will knock them down, leaving them
vulnerable. From then on, they take two hits. You can also suck them
into your Jar, and fire them to kill them.

When you have finished disposing of the Peahats, follow the dirt path
north. First thing you want to have Link do here is blow up the rocks
with a Bomb. The path back to the entrance of the Minish Woods is open,
and we can do something that you may have wanted to do for a while. If
you feel like getting that heart piece, follow the next paragraph. If
not, skip it.

Enter the Minish Woods and make your way east, across the narrow
bridge, down the foggy area, go east past the stump, and now take the
north path through the puddle. Follow the path you took just before you
met Ezlo – it should lead you right to the Deepwood Shrine. Look how
small it is! Kill any ChuChus that get in your way, and nab the heart
piece. Leave the Minish Woods out the way you came.

Now that you’re back at the Eastern Hills, let’s make our way north. Go
up, following the path. Oh, but you can’t go any further! Mutoh, the
head carpenter, is blocking your way with his workers. We’ll have to
find another way around. Go back south.

You blew up the cracked rocks already, so walk through that path you
created before. In this area, those groundhogs will sprout up in packs
of six again. If you wish, kill them. If not, continue west.

In South Hyrule Field, go south, and then east along the path to reach
Link’s house. Just to the right of Link’s house is yet another one of
those strange tombstone-like objects, just like the one you saw in the
Minish Woods. It will grant you the power of the wins, again, and
disappear! Now, cut the small tree’s to gain access to Link’s house. If
you need to, you can take a rest at Links house to refill your health
meter. You can also visit Master Smith, and a chest filled with 20
rupees. Now, from Link’s house, head north to reach the entrance to
Hyrule, killing any enemies that get in your way.

And what is this? Upon entering Hyrule, we hear of the Kinstones – a
man in blue, with three children following him, will tell you to see
how many you can collect. This is the Hurdy-Gurdy Man. You see,
Kinstones are not whole stones alone; they must be fused together by
finding matching pieces. This is not a game, though; Hurdy-Gurdy Man is
here to offer you a free Kinstone Bag! Take it and cherish it. You can
now carry Kinstone pieces with you. Press Start to view its contents
from the Quest Status screen. Listen to the blue mans explanation about
Kinstones. Fusing Kinstones is called, obviously, Kinstone Fusion.
Supposedly when you fuse two matching Kinstone together, great
happiness comes to you! When people want to fuse Kinstones with you,
they will have the Heart floating above their head, as Hurdy-Gurdy does

Press L in front of a person to fuse Kinstones. The Kinstone Screen
will pop up, showing your Kinstone, and the other persons Kinstone.

Press A to fuse the Kinstones at the demonstration screen shown to you
by Hurdy Gurdy. Amazing! They fit! Now, something will appear in South
Hyrule Field that you can go get now. Follow the map shown to you: it
will lead you to the now open tree.

We are going to get this little bit of happiness now. Leave Hyrule Town
for now, and go south until you reach Links house. Stop for a rest if
you want to, and then continue east. Enter the tree, which shouldn’t be
hard to find (it is located in the very bottom right corner of South
Hyrule Field), and nab the Piece of Heart! Now, a nice surprise, if you
have been following this guide correctly, you will get an extra heart
on your life meter. Exit the tree, and go back north to Hyrule Town.

Another advisory: If you don’t feel like doing this all over again,
please you’re your game now… aren’t you glad there are reminders?

There are several things you can do in Hyrule Town. To make some money,
there is a Cucco catching game, brought to you by the woman in the
bottom right corner of town. Just near the entrance of town, to the
right, is the town shop, where you can buy bombs, a larger Money Bag,
and another Small Shield. I recommend getting the Money Bag and more
bombs, because he will not allow you to get another Shield. If you need
money, play the Cucco catching game for rupees. Also, when you buy
things, he will stock his store with more expensive items, such as the
Boomerang, which sells for 300 rupees. Unless you’ve been out rupee-
collecting, you can’t buy these things yet.

In the bottom left corner, there is a man named Swiftblade, who you can
train your sword skills with. Train with Swiftblade to learn new
techniques. They will be very helpful to you in the future. First, he
will teach you the Spin Attack. It is easy to learn and master – just
pres and hold the button for your sword until you gather enough energy,
and release. You will do a 360 degree spin with your sword. On top of
that, he will give you a scroll, so that you can look at information
about this technique. When you get your new sword, you will come back
to learn another technique from him. For now, leave his house.

Now, make your way a northeast of the Town Shop, following the path up
a flight of stairs. You should reach a small, yellow-roofed bricked
house, with a ladder going underground to the right of it. Enter this
house to meet Hagen, the mayor of this fine city. He, apparently, loves
masks. But you don’t care much for that now; just remember that he
loves masks. Exit out his house to the right, and go underground using
the latter. Open the treasure chest to reveal a red Kinstone Piece!
Exit the underground area, go back through the mayor’s house, and make
your way now to Hyrule Castle. Most other buildings around the town are
not open yet, so there is no real point in exploring them. Other
buildings include the Library, Game Room, Post Office, etc… you’ll
notice what they are from the unique statue each building has above
it’s roof.

So, you’ve reached the path to the castle. Anyways, you apparently
cannot enter. The Guard will not let you pass, so we’ll observe a bit.
Notice another tombstone-like statue next to the castle. Check it, and
it will grant you the power of the wind again, and disappear… again.

Since we can’t go in the castle, we may as well exit the town. Walk
southwest from where you are now, going back to the 4-way intersection,
and take the west path across the bride. Continue west until you meet
up with another Guard – he won’t let you pass either! He demands you
show him a Spin Attack, just to make sure you will be safe out there.
Show him the Spin Attack you learned, and he will open the path to the
Trilby Highlands.

To Mount Crenel

Alright, with the path to the Trilby Highlands open, we can get to
Mount Crenel. Enter the Highlands, and go north. When you hit an
intersection between a bridge and the normal dirt path, take the dirt
path west. Continue following the path until you reach a second bridge.
Cross it, and then go west to the next screen. Do not go north on
another bridge you may see.

Link has just entered Mt. Crenel’s base. If you are starving for
rupees, go east and climb the tall vine that leads to a red rupee.
Otherwise, blow up that wall you see as you enter the Base with a
bomb. Hopefully you restocked when you were at Hyrule Town. When you
enter the cave, equip your shield and prepare to deflect a nut from
that scrub. When you hit him, he will explain to you that a friend of
his south of the Trilby Highlands has something you can use to climb
Mt. Crenel. So, off we go.

Re-enter the Trilby Highlands. Walk back the way you entered, but do
not go back to Hyrule Town – continue south, until you see a ladder
that goes underground. Take this ladder down.

Now, by looking at this room you may find it completely useless to you
– but look at the right wall. In between the two fire pits is a cracked
wall you can bomb up. Bomb it, and walk in. Prepare to defend yourself
once again against nuts. Once you have defeated the Scrub, talk to him.
He will do you a favor and give you a super deluxe item for a mere
twenty rupees…

If you bought it, of which you have no choice but to do if you want to
continue forward, this item is none other then an Empty Bottle! Use it
to store all sorts of things.

Exit the cave completely, and walk back north through the highlands.
Make your way back to Mt. Crenel’s Base… but on your way stop at the
steps that lead into the water. Do not go into the water, but do equip
your newly received Empty Bottle. Press the button you assigned it to,
and scoop up some water. Now, continue to Mt. Crenel’s Base.

You know that little tiny green seed at the base? If you don’t it
should be right in front of you. Sprinkle that water on it, and let it
grow. Now, you can climb it the mountain. Climb the vine, and head
north up the stairs. Here you will find something very unique to this
area – green water. And it will be needed for many things here, so keep
that Empty Bottle of yours handy.

On this screen, watch out for the jumping spiders. They… obviously
enough, jump. They take two hits each, so once again, this should be no
problem for you. Along the top wall of this area you will see boulders
falling… try your best to avoid them. After you have gone far enough,
you should start to see a crowd of trees. Hidden, or not so hidden,
behind these trees is a breakable wall. Bomb it and enter.

This is probably your first encounter with a room like this: This is a
Fairy Spring. Here you can replenish your heath with one of those
fairies, or you can catch a fairy in a bottle and save it for later, to
use it when you’d like, or for it to revive you when you die. Later in
the game, it is often wise to have a spare fairy or two in bottles,
which you will get more of.

Now that you are done in there, exit. When you come to a fork in the
path, take the path to your right, and continue south from there. After
going as far south as you can go, you should come to another fork. Take
the left path this time, killing any spiders you may see. Now, if you
see a wall to bomb, don’t blow it up just yet – continue on your merry
way going left, until you reach an open door leading into the mountain.

Prepare, once again, to defend yourself against the Shrub. When you
defeat it, he will sell you bombs for 30 rupees per ten bombs, which,
if you are anything like me, may have accidentally used a few too many
along the way. If not, then do not accept the bombs from him.

Leave this room, make a right, and then go north, heading to the wall
you saw before. It’s quite bomb-able, so blow it up now. Enter the
cave. The first thing you want to do is kill the Keese, as they can
become annoying if you leave them alive. When they have been disposed
of, grab hold of the nearby red mushroom, and drag yourself back quite
a distance. Launch Link across the gap, and go down the stairs to the

New enemy! These iron-masked enemies shouldn’t be much of a problem.
That is, until you pull of that mask they have on. To do so, arm your
Gust Jar, and vacuum up the masks of the birds. Once the mask is
successfully pulled off, proceed to slash at them with your sword. They
take two hits from here. Now, once that is over, continue to move right
across the room, killing off of these little iron birds as you go. When
you get to the exit… well, exit.

A new enemy approaches! You’ve seen ones like these before, but this
one is a different color. This is a Red ChuChu. It is no tougher then a
Green ChuChu, but it’s red. Therefore, you must know about it, and it’s
newness to you. Move on now towards the whirlwind – Ezlo will tell you
to jump into it. Follow his instinct, because once you do, you will flu
up into the air, using him as sort of a parachute. When you are
launched into the air, try and make your way to the left of the screen,
where the other whirlwind resides. Land on the other whirlwind first to
give yourself another boost into the air, and then land safely on the

Continue to head to your left, until you can not go any further. From
here, head north, across the bridge, to the next screen. Bomb the area
in between the two trees, to open up a path to a room. In this room
there are three pink, cracked blocks. Bomb them, and collect the Heart
Piece, 50 rupees in the right chest, and a blue Kinstone Piece in the
left chest. You must be pretty happy now! Leave this area, walking out
of the entrance, back south, and east until you reach a ladder to
climb. Climb it.

Kill off any enemies in your way, if there are any. Suck up all the
grey blocks you see around you. Examine this entire ledge – leave not
one spot unsearched. To the right of the ledge, a small crack should be
found on the ground. And down near the lower part of the area you
should find something much better then a crack.

Uncover the large Rock. Use this rock to shrink yourself – they will be
the new Stumps. Shrink down to Minish Size, and run over to that crack
you uncovered a bit earlier. Fall down into it. It is a Minish house!
Nab the Kinstone Piece inside the treasure chest when you first enter.
Also, for a hint, talk to the Minish standing near you. He will tell
you what specific kinds of plants like certain types of water: Blue
Crenel Beans like normal water, while green beans like the special Hot
Spring Water (Or Mineral Water, if you are playing the American
version.). This Hot Spring Water is colored green – and you saw it
near the entrance of Crenel.

Anyways, you are done in this house, so you may leave it. Climb up the
latter and walk down along the path east to the vine. Climb up, and
enter the cave. Navigate your way through the simple maze – it really
is that simple, since there is only one path to take. Be careful not to
fall off while also killing the bugs around you. When you get to the
door at the end of this treacherous path, enter it.

Here you will see some moving spikes – try to avoid them at all costs,
walk around them, whatever you need to do to continue heading north.
Once you get past this easy obstacle, walk across the bridge, and open
the chest to get yet another Kinstone Piece! Now, go back the way you
came, past the spikes, and back through the maze.

You no longer need be Minish Size anymore. Make your way back to the
stone, and enlarge yourself by pressing R next to the rock. Walk to the
west, and leave this little area by going down the ladder.

You heard what the Minish said – the hot spring is located near the
base of Crenel’s Base. So now that we are off that area, let’s go east,
shall we? When you hit the end of the area and get to the ledge, take
the south drop area and jump down off. Walk east from here killing any
enemies you may encounter, until you get to a wall surrounded by two
large stone blocks and a fence-type object on the inside of the blocks.
You should see just enough opening in between the fences and the blocks
for a door to be there, and there is. Bomb the open area! A door shall
appear, enter.

In this room, there should be three red ChuChus. Kill them off. Climb
up the ladder to get up on the plateau above you.

The first thing you’ll want to do here is ignore the Minish Portal (We
will call these rocks/stumps/etc. that shrink you to Minish size Minish
Portals from this point on.), and bomb the broken stone you see. Now,
using your awesome Minish shrinking powers, shrink yourself on that
portal over to your left. You are getting closer to the hot spring
water, but not there quite yet. Follow the path to your right, and
enter the even smaller path it leads to. You should now be in full view
of link, not a two pixel view any more.

Walk along this path, killing any enemies you may see. Watch out for
small boulders that will fall off ledges above you. Now, you come to a
large green spring at the end. You still have you empty bottle, so take
it out and fill your bottle with Crenel Hot Spring Water. It’s piping
hot! Go back through this path and leave this area – we are done with
the hot spring. Obviously, now, you will want to enlarge yourself with
the Minish Portal. Do so, and jump off the ledge to your left to go

Continue south, then west from here, going back to the cave with the
mushroom. If you do not remember what cave this is, it is to the west,
and at the fork take the northern path to the cave that resides in
between whirlwinds. Use the mushroom to once again fling yourself
across, walk down the steps, avoid the enemies, because you don’t have
to kill them, and exit out the eastern exit. Walk south, jump on the
whirlwind, and glide west as you did before. Now, continue west, and
climb the ladder that leads to the Minish Portal you had used long
before. Use this Minish Portal again, shrink yourself.

Make your way left to the path which leads to the large green seed.
Enter the path and walk along it as you did the path to the Hot Spring
Water – kill/avoid any enemies in your way until you reach the seed.
When you get to the Green Crenel Seed, don’t pour your hot spring water
on it just yet – it’s not going to grow just sitting there like that.
Pick it up and carry the thing, Link is strong enough! Carry it right
out of the pathway and into the hole in the ground located just to the
right of the path.

Now, with the seed resting safely in the hole, go back to the Minish
Portal and make yourself large again. Now, walk over to the seed, and
sprinkle your Hot Spring Water on it, and watch it grow. Climb up, and
welcome to Mount Crenel!


Mount Crenel

You’ve finally made it to the real Crenel. Here, you will see two paths
to take, one up a ladder and one that leads to your right. You cannot
take the path up the ladder, which leads to Crenel Wall, because you
cannot climb the wall yet! The first thing, then, we must do is get the
tool that will allow you to climb that wall.

Take the path to your right; it is the only way you can go currently.
Watch out for those two stones you come across soon – they are enemies.
Those turtle guys have found another way to hide themselves, and it’s
under rocks. To defeat them, suck the rock off of them with your gust
jar, and then just throw their own stone back at them. They’ll die
instantly. Continue to move to the right… until you reach a bridge
(From now on, when crossing paths, assume you should kill or avoid
every enemy in your way.). Take the bridge north, and bomb the wall you
come up to in order to open a door.

Inside, throw the vases aside, or at the two ChuChus if you wish to get
rid of them. Open the chest you see before you to get another Kinstone
Piece! Now, leave this room, going up the steps to your left.

Here we have a new type of ChuChu: Black ChuChus. Unlike Red and Green
ones, these actually have a specific power of their own. When you try
and strike them, they become large and spiky, and invulnerable to
attacks. But when they get small again, they are yours to slash at –
two hits. When you have killed it, kill the Red ChuChu beside it, and
bomb up the pink blocks. Move the rightmost block up, and the top one
up. Kill the second Black ChuChu in the room, and be on your merry way
south to the next screen.

Here we see something nice – a whirlwind! You should know what to do
with these. Jump into the first one you see, and glide over the second
one. Land in it, and then glide onto the ledge west of it. Climb the
ladder to the north of Link.

On this screen, walk all the way to the right until you find a door you
can blast open with your bombs, which should be just to the left of a
sign that reads “Shortcut to bottom.” Be prepares to defend yourself –
another Deku Scrub is here, so have your shield out and ready. He will
sell you something called the Grip Ring… accept. Now you can easily
climb cliffs that you could not scale before. You can climb walls that
look like climbing walls – they should look bumpy, and darker compared
to other, normal cliff walls.

Walk out of here, and go back to your left. When you reach the ladder
you came from, climb down. You’ll want to jump back down to Crenel Wall
from here, so go to the left, and jump down the ledge. Make your way
left still, until you reach a tall climbing wall. Begin to climb, and
be very careful to watch for falling boulders.

Just avoid the boulders here. They don’t knock you off, but they do
hurt your health. When you begin to climb, hang to the right and
continue moving to the right, until you see a platform with a sign on
it you can land on. The sign reads “No bomb throwing.” Naturally, you
are going to want to take out your bombs, and blow up the wall to your
right. It is the only wall not guarded by fencing. A door will appear –
enter it.

It is a Great Fairy Spring! To awaken this great Fairy, you will have
to defy the sign yet again. Throw a bomb right into the spring. The
Great Fairy will then ask you a question… Did you throw a Golden Bomb
or a Silver Bomb into the spring? Answer “Neither.” And she will reward
your kindness with a bigger bomb bag. You can now carry thirty bombs!
Exit the spring and continue your climb up Crenel Wall. At this point,
it does not matter which path you take to reach the top.

When you reach the top, you will find a new type of spider, which have
blue tops instead of red. These take three hits each, unlike the red,
which take two. Before you head north and to your right, to the
mushroom, to the left until you see a ladder to climb down. Go down it,
and then go into the door to your right. This man is the Crenel Hermit.
And he will give you information: When you see strange patterns on a
wall, bomb it. You may now leave this area, climb back up the ladder,
and walk northeast until you get to a mushroom.

Pull as far back as you can, and launch yourself! My, my… what is this?
Has it begun to rain? It has! And a nice music change, as well.
Anyways, you’ll want to step on that Minish Portal you see right now,
and shrink yourself. Walk south until you reach a small path that can
be taken by Minish Link. In here, you’ll want to watch out for
raindrops – they can be quite deadly when you are only a two pixel

Once you have gotten to the end of the treacherous raindrop path,
enlarge yourself using the nearby Minish Portal. To your left, you will
see a boulder resting next to an empty hole. Push it in. Then, make
your way back right top find another boulder, Navigate the boulder
around the rocks in a way that will allow you to bring the boulder to
the left, and over the other boulder you had pushed into the empty
hole. From there, push it right then up, until you get it to the point
where it can be pushed into a second empty hole. At this point, walk
over it, and push the third boulder out of your way so you can climb
down underground using the ladder.

Make your way south in this room, and go left. Only one of each block
will move. You have to find that block. The first block is the
uppermost block – push it in and walk by. The second block is the
bottommost block, push it and go. The third is a combination of two
blocks – the bottom block pushed to the right, and the middle block
pushed upwards. The fourth block should be the bottommost block on the
right side.

The fifth is quite tricky. Push the rightmost block down, the top block
right, block below that down, block next to that one right, and then be
on your merry way out of here.

Whew! It seems like it stopped raining!

Make your way all the way to the right and enter the door. Before you
launch yourself with that mushroom, suck the vases away from the other
side of the gap, to they don’t stop you from landing. Then, launch, and
walk down the steps. You can ignore the vases here, and the blocks,
because they don’t do a thing but have some bombs and a rupee inside.
If you need bombs, get them, because you need one for this next part.

When you reach an unfinished bridge, with a switch on the other end,
take out a bomb. Pick it up with R, and throw it across the gap at the
switch. When it explodes, the switch will activate, and the bridge will
complete itself. Make your way south out of this screen.

Walk around the path and into the next door to your left. Whoopee.

You’ll need to push the boulder in here into that empty hole. To get it
there push it in this order: Down, left, left, down, down, left, left,
left, up, left, up, left. It will land in the hole, a tune will play,
and you can push that statue out of your way. Go down the steps.

A treasure chest! Let’s get it, shall we?  Push the bottommost block
left, and then the one above it up. Continue to your left and push the
block blocking your path to the chest left. Open the chest to find
another blue Kinstone Piece! You can now exit this room.

It’s time to get tiny. So, shrink yourself with the nearby Minish
Portal, and walk west to go into the Minish sized path. Whew, lots of
bugs here. Kill them off if you wish, but make your way to the end of
this path and out the door to the south. You should now be in an area
called Melari’s Mines.

Mine of the Magnificent Melari

It sure was a pain getting here, eh? You can now finally meet up with
Melari, who supposedly knows more about fixing up your sword.

It’s all perfectly safe from here. So, if you want, converse with the
Minish people here. If you just want to meet Melari, go right until you
find stairs to walk down. Go down them, and continue south. Ignore the
door, and walk west until you reach another flight of stairs you can
walk down. Do so and go down. Walk north, ignoring the Minish man
blocking another door – you don’t need to go through this yet. It leads
to outside.

Go down the steps to the north. You are now on the bottom floor, and
should see a large Minish person standing in front of you, with two
small ones behind him. Talk to him, for this man is none other then the
Melari you seek! He is the Master Smith around here. Link will show him
the broken Blade, and he will fix it up into…

Nothing yet! Repairing this sword takes time – and so, you have time to
go get another element. Walk west, up the stairs, and talk to the
Minish blocking the door. He will allow you to pass, and enter the
Mine. Leave through the exit, and enlarge yourself with the Minish
Portal. To your right, you should see another tombstone statue thing!
Check it, and make it disappear.

Walk up the stairs, and enter Dungeon #2, Cave of Flames.

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