Chapter 2: Deepwood Shrine


The Gust Jar

Walk out the now open door and back into the Minish Woods. There is
only one place you can go, and that’s north from here. And what do you
know? You are now back at the strange white structure you saw earlier
before rescuing Ezlo. On your way, you will see a heart piece, but you
can’t get that when you are your size. Just enter the white building,
because that is the Deepwood Shrine. As you get close to the entrance,
everything will appear large again. Enter the dungeon, and beware of

In the first room, you will see two spider webs on either side of you.
Don’t attempt to break them, because it cannot be done. Just go towards
the next room. But wait, a statue blocks your way! If you remember how
to push blocks from before, this works quite the same way, just move
the statue and be on your way to the next room.

Its dark in this room… kill the slugs as a first priority. They can get
annoying if you just leave them there. You’ll notice that the door to
the north is locked, so we need to get a key. All you have to do is
step on the switches next to each fire pit, and they will spark to life
and light up the room. Once all four are lit, a treasure chest will
appear in the center of the room. Open it to get a small key. Use it to
open locked doors and blocks. It can be used only in the Deepwood
Shrine dungeon.

To open the locked door, simply walk up to it and press A. The door
will open for you. Now, continue on to the next room…

Watch out for falling slugs here. If you hear a dropping noise and see
a shadow, get ready to dodge. Kill them once they fall so they don’t
make an annoyance of this room. You can see a mushroom in the middle of
the room – that is where Link needs to be. In order to get there,
though, you’ll have to make a bridge. Walk up to the top right of the
room to find a pulley. To pull the pulley, stand in front of it, hold R
down, and walk backwards. When it is completely pulled, the bridge will
create itself.

Now, the mushroom is something very important in this dungeon: They are
your human slingshots. They will be used to fling Link across things
such as water or gaps. To fling Link with a mushroom, grab hold of the
mushroom with R, and walk back just like you did with the pulley. When
you feel you are far enough back to be launched far enough to make the
leap over the water, let go of the D-Pad completely. Link should fly
across. It is generally a good idea at this point, to only pull up to
where the tracks end. Later on, the tracks will get longer and there
will be different distances you have to pull, so it would be a good
idea to master this little technique.

Once you have successfully tossed Link over the water, go north to the
next door. Watch out for yet another falling slug!

This room is probably one of the most important ones: It is your portal
to many different rooms around the dungeon, by use of the large barrel
in the center of the room. But as it is, that barrel is tied securely,
so Link has to disconnect it. Go to your right, and avoid the little
sand monster. They cannot be killed, so don’t go off attacking one.
Walk up the stairs, and press the switch to light the fire. Some leaves
holding the barrel to the wall will burn, and break. You’ve released
half of the vines! Now you need to go to the other side of the room and
do the same thing. Make your way down the stair, and go into the

The barrel won’t budge as it is, still. So walk to the upper left of
the barrel and go through. Walk to your left, avoiding once again those
little sand monsters. Now, the stairs are not on the north side of the
wall, so you don’t even need to touch those spots of sand. Go south,
through the narrow passageway, around and up the stairs. This one is a
bit different from the last burning. You need to have both switches
being pressed at the same time, but Link is only one person! Well,
conveniently placed is another statue, so push it on to the top switch
if you will. Let Link stand on the bottom switch. Watch the pretty
lights as the vines burn, and now, the barrel is completely
disconnected from the wall, and will spin freely.

Go back around, past the sand monsters, and back into the barrel. Whoa!
It spins when you move! We are going to go to the bottom left exit of
the barrel. Position link on the left side of the barrel, and run
downwards! Just keep running until Link exits out the bottom left exit.
It will happen, and quickly. Once you are out of the barrel, go through
the door to your left.

You will encounter a new enemy in this room: Those red bugs will attack
you with a charge, so you’d better start slashing. They take three
hits. Once it is dead, continue on to the left side of this room.
You’ll see another mushroom, but this time it has two tracks on it!
What to do? First, make Link pull it all the way back, and far as it
can go, and make the leap. Break the vases if you desire for rupees and
such, but what you really want is in the large chest. You will get a
Dungeon Map! Lighter rooms are ones you have visited, the blinking room
if your current location. Press up or down on the D-Pad to check
different floors of the dungeon. Check this on your map screen, located
on the start menu. This first dungeon is quite small – it has only
three floors. Now, see that Heart Piece to the right of you? You’ll get
it later. You can’t get it now.

Walk back down south to the end of the structure, and jump off but
simply moving off the edge. Grab hold of the mushroom once again, and
this time, only pull up to half way (the end of the first marking),
before releasing. Go through the door to your left.

More falling slugs! Kill them now, because you have another new enemy
coming your way. It will fly at you, but it isn’t much. Slash it with
your sword until it dies. It takes two hits. Once all the enemies in
this room are dead, you will notice a switch lying in the upper right
hand corner of the room. In the upper left corner, you will see a vase.
Now, don’t follow your instinct on this one: Do not break the vase.
Instead, push it like you would a statue, until it rests on the switch.
Behold! Another bridge has been created. Walk across it, and into the
southern room.

Now, push the two statues on the switched to reveal a treasure chest.
Take note of what Ezlo tells you: To push or pull something (usually
you pull with this), grab it with R, and move backwards like you do the
mushroom. You will use this now to get the treasure chest. Pull one of
the statues out, walk inside the barricade, and pull the statue back on
its switch to get the chest, which contains another Small Key. Exit
this room by pushing your way out of the barricade of blocks, and going
back to the northern room.

The bridge still remains intact here, so just go back across it and
into the other room that you had come from.

Go through the door on your right, and walk south. Push the block out
of the way so that you may get passed, and make your way back to the
Barrel Room.

Enter the barrel again. This time, we want to go to the upper right
exit. Position Link on the right side of the barrel, and run upwards!
Do this until he has gone out of the upper right exit, which should
happen quickly. You have a Small Key now – use it to open the locked
door to your right, and enter.

You may be unsure of where to go in this room first. Use the mushrooms
before walking up the stairs. Pull back on the first one up to the edge
of the tracks, and release. Walk to your left to find a switch you can
step on. This will create a bridge for easy access to that second
mushroom. Now, use this second mushroom to launch Link across the gap.
Break the vases if you feel like it, and then walk into the room on
your right.

Watch out for falling slugs! Kill them all before continuing, they are
more then an annoyance here. Now, you can rack your brain forever or
for five minutes trying to figure this little puzzle out, and I highly
suggest you do, because it is a bit fun to have a little challenge on
the first dungeon. But if you can not seem to figure it out, this is
what you do to get the statue on the switch, with Link able to go into
the door: First, move the statue on the right one square to the right.
Then, walk back around to the left statue, and place it on the switch.
There, that was simple, no? Enter the door above you.

A mini-boss battle! It is you versus three of those red enemies that
charge at you, so be careful. Use your shield if you need to. Once they
are defeated, a small key will drop from the ceiling; grab it, and walk
through the open door to your left.

Just a reminder: If you haven’t been saving at this point, I highly
advise you do, unless you feel like doing this all over again.

We are back in the room that you probably had a hard time deciding
where to go. Well, now you know that you can just run up the stairs
from here. Do so, and drop down off the ledge to your right. Break the
vases if you wish, you may find a heart, which you might need if your
health is low from fighting. Restoring your health now would be a good
idea, because you have more of those red enemies to face soon. Walk
through the door to your left.

Immediately, before anything else, kill those red enemies before they
go crazy. Once you are done, enter the northern room. This will take
you down a flight of stairs. In his room, you will see another one of
those flying bugs, which you should kill off right away, and a switch
surrounded by vases. Don’t break the vases; just push one onto the
switch. This will manifest another treasure chest, but it is facing
away from you, you can’t get it yet. This chest won’t stay here for
now, but I instructed you to do that just so you know there is a chest
to get there later, which you will need.

Now, your main objective in this room is to reach that large treasure
chest. To get to it, push the rightmost block up, and the left block to
the left. This should open up a path for you to go in and open that
chest. You will get a Compass! Use it to find the locations of hidden
items. Check the map screen to see.

Exit this room for now and go back up the stairs. This time, enter the
western room instead of the northern room. We want to open a door right
now for later use. Watch out, because those little sand enemies will
appear, four of them to be exact. They will appear on that first patch
of sand. Anyways, when you get to it, hit the switch to open the bottom
door. You need not use it now. Anyways, still avoiding the sand
enemies, make your way through to the leftmost doors on the screen. If
you tried to go through the unlocked door, and found yourself bound by
a spider web, don’t worry, because remember: You have a small key! Make
sure you go through the locked door, unlock it to open it.

Now, you fight your first true mini-boss. It’s pretty simple: First,
hit the worm’s nose. Once you have hit the nose and it turns fully
grey, slash at its swollen red tail. Do this as many times as you need
to before the worm is dead, and don’t hesitate to slash like a maniac
here. Once dead, the worm will explode, leaving you a green rupee and
another large treasure chest! Inside this treasure chest is the Gust
Jar. Hold the button to draw things in, and release it to fire them
out! Set it to A or B in the items screen, and test it out. Try using
it on the spider webs around the room, or how about on that door to the

By all means, use the Gust Jar on the door, go through, and get the
heart piece that you couldn’t before. Now, you’ll also be happy to know
that this jar can be used to suck up sand, and even enemies! Also, the
longer you hold down the button, the stronger the suction becomes, and
the blast will also be stronger when you release.

Now, go back to the room full of sand. What do you do with the Gust Jar
here? Suck up the sand! This will reveal a few switches, two to be
exact; the switches are located on the left side of the room. Step on
them to manifest two treasure chests, each containing ten Mysterious
Shells! You don’t know what they are for, yet.

Now, find yet another switch in the sand: The square of sand on the
other side of the wall that the rightmost switch in the room is. It
should be above the southern door that you opened earlier. Stepping on
this switch will create a warp pad on top of the ledge.

Also, now you can kill those annoying sand monsters! Just use the
suction power of your Gust Jar to suck them until they turn grey and
dizzy, and then slash them once with your sword.

Once you are completely finished here, exit to the room on your right.
We are going to do a bit more dust cleaning with the Jar. Suck up all
the sand in this room, all that surrounds the fire pits. It should
reveal a switch. Step on the switch to reveal a treasure chest, and
open then chest to receive 20 more mysterious shells! There is nothing
hiding under the sand on the right side of the room, so you can just
ignore it.

Go back out the left door, and then go south from there, avoiding the
newly spawned sand enemies. You should now be back in the main barrel
room. Push the block to your left to the left, and kill all sand
enemies you see right away, sucking up the sand. In the center, you’ll
find yet another switch. Step on it to reveal a chest containing 10
more mysterious shells.

Time to go back in the barrel. Before we go and break the spider web in
the barrel, we want to make our way back to the beginning of the
dungeon. So, exit out the bottom right, and go south. In this room,
watch out for the falling slug, and make your way east. When you hit a
pair of blocks, push the top one to the right, and the bottom one into
the water. Walk south, out of this room. Continue going south, avoiding
the slugs in the next room. Now, you should be back in the first room
of the dungeon, push the right statue aside so you can walk into the
room, and what is there? A warp panel! Step on it, and nab the heart
piece that it takes you to. Go back in the warp panel. Time to suck up
some spider webs: suck up the left one first. Go down the stairs. Push
the block that is below the chest to the right, and open the chest
which contains a red rupee, worth 20 rupees. Go back up the stairs.

We’re not quite ready to face the boss yet. Step on the warp pad and
teleport again. Jump down off the ledge and make your way back to the
Barrel Room. Push the block aside, and enter the barrel again. Now, we
are going to suck up that spider web.

Once that is done, a hole in the barrel will be created. You need to
fall through this hole. Spin the barrel around, not running too fast,
until you can see the hole open. Get Link to fall down the hole.

You need to find a way to travel by water, says Ezlo. So, what better
way then by getting that lily pad to you? Suck it towards you with your
Gust Jar. Now, once on the lily pad, use gusts of air to push the lily
pad where you want it to go. In your case, get it to go down the
waterfall. Continue to push it all the way to the right, and then
making it go north. Kill any enemies that get in your way.

First, we want to take the path that goes to the right. Dock your lily
where it needs to be, and walk up the stairs. You need to get a jar on
that switch. Toss aside all jars except for the third one on the right
of the middle row. Now, push that vase on the switch, opening the gate
to the north. Go north.

Kill the enemy in this room if it is there, otherwise, dock your lily
on the rightmost part of the land, and place a vase on the switch. Now
is when you can get that chest. You wanted that one bad, didn’t you?
Well, ride your lily over and open it, because inside is the much
sought after… Small Key!

Just as an advisory: If you haven’t been frequently saving, I suggest
you do so now. You wouldn’t want to do this all over again, would you?

Alright. Now, lead your lily back south, and then go west until you
reach that main river room.

Now, we want to take the northern path here with out lily. Go north,
and then go to the left, and pump your Gust Jar hard because slugs will
try and fall on you! Anyways, once you get to the end, open the locked
door with your newly received Small Key. Go in.

You are now in a room with yet another large chest, and multiple
mushrooms and such. Pull back on the first mushroom, and launch
yourself north. Now, you may be thinking, “How can I move now? I am on
an area completely surrounded by water.” Well, fear not, because you
have the Gust Jar! Suck on the mushroom to the right of you, pulling
towards you, and once it reaches you it will automatically fling you.

Do this same process for the next mushroom to your right. Now, for this
next mushroom, you should stand a bit farther away. Suck the mushroom
to your left from a distance, get flung across the water, and open the
large chest to get none other then the Big Key! Use it to open big
doors! This will get you into the boss’s room.

Anyways, step on the nearby switch to reveal a red portal. Go in. You
should now be back in the first room of the dungeon again, no? Well,
now we need to take the stairs to the right. Suck up the spider web
there, and go up the stairs.

You know what to do with that mushroom here – from a distance, suck it
up with your jar, and then let it fling you. Walk around to the bottom
of the room, do not stand on the shallow water, but stand far away, and
repeat the process. You should now be in front of the boss’s room, time
to fight. I recommend saving here, if you feel that you might die. For
health reasons, each vase next to the boss room door has a heart in it.
More then enough to make you full health again. Now, enter the room!

Boss: Big Green Chuchu

Actually, it is a regular size ChuChu, you are just really tiny!
Apparently, the ChuChu decided to make its home right on top of the
dungeon, and now you have to fight it. For your convenience, there are
four jars in the room, each containing one heart.

To kill this oversized green blob, suck on his base support with your
Jar – it will steadily grow smaller. Once small enough, the ChuChu will
wobble, and eventually fall. But, it will try to fall on you! So try
and avoid this, and once it is down on the floor, slash at it with
everything you’ve got. The ChuChu will also jump – so don’t let it land
on you. Repeat this as many times as it takes to kill him. Also, take
note that as he gets closer to death, he will jump more, making it more
tedious and hard to get his base down to size.

Once defeated, the ChuChu will explode, with his eyes going crazy, and
in front of you will appear one of the four Elements! You have just
gotten the Earth Element! The power of the earth is the source of all
living things. The Earth Element is the embodiment of that power.

Now, grab the heart container, and get out of that dungeon using the
green warp provided!


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