Chapter 12: Dark Hyrule Castle


Birth of the Four Sword

Now that you are out of that awful dungeon, make your way south back
into the building and continue down the flights of stairs until you can
exit. Once outside, use your Ocarina and fly back to Hyrule Town.

In Hyrule Town, before we exit there is something that must be done. Go
to the southwest corner of town, which is Swiftblade’s house. You can
earn a new Tiger Scroll! This technique is the Down Thrust – when you
have your Cape equipped, jump. During the jump, swing your sword to
perform a powerful stab downwards. That’s all there is to it. Note that
this attack can only be preformed while doing a short jump, not a long

Leave Swiftblade’s house, and go to the large bell in the middle of
town before you leave. Jump into the bell and ring it to get a Piece of
Heart! Then, exit Hyrule Town completely into North Hyrule Field. Make
your way still north into the Hyrule Castle Garden area.

Guards still block the path into the castle, so be careful. Enter the
garden to the left, an entrance which should be just nearby as you
enter, and avoid the guards just like you did before. It is actually
the same guards, going the same way, so getting passed them shouldn’t
be much trouble since you have it memorized. Once you’ve gotten
through, climb down the ladder to enter the pathway into the castle.

The pathways, again, is very definite and defined, so there are no
navigation problems. Head north, then to the next screen east, and out
the door into Hyrule Castle that you have already unlocked. Head north
in this room and out the first door you see, and then continue north
from there into the Elemental Sanctuary.

Go north through this room, and into the main Sanctuary room. Step up
onto the platform and place your sword into the slot. The Wind Element
will leave you and rest on its platform, and your blade will become
infused with all four Elements power. The blade is now the Four Sword!
This is the most powerful blade in the game, congratulations on
obtaining it! Also, you can not split Link into four copies! Even
better, after you charge your blade up for a spin attack, you will
release a powerful shot from your blade.

A shot so powerful that it actually took out the large tombstone object
and opened a door just for you! Follow Ezlo’s instructions and enter
the door. Head down the steps in this new room and walk up to the
stained glass.

A story shall begin… you have seen this before, at the very, very
beginning of your adventure with Link.

“A long, long time ago…
When the world was on the verge of being swallowed by shadow…
The tiny Picori appeared from the sky, bringing the hero of men a sword
and a golden light.
With wisdom and courage, the hero drove out the darkness.
When peace had been restored, the people enshrined that blade with

But now… a new part of the story unfolds.

“And the force of the golden light, embodied in Hyrule’s princess,
shone fourth upon the lands.”

A voice will laugh. At this point, you can probably guess who it is –
it’s Vaati. He says he now has no use for Ezlo! He will shoot you with
an energy ball and leave you lying there, and escape. Moments later,
Link shall awaken, and you need to get out of here. GO south out of
the Elemental Sanctuary. Leave completely. At one point, you will have
to step on two switches to leave. Just step on all four pads.

Everything is dark… head south. There are people here turned to stone,
and you need to free them. Face them, and charge up your blade. Release
it to have a beam hit one of them and free them of their stone prison.
Release all three people trapped in stone to gain entrance to the

Dark Hyrule Castle

As soon as you walk in Ezlo will tell you that Vaati’s power has grown.
In fact, it is powerful enough now to change the entire Hyrule Castle!
There are three floors and two basements to this castle, good luck.

First, move right onto the next screen. Walk up the stairs and prepare
for a Moblin fight. Though they may be a new color, they are no
different from normal Moblins, so don’t worry. Walk now north into the
next screen.

Spinning fire wheels… if you get hit by them, you will get burned,
which as you may or may not know makes you run faster then normal. Work
your way first east, moving with the fire wheels, and then go clockwise
around the next fire wheel, attempting not to fall down the very large
hole in the center of the room. When you finish, exit the screen north.

There are anti-fairies here, so be careful. Do not head down the stairs
yet – to your right you will see a wall that can be blown up with
bombs. Do so and blow it up, then enter the door that is created. In
this new room, there should be a Minish portal. Go ahead and shrink
yourself. Exit the room through the door you came in.

Go back south one room to the room with the spinning fire wheels. Now
it is time to fall down the hole in the center. Upon falling down, you
should land on a green mat. Go east, maneuvering your way around the
electric enemy, and go north to the next screen.

Just nearby north of where you stand you should see a Minish door that
leads into the jail cells. Go through the Minish door to find a Minish
Portal. Enlarge Link, and step on the nearby switch to open the cell
doors. Leave this cell, and go east into the cell where, amazingly, the
King of Hyrule is stored. But he is stone! Save him by launching a beam
at him with your new Four Sword. When he is back to normal, talk to
him. He will say that, because you have the sacred blade, everything is
up to you. He will also give you a Small key! Use it wisely.

Leave the cell now and go back west, and instead of going south at the
intersection, go north and up the stairs. In this room, it is true that
you now have a small key, but do not use it on the door in this room.
That door is a fake, and will attack you, so leave this room to the

In order to get out of this room easier, upon heading a bit south you
shall find a four area! Step on all four pads and push the large block
south. Make sure the original Link is at the front pushing the block.
Once done, leave this room via the southern exit.

There are two locked doors in this room, what to do? Well, one of them
is a fake, and that is the one on the left wall. Walk to the locked
door on the southern wall and unlock it, then go on in.

South, lots of south in here, and a few Throwing Star wizzrobes to
boot. When you have gone as far as you can go, and see a door leading
up stairs, don’t take the door. Instead go just a bit more east, down
some stairs, into a little area with two worms. These are easy fights,
so you should have no trouble killing them off quickly. When that’s
over, go up the stairs to your north to find a large chest containing
the Dungeon Map! Now you can’t get lost!

When you are done with that, go back down the stairs and up the stairs
to the west. Go up the doorway/stairs, and you should arrive on the
first floor of the dungeon. There now is a way to exit Hyrule Castle!
Simply go down the stairs and out the large doorway to the south.

But we’re not leaving just yet! Go north instead of south through this
room, and up the large stairs, and through the large door, which should
bring you to a room with two Moblins, and a bunch of Keese. Kill them
off or ignore them, but in any case leave this room via the left exit.

There is nothing in here, so just exit north. In this room, continue
north. But wait! There are cannon balls flying at you! Dodge them and
make it up to the four area to find out that those strange statues are
firing cannon balls at you.  They are firing them at the exact spots
where the four pads lay, which makes it a bit easier to defeat them. To
kill the statues off, you cannot just reflect one ball back to one
statue and wish it dead. No, you have to make four Links, and reflect
four balls back at all four statues at the same time! Then they will be
killed, and the gate to the north shall open. Walk up the stairs and
onto the next screen.

Floor Masters! Be very careful not to be hit. With your new sword, they
only take three hits. Also, beware of all the vases on the western
wall, which will fly and attack you. When ready, leave this room
through the door in the northeast corner.

The switch in this room does something, but hopefully you won’t need
it. To open the door, you must use the large floor of panels in the
middle of the room. As you step on a blue panel, it will turn red, and
if you press on a red one twice the puzzle will stop. The goal here is
to make every panel red, which is easier then you may think at first.
If you mess up, press the switch to reset the floor. Enter the floor of
panels, and simply zigzag through horizontal lines to turn the first
few rows red. Upon reaching the row where the exit (to your right) is
located, just go straight up. You should now be in the upper left
corner of the floor, if not then you have done something wrong. Instead
of zigzagging horizontally, switch to a vertical zigzag and go up and
down until you go out the exit. Upon doing so, the door will open. Go

There is nothing to do here, so leave south.  In this new room, there
is a four area, and central structure, and a Trap running around the
central structure. There are also four switches at the end of this
path. Your objective is to make it down and around the central
structure of stones without getting hit by the trap, and being
successfully able to step on all four switches. This will give you a
treasure chest containing a Small Key, good luck! When you obtain the
key, jump down the ledge to the south, and exit out the screen.

Leave through the western exit in this screen, since there is nothing
to do here, and in the next room go through the big door.

Go down the stairs, and move southeast. You should find stairs to go up
on the rightmost side of the room, similar to the stairs you went down
on the left side of the room. There is also a locked door on this new
platform you walked on; Open it and go down.

There are a few Throwing Star wizzrobes in here, but nothing too serious
besides that. Al you need to do is go north and through the door when
you reach it.

There are more annoying Keese in this room. Ignore them and leave the
screen via the north exit.

Four Skeletons lay over the four area in this room, so get rid of them
quickly and set your eyes on the statues blowing cannon balls just
above you. There is a certain way you must organize your Links on this
four area, and it might be a bit tricky to describe in words, so excuse
me for this. Place one link on the bottom right pad, another Link on
the pad two above that one. Now, with your blade still charged, move
over to the left side of the square of pads and step on the top left
pad. Continue downwards and step on the pad two below the top left pad.
You should now have a zigzag form of four Links. Charge up a spin
attack, and head into the mess of cannon balls. Just as the statues
launch the balls again, release the spin attack and it will deflect the
next set, destroying the statues and opening the gate north. Go to the
next screen.

To make life easy, kill off the enemies in here. The group of them
might look intimidating, but they are really a piece of cake, seeing as
they take one hit each. Once destroyed, there is nothing left to do in
this room but place a bomb on the lower part of the western wall, which
will create a door to the west.

My, this room looks familiar! Be sure to dodge the moving fire as you
make your way north out of this room. In the next room, get past the
Traps and go up the stairs. Go north out the door in the next room.

A room with a chair! Upon walking toward the chair you will realize
that this is no safe room, there is a Mighty Darknut in here! Defeat it
with the best of your abilities, just like you did in the Palace of
Winds. After it is dead, the chair will wobble and both doors will
open. Leave via the rightmost door.

Right in front of you will be a large chest. Open it to receive the
Compass! There are only four chests in this dungeon from here, and they
are all on the third floor, where the boss resides, except for one on
the second floor. Leave this room and go back to where you came from.

Remember the wobbling chair? Well, get on its rightmost side and push
the chair to the left to open a hidden passage! Walk down the stairs.

It’s a bit dark in here, so take out your Lantern.  Kill the Keese and
the Mummy, and be on your way east. In there, kill off the two mummies
and go up the stairs to the north.

There is nothing to do in this room, so exit out east. In the next
room, there is also nothing, so climb the stairs to the north.

Avoiding the electric enemy in this room, make your way south and out
the door.

The outside of the castle is very grim… and full of obstacles. This
will give you even more practice with gliding skills, so hop into that
first whirlwind. Right away you have a choice of whether to go left or
right, so take the rightmost path. From here, circle around the
platform that has the two statues shooting cannons, using the available
whirlwinds. Continue following the definite path of whirlwinds until
you reach a southern platform, and can exit south out the screen.

There are two Moblins here, but you need not kill them. Just go through
the door.

This part is also tricky, like many other things in this dungeon. With
a horizontal row of four Links, you need to get past the spinning fire,
and move counterclockwise around it until you reach a large block,
which you will then push southward until you cannot anymore. There is a
small safe spot just next to the large block that you can use to hide
from the fire until it passes by. Once all of this is completed, you
are free to head through the door to your right.

Exit south on this next screen, there is nothing here. But the next
screen offers more whirlwind trickiness. Hop into the first whirlwind
and move south into the second. You will then be given a choice, left
or right. Go right, and move around the platform of shooting statues
just like before. Continue following the definite path of whirlwinds
around until you land. Do not attempt to land on the castle roof!

Head south, and then east. Do not enter the tower, because there is
nothing there and your path will be blocked. Leave the screen via the
eastern exit, and continue on east from here. There is a switch across
a gap here. You can make it across the gap with your Cape, or you can
shoot the switch with your arrows to create a bridge. Either is fine.
Once across, enter the door to the north.

In this room, don’t be confused by how large the four area is. Walk
north to find f9our switches, arranged quite nicely. All you have to do
is arrange your Links to match the formation of the switches, then walk
up and slash the switches to open the door. Simple as that. Then, walk

In this room there are two BCs… be prepared for a fight, and make sure
you have your shield out. Once defeated, you will have obtained a huge
amount of rupees, the two doors on either side of the room will open,
and a red portal to the beginning of the dungeon will appear in the
center of the room. Take the door to the left out of the room.

There is nothing to do in here, so take the door north. In that room,
the first thing you want to do is bomb the cracked blocks to the north.
But you cannot throw bombs! At least, expecting them to land anywhere
anyways. You’ll need to use your Gust Jar, and suck up the moving bomb
enemies on your left and right and then launch them at the stones to
blow them up. From there, get on the moving platform, and ride it until
Link is under a panel. Using your Cape, jump above the panel, and hit
the nearby switch with your boomerang/arrows. Walk to the other side of
the wiring and hit the second switch with your boomerang/arrows to open
the door below. Wait now for the moving platform to come to you, and
jump under the panel and onto the platform. Ride it to the passage that
leads you to the door to the north, and exit.

You can’t do much of anything in this room, so leave via the only open

In the next room, ignore the chain of electric enemies and go through
the door to the north. Prepare for a fight with a black Mighty Darknut,
and have your shield ready! Kill it off just like any other Darknut.
This one is faster then any other Darknut you have face, though, so be
careful. Once defeated, a blue warp pad to the beginning of the dungeon
will be created! Also, another Darknut will appear in the dungeon… and
then two more! And two more after that! And another! Wow, that’s a lot
of Darknuts!

Leave the room you are in via the southern exit, not the large door
above you. In the room with the chain of electric enemies, take the
rightmost door out. You will come to a room with two Darknuts. Both of
these Darknuts are normal ones, meaning they are generally slow and
will be fairly easy to defeat. Once dead, the large door to the north
will open, as will all other doors. Go through the northern door.

Here is another tricky spot in the dungeon. You will have to run around
the room, with the fire wheel, and light all of the fire pits with your
Lantern. It’s not as easy as it sounds, and you will probably get burnt
a few times. But once it is all done, it feels very rewarding… probably
because the door to the north has opened! Walk through it.

There are some Ghini’s in here, and the door to the east is locked, so
kill only one Ghini to open the door, the rest will disappear upon only
one dying. Exit the room. There is nothing to do in the next room but
go up the stairs. In this room, the only thing to do is nab the Small
Key in the chest, and be on your way.

Go back to the room where you killed the two Darknuts, and this time,
instead of going north (Because you were just there.), take the
southern door. In there, use your Cape to jump up above the panel to
your left, and walk south across the room. When you get to the end,
jump off the ledge to your right. Exit through the southern door.

A Mighty Darknut! Fight it and kill it. Once it is dead, all doors in
the room will open, just like the other fights. Take the southern large

In this room, all that must be done is activate the four switches at
the bottom of the room at once. They are in a diamond formation, and it
does not really matter how you group your four Links. A square of four
might suit you best, but it doesn’t matter as long as they are bunched
together somehow. Walk south with your bunched Links, and find the
switches. Walk inside of the switched, and charge a spin attack, then
release. The switches will all turn yellow, and door to your right
shall open. Walk through.

In this room, kill off the Fire wizzrobes as a first priority. When
defeated, you are free to press the switch in the bottom right corner
of the room, opening the door leading upstairs. Walk up the stairs, and
grab the Small Key in the chest. Head back down. Go back through the
last two rooms and enter the room where you killed that last Mighty

Now, take the door to the west. This will bring you to the room with
the red warp pad to the beginning of the dungeon, but we’re going to
walk right past it. Take the door west once again.

This is another fight with two normal Darknuts. Kill them off to have
all doors open, just like the other fights, and take the southern door.

This is another puzzle like the one you have completed already, but a
bit harder this time. To complete the puzzle, first head straight down
the floor of pads. From there, go right, hitting the stone, and then
up hitting another stone. Continue right until you hit yet another
block, and then down. Again, move right until you hit a block. Head up
one pad, and then to the left one pad. Head upwards one more pad, and
then walk to the left until you hit a block. From here, go up one pad,
then to the left one pad, then up until you hit the wall. Continue to
the right until you cannot go further, then go down one pad, to the
right two pads, and up one pad. Go to the right one pad, and then down
through the rest of the blue pads and exit east. The door shall open,
and you shall walk through it.

Kill only one Ghini to open the door, and then go through. You will be
back outside the castle, and the only way to go from here is west, so
exit the screen that way. Enter the tower you see on the next screen
and go up the stairs to find a chest containing a third Small Key!
There is nothing really in the room downstairs, so don’t waste your
time going downstairs. Instead, just leave the tower and get back to
the outside of the castle.

Head once again back to where you fought those last two Darknuts. Now
take the door to the north, and cross over the moving platform and
through the door to the north again. In this room is the final Mighty
Darknut battle! Kill it off to have, once again, all doors open. Take
the northern large door north when it opens.

Kill everything in this room, including the Red Skeletons and the Wall
Masters. Go north, past the fire wheel, to find four eyes that are all
open. You need to shoot them with your bow, without getting hit by
fire. The best strategy is to catch up and run behind one leg of the
wheel of fire, and then shoot as soon as you get to the first eye.
Continue moving east, shooting the yes, until you hit the fourth one.
Whether or not you catch on fire at this point does not matter: the
door to the west is open. Go through it into the next room.

Don’t attempt to move the blocks to get to the staircase. Instead, move
the vertical row of blocks so you can go south. Move the middle block
to the left, and the bottom block downwards, and fall down the large
hole in the center of the room. In this new, dark room, kill the
Mummies and go up the stairs. You should be back in the same room you
were just in, so press the square switch just below you to open the
door to the south. Walk around the blocks and through the southern

There isn’t much here but two vases, each filled with one heart. This
is helpful if your health is low, because now you can leave and come
back to the vases whenever you need more health. Re-enter the castle,
and back to the area where the switch is, and walk up the stairs. Open
the treasure chest here to gain the final Small Key! Now it’s time to
take it to the room where we can get the Big Key.

Go back down the steps, and in this room push the middle block to the
right and the bottom block downward. Leave this room, and make your way
south back through the next room to reach the area where you fought the
Mighty Darknut.

This time, take the door to the east. In the room with the chain of
electric enemies, go north through the door. Go north once again
through the room with the blue warp pad, and you should come to a room
with four locked blocks. This is why you have been gathering Small
Keys. Unlock all four blocks to make them disappear. Now, in the top
right corner of the room are four vases, lined up vertically. Destroy
them to reveal a four area. Charge up your blade, and step on every
pad. Push the large block as far to the left as it can go, and walk up
to the large treasure chest resting on the platform.

You did it! You got the final Big Key of the game. Head south now to
exit the room. To make things easy and get to the Boss Door faster,
step on the blue warp pad and then transfer over to the red warp pad.
You should be standing right in front of the Big Key Door.

It is EXTREMEMLY recommended you save right now. This is the final
boss, so there is no turning back. You really do not wish to die here.

Alright… with that over with, it is time to open the final Boss Door,
and finish off the game.

Boss: Vaati

A quick footnote: Before doing this fight, it is wise to have all your
empty bottles filled. If you never went out and collected them (they
were not placed in this guide), you should do so now, as you will need
them for health reasons. Also, it might be wise to go out and fuse
Kinstones with multiple people to gain Pieces of Heart that were not
mentioned during the course of this guide, if you need more heart life.

Enter the Boss Room. Now there is no turning back – Vaati will speak to
you, and give you information. You are being timed. And this isn’t some
“hurry up, but nothing will actually happen if you are late” timing. Oh
no, you are really timed. When the bell rings three times, Zelda will
die and Vaati will get the Light Force, so hurry up through this first
room. You don’t even need to kill that BC.

In this next room, the first bell shall toll. You must act quickly, and
kill every enemy in this room before stepping on the four pads to hit
the switches. This will make running across the room faster, and you
won’t get hit by an enemy and have to start over. When you are done,
charge up your blade and make the four Links, then run up to the top of
the room and step on the switches. Go through the door to the north.

Another bell shall toll… hurry up! In this room you will have to fight
two Mighty Darknuts, AND a black Mighty Darknut! This battle is very
tough. You will probably be running around for a good minute slashing
at them, trying to get one dead. Your best bet is to go for the normal
Mighty Darknuts first, and save the black one for last, as it is the
hardest, and you don’t need the other two around to make it harder. A
good strategy (And thank you Lars [Who runs Zelda Universe] for this
tip, hehe…), is to use your Cape to jump over them, instead of using
your shield to defend. This allows you to get behind them very quickly,
especially when they swing, which puts you at a great advantage. When
all three fall, the door to the balcony, and to Vaati, will open… walk
to the balcony to start the true final battle.

Vaati will not be able to complete the ceremony, but with what he has
he will attempt to kill you with. He will drop you back down into the
room you were just in, and you shall face his first form…

Vaati: Sorcerer Form

You have had no time to heal for this battle, so you’d better plan
right. This will take a lot of strategy to finish him off without
dying. Vaati will right away transform into his Sorcerer Form, and the
large on his torso will shut.

He will launch out a nice loop of four eyes around himself, and you
need to destroy those eyes, which take two hits each. But this battle
is far harder then it seems – Vaati is also equipped with fireballs and
dark energy balls to boot. After a while of slashing at the eyes, Vaati
will retract them back into himself and launch a dark energy ball at
you, which homes onto Link. Run away from it until it explodes, upon
which Vaati will take the remaining eyes back out of his body. Destroy
the remaining eyes, and the large one on his torso shall open up. Slash
it to death until it closes again.

In comes another round. Now the eyes get dangerous, as they shoot laser
beams at you! Luckily, they are enough distance apart that you can
stand in between them. You’ll want to destroy as many as you can during
the first time he lets them out. On top of that, he will also teleport
around the room – you might end up chasing him. He will shoot a Dark
Ball at you, which you will want to avoid. Continue this process until
his eye open up, at which point you will want to chase him until you
can hit the eye.

The third round is harder, much harder. He now had Dark Energy Balls
surrounding his eyes, meaning you cannot hit them. On top of that, he
is throwing fireballs at you. And even on top of that, the eyes still
shoot lasers! Even further on top of that, he will teleport around the
room faster!

The key to hitting the eyes is your Gust Jar. Use the Jar to suck the
energy shield off the eyes, so you can slash at them. They will still
shoot lasers, however, do be careful. When all eyes have been
destroyed, Vaati will teleport around the room like mad with the eye on
his torso open. It ends up becoming incredibly hard to hit him, because
you must be at the right spot or he teleports away from you. A good
strategy is to just wait in the center of the room for him to pop up
there, and then slash at him. Eventually, you will get him and he will
close the eye up once again.

The fourth round is basically the exact same as the third round. Suck
the shields off the eyes, and avoid lasers and fireballs. The only true
difference is that now Vaati teleports much more often. Eventually, you
will destroy this set of eyes, and he will begin to fly around the
room. With the torso eye open. When you are able to hit him, do so, and
this time he will fall.

Vaati: Wind Mage Form

Even though he has fallen, he still has some fight left in him. He will
make a second transformation! This is his Wind Mage form, and don’t be
intimidated, because it is much easier then the Sorcerer form.

Get out your Bow and Arrows. Your goal here is to shoot the balls
around his body – once shot they will change to red and open up. But
Vaati has even more tricks up his sleeve. He will also shoot electrical
energy balls at you, toss black things around the room that end up
becoming points in the room that can hurt you, and stomp on the floor,
which releases stones from the ceiling. Note that when you shoot the
eyes, only four will turn red, and the rest will be blue. Once you have
uncovered the four red ones, do not waste time and arrows shooting the
other eyes! There is a four area below, assume the position of the eyes
and slash at him, just like you did for the Gyorg Pair.

After slashing at his eyes, they will be destroyed, leaving his body
susceptible to normal sword hits from any Link. Continue slashing at
his body until the eye closes.

Note: If at any time you run out of arrows, the black bricks that have
been scattered around by Vaati will sometimes contain arrows.

The second round should actually be a bit easier since you know exactly
what to do. Nothing is much faster, and nothing is very hard to avoid.
Uncover the four eyes quickly, and slash at them. Then slash at his
susceptible body with any of the Links until his eye closes.

The third round is again, easy and the same. There is nothing really
new – uncover the four eyes once again, assume the correct position,
and slash at him until his body is able to be hit by a normal sword
attack. He might let stones fall a bit more often in this round, and he
also moves around a bit faster, but nothing that should affect the way
you kill him.

The fourth round is a bit harder. Now he moves fast, which is really
the only downside, because he is moving in a circle. The best times to
uncover an eye with your arrows are when he stops to launch electric
energy balls and drop rocks on you. The rest is all the same, when all
four eyes are uncovered, assume the correct position and destroy the
eyes surrounding his body. Then proceed to slashing at the main body
until the eyes come back.

The fifth round is even harder then the fourth. He will launch those
dark things around the room that can hurt you more often, and he will
circle the room faster. Besides that, it is not much harder. The same
drill applies as last time; uncover the four eyes, and slash at them
with the correct formation. Then, all you need to do is slash Vaati a
couple more times, and he will seemingly fall with a gigantic

A Break In Between

With Vaati out of the picture, you have a chance to stop and rest. And
also save Zelda! The door to the balcony will open, and you will walk
up. Walk to Princess Zelda, and have Ezlo tell you to break the curse
on her. Do so, and she will wake up…

After she thanks you for saving her, the castle will begin to break
down! They will look for the exit, but the exit will be blocked. You
need to head for the sanctuary, and Zelda will follow you a la Pikachu
in Pokemon Yellow.

Head northwest, up the stairs onto the platform and down the
door/stairway. In this new room head east and then north, and then out
the door to the north. From there, make your way down the steps and
head east. When you come to the door leading to the Sanctuary, do not
go through it. Instead, head south to find another door, and enter that
room. This room is filled with bombs, arrows, a most importantly –
fairies. Trap some in your bottle, or bottles if you have more then
one. Then, head north to the Sanctuary.

Walk north until you reach the true door to the Elemental Sanctuary.
Unfortunately, you cannot go through to the Sanctuary because Vaati
will stop you! He is still alive… it is time for the even more true
final battle.

Vaati: Final Form

Claiming to be the master of this world, he will attack with no mercy.
Get out your Cane of Pacci, and prepare to shoot at his claws. After a
moment or so he will dig one of his claws into the ground. Within
moments, the claw will then pop up out of the ground. Shoot the arm
that popped out of the ground with your Pacci, and it will flip a bit.
You should now be able to see a doorway on the arm at the bottom… it is
very small, but there. Head north to find a Minish portal that you can
use to shrink yourself. After you are Minish size, head into the arm.

Your objective in the arm is to find the one eye that is not looking
directly forward. It is probably looking to one side, so find that one
eye and slash it until it is destroyed. Once destroyed, the other eyes
shall fall too, which means it is time to get out of this arm. When you
leave the arm, the arm will explode.

Now is your chance to go back to the Minish portal and enlarge
yourself. He will dig his remaining arm into the ground, and it will
pop up again. Once again, shoot it with your Pacci to have it flip and
reveal a Minish doorway. Go quickly to the Minish portal and shrink
yourself, then head into the arm.

It is pitch black in here! Get out your Flame Lantern now, and use it
to light the room. You are again looking for that one eye that is
looking in a different direction then the others. It can be looking in
any direction except straight. When you find it, repeat the same
process you did before; slash at it until it dies, then exit the arm.

This is your chance to enlarge yourself with the Minish portal.

Vaati, now armless, will grow wings. It is time to make use of the four
area at the bottom of the screen. Split yourself into four Links, and
watch out. Vaati will shoot a large amount of electric energy balls at
once and not directly at you, but in most directions around the screen.
The good thing is, he never shoots them randomly, meaning you can dodge
them easily.

After he is done shooting the electric energy balls, get DIRECTLY in
front of the four tiny eyes. They will shoot four energy balls at the
same exact time, and your four Links have to reflect them back to the
eyes and destroy them. Once the eyes have been destroyed, his central
body will be susceptible to normal slash attacks. Slash him insanely,
and do not miss one hit.

After the first large amount of hits you strike at Vaati, he will begin
to move around faster then before and still go through the same process
of shooting electric energy balls that are scattered, and then shooting
concurrent energy balls out the four eyes. Continue to make sets of
four Links until you are able to once again deflect the concurrent
beams and slash at his now susceptible main body. Slash like crazy.

This process will repeat over and over, and eventually Vaati will fall
for the final time. If you managed to defeat him, congratulations! You
have successfully cleared The Minish Cap and saved Hyrule (and possibly
the rest of the world)! Give yourself a large pat on the back, do a
little dance, and watch the awesome ending scene which I will not spoil
for you. You deserve it.

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