Chapter 11: Palace of Winds


Roc’s Cape

The first thing that will happen upon your arrival at the Palace will
be Ezlo, complaining about the height. He sure loves to complain about
almost everything, doesn’t he?

Anyways, head east, and then north into the next screen. Make sure you
steer clear of the edges of the pathway – you CAN fall off them, and
hurt yourself.

Here, you will see a small red orb in front of you, and an unfinished
bridge… these are switches. Hit them with your sword to activate them
and turn them blue. Upon activating this switch, the bridge will
complete itself. Head up, and around the platform, the down the bridge
to your left. When you have gone south enough, you will see another
switch, and an uncompleted bridge. Switch the switch with your sword
from red to blue, to complete a bridge to the west.

Walk across. There is another switch to the north, encased in blocks.
Move the middle block up, and the left or right block off the platform,
and slash the switch with your sword to complete a bridge to the north,
and head across.

You see the two fire pits, and the block in between them? Push that
block south, and off the platform to you can stand in between the fire
pits. Equip the boomerang you bought earlier, and launch it at the
switch below. A bridge will appear to the east, so cross it.

If you have no boomerang because you never bought it, you can simply
use your bow and arrow to hit the switch.

A large block blocks your way! So, it’s time to go back to the four
area you saw earlier just west of here. Make a horizontal row of Links
and walk across the bridge back to the block, and push the block to the
north. Head through the pathway north from here, onto the next screen.

This can get tricky: You must ride the large platform, around several
obstacles. It’s not incredibly challenging, but you’d best be prepared
to move on your trip north. At one point, you will have to move off the
large moving platform completely, and onto a pathway on the left side.
You will then have to catch back up with the platform by heading north,
and get back on. Beware of bombs, and have a safe ride… when you reach
the end, head west.

Ignore the jumping Skeleton here, and just walk quickly across the
cracks – they break and leave a hole if you stand on them too long.
Head up the stairs to your left, and prepare to avoid fire worm things…
and this time, they don’t just stay on the edge of the bridge/wall.
They will be all over. Head east through the bridge, and when given a
choice of two ways to go upward, it does not matter which one you
choose, they go to the same place. So, head north, and then head east
until you make it to the next screen.

Ah, fluffy floating clouds… Ezlo will comment on these, but you can’t
climb them yet. Head just south, until you are able to see an orb-
switch just across a gap. Use your Boomerang/Arrows to turn it from red
to blue, and create a bridge across the gap just to your right. Cross

Beware of the roller as you make your way to the other side of the
platform. Along the way, hit the same switch you just threw your
boomerang/arrow at with your sword to create a bridge to the west.
Then, set a bomb next to the very same switch, and run across the
bridge. After the bomb explodes, a new bridge to the north shall form.
Prepare for a battle.

You don’t really need anything more then your sword for this battle.
You might want more then half your hearts full, though. You need to
fight twelve wizzrobes, not all at once, which you will be thankful for.
These guys can shoot blasts at you to hurt you, and take three to four
hits (You will probably be too busy slashing to count properly, as I
was.). As said, you will not fight all twelve at once. First will be a
round of two wizzrobes, then a round of four, and finally it all ends
with a huge group of six wizzrobes for you to kill at once. When this
battle is over, a completely unexpected large chest will appear in the
center of the room… what could be in it?

Why, it’s Roc’s Cape! Jump with the greatest of ease! Hold the button
to jump farther. Basically, if you just press the button, you will jump
normally, and not very high when not moving, and not very far when not
moving. When you hold the button down, you will jump very high if not
moving, and very far when moving. There are times when you will need to
jump a short distance, and there will be times when you need to jump
long distances, so keep that in mind.

With that settled, equip your Cape and head to your right and jump
across the large gap (Hint on large, so hold the button down.). Head
back, up the stairs and go one screen to the right. On the wiring, head
north, as north as you can go. You will see a panel, and all will be
explained. All you need to do is jump on the panel with your cape, and
you will fall under the panel. If you are under the panel, jump to get
over the panel, it’s as simple as that. Open the treasure chest now
nearby you to gain a red Kinstone Piece. Head back to the screen to the
right, where the large stack of floating clouds was. Stand below the
floating clouds, and jump, holding the button you set the Cape to.
Continue jumping high up again and again until you reach the second

Move east, jumping across the gap to get to land, and then across the
first large gap (If, from now on, you need to hold the button to get
over the gap, it will be considered large. If not, then it is small.)
Jump again over the next large gap. Don’t worry, the moving bombs
cannot hurt you, you will jump over them. Head onto the next screen.

Simple puzzle time! To solve this, push the top leftmost block up, then
go to the right and push the next block up, and continue on until there
are no more blocks to push up. The final black will be pushed off the
ledge all together. Then, push one last block to the right and head
down to see a pyramid-shaped four area. Step on the bottom three pads
to create a horizontal row of links, each one square apart from each
other. Walk south, through the gate, until you see four switches. These
switches can be turned on by a weapon, so have your Links stand in
between the switches and slash your sword. The switches will light up
yellow, and two new enemies will face you.

These spinning spiky turtles can be easily flipped over with your
sword. Unless flipped, they are invulnerable to any attack you throw at
it. When they spin and speed at you, get out your shield and deflect
it. From there on, they take two hits. Easy kill. When both of the two
are defeated, the door to the east will open.

In this room, a fan is whirling on and off on the left wall. Try to
sneak past it without getting blown away. If you get caught in the
wind, you will be blown off the platform and fall. Make your way north
around the three fans, attempting to not get blown away, and moving
around the multiple empty holes you see. From there, head around to a
new platform by making the long jump east, and head south from there,
still avoiding the fan’s wind. When you reach the bottom, head west
until you find an empty hole underneath a fan. Shoot it with your
Pacci, and run into the hole as quickly as possible. Launch yourself
upward and head west onto the next screen.

Move west, until you reach a panel in the wiring. Ezlo will explain
everything: If you stomp hard enough, you will fall through the panel.
All you have to do is jump, and not a big jump, just a little jump. So,
jump down the panel and head west a bit more, and beware of the red
rupee, because it is a pseudo rupee. After a few steps, you will reach
another panel. Jump another small jump to go up the panel and get back
on the wiring. Move west a bit more to find another panel, with a
moving platform under it. When the moving platform gets under the
panel, jump and fall through. It will move you west, and when you are
under the next panel in the series, jump up. Head north from here and
you will go down stairs. Here you will find a series of clouds to jump
up onto, so do so, just like how you did when you go to the second

Walk to the right, and you will see a four area, with six pads. There
is a fast moving platform coming your way, also. Make a vertical column
of three Links, but only complete the column right when the platform is
next to you, and rush onto the platform. Keep to the right of the
platform the whole ride, and empty out south when you reach the end.
Move quickly northwest, up the stairs, and push the large block as far
to the left as it can go. You may have to repeat the process once or
twice before you get it done. When you have moved the block, head down
and out the screen.

In this screen, you should see three markings on the floor that are
placed next to each other. Under these three marking are three blocks.
Push those three blocks down and off the ledge, and prepare for some
jumping practice. When the long moving platform comes near you, hop on
it. From there, jump to the leftmost moving platform. This gap is a
large gap. Run back after passing the row of bricks and jump to the
rightmost large platform again. Continue this back and fourth jumping
motion all the way south, until you jump back to the rightmost platform
and need to jump across a large gap to the south. From there, jump
above a panel, and head east out the screen.

In here, there is a panel to your right. There is also a moving
platform below. It’s quite simple really… jump onto the moving
platform, when you reach another panel, jump above it. Follow the
moving platform as it goes, and jump under another panel when you need
to. Ride the platform all the way east, and jump above a panel when you
come to it. Exit out the screen to the right.

Jump down the panel on this screen. Walk north until you reach a closed
area with a roller and a locked door to your left. Equip your Pacci and
run into the roller area, and fire your Pacci at the empty hole located
below the ledge you need to jump on, all the way to the right. Launch
yourself upwards, and head down the stairs.

There is a four area made up of seven panel here, in the shape of a
backwards C. There are also three switches nearby, forming an L shape.
Charge your blade, then step on the top left pad, the bottom left pad,
and finally the bottom right pad. The swing of the blades when the
Links are cloned will hit all three switches at once, and a Minish
portal will appear! Shrink yourself down to Minish size, and go through
the Minish door south of the portal.

A pattern of vases? Well, push that first vase down, and off the ledge.
Go to your west, and push the next vase to the left. Push the vase just
above the vase you just pushed also over to the left. Head straight up
from the position you are now in, and push that vase up until it hits
the wall. Head directly west from here, and push the next vase to the
left. Head up one vase, and push that vase to the left as well. Push
the vase you pushed just before this one downwards until it cannot go
further. Then proceed to push the vase blocking the Minish door
upwards. Enter the door.

You will be back in the path that leads to the roller. Go to the area
with the roller, and head north through that area until you find a
Minish door. Go north through it.

Go north in this room, and into the next screen north. Enlarge yourself
using the nearby Minish portal. Head back south…

In here, you should see a switch that can be hit with your
boomerang/arrows. Shoot the switch with whatever you please, and the
door to your right shall open, and out of the sky will fall a small
key! Go through the door.

In here, jump over the large gap and move southward. Go back up the
stairs and back into the roller area… unlock the door that is locked
there, and go through. In the new room, jump up the clouds just as you
have done twice before.

Go north through this room, and prepare for Moblin fights. There isn’t
anything to do here… so just exit out to the left. In the new room,
attempt to jump across the gap without being blown off the small bridge
by the fans. A good strategy to use here is go wait until the first two
fans are not blowing, and quickly jump across the large gap, letting
the rest of the fans carry you over. When done, head up the stairs.

Another puzzle of sorts, so let’s get moving! Push the center top block
to the left, and then the rightmost middle block to the right. Go down,
and then east, jumping over the patches of spikes, and bewaring of blue
ChuChus. When you reach the stairs, head down a flight of stairs and
you will see a fan blowing west. This is a great time to test out a new
skill: Using fans to jump farther. When the fan stops, jump in front of
it and attempt to jump over the large gap. You won’t make it on your
own, but the fan is here to help you. Instead of falling and killing
yourself, you’ll fly swiftly and quickly across the gap. Head north
from here, past the stairs and onto the next screen.

In this room, your jumping skills are needed. Jump from platform to
platform. That seems easy, doesn’t it? Not when there are enemies at
each platform shooting at you. But don’t worry, there are only two
platforms, and the many, many cracks on the platforms should not bother
you much at all if you are moving and jumping quickly. When you reach
the stairway, go north to the next screen.

You need to find a way to jump incredibly long distances within the
next few seconds. And how convenient, you have one! There are three
clouds to your north, jump on top of the highest cloud, and jump across
the large gap east. Head south, up the stairs, and go further east to
reach two bow and arrow-bearing Moblins, and a treasure chest
containing a blue Kinstone piece. Head back west, and down the steps.
Jump across the large gap, and then jump up on top of the four levels
of clouds. Ignore the heart piece – you probably want it really badly,
but you can’t get it right now. When on top of the stack of clouds,
jump east across the very large gap. Make your way then up the clouds
to the fifth floor.

Move south into the next room, after killing the Skeletons if you wish

There are two Ball and Chain Soldiers here (We’ll just call them BCs
for now). They do a lot of damage, and are basically impossible to
reach while they swing their mace. You will want your shield equipped
for this battle, because as easy as it may look, it is quite tough. The
BCs will some times, if you defend from them long enough, launch their
ball and chain at you. They will freeze for a period of time, but wait
until they have retracted the ball completely before slashing them.
They will then take the ball and chain out again, and swing it as they
did. Just slash them and defend for your life, and they will eventually
die. A small key will appear in the center of the room. Grab it. Use
this key to open the door to your left.

In this room, you cannot get the treasure chest. Ignore it and go to
the next room.

Kill off the Skeleton, first of all. Then, with your extended blade,
chop away at three of the four vases down at the bottom of your screen
in one of the corners. Keep the vase that rests in the corner sticking
out, away from a wall of the ledge. Any vase in a corner, on a wall, or
on the ledge has got to go. Push this vase onto one of the switches
above, and then charge up your blade. Place your Links in an order that
suits where you placed the vase, and step on the switches to open the
door to the next room. Enter.

The fan in here doesn’t activate until you press the switch. Go to the
opposite side of the room and step on the switch, and then head back to
the fan. Jump a long jump into the fans wind, going straight, and it
will take you to the other side of the long gap. Don’t be intimidated
if it takes you a couple tries, or even if you die trying. When you get
to the other side, enter the door to the right.

Oh no! You cannot enter the door… because there is a battle! There are
two Ice wizzrobes, and two Spear Moblins. Kill them off quickly. Once
dead, the door to the right will open. Now you can enter safely.

Jump across the gap. These Skeletons are a bit new to you, and do more
then just jump – they also throw bones at you. Be careful around them.
When you are ready, go into the next room.

It’s another room just like before. This fan will activate when you
press the switch, which then you will have to ride the gust all the way
north, into a very familiar room with a chest you couldn’t get before.

In this room, push the block blocking the chest to the left, and open
the chest to get a Small Key! Move over to the right side of this
enclosed area, and push the rightmost block to the right, and the block
above it up, to get yourself out. Go north, and unlock the door. Enter.

There is a large treasure chest in here… open it. You will get the Big
Key! Exit this room south, and go through the rightmost door in this
room to get back into the hallway. Move south until you reach the Big
Key Door. Open it and head on in.

Slash the skulls for hearts if you want, because there is about to be a
battle. Follow the arrow, and what Ezlo tells you, and jump down off
the ledge for a fight.

This fight is with a Mighty Darknut. They are like normal Darknuts…
only Mighty. It moves much faster then a normal Darknut, meaning it
will be hard to get around to its back and slash at it. Occasionally,
the Mighty Darknut will charge his blade and launch a powerful attack.
This attack in generally slow, and leaves his back completely
unguarded. That is really your only change to hit this Mighty Darknut.
Once in a while, you may be able to hit it after it swings its sword
normally, but take his charge attacks to your advantage. This mini boss
takes around seven or so hits. When defeated, a heart (not a heart
container) will appear, along with a blue warp pad to the beginning of
the dungeon, and a bridge to the north.

It is highly recommended you save now, if you have not already. You
wouldn’t want to do this all over again, would you?

Go north, and cross the bridge into the next screen. Enter the door at
the northern area of the screen.

It’s dark in here, so equip your lantern. Head directly east from here
until you spot some stairs. Climb the stairs to find a large treasure
chest that contains the compass! There are, if you have been following
the guide correctly, 9 treasure chests left in this dungeon to get.

Head back west, and continue past the middle hallway west. You should
come to a door/stairwell. Go up the stairs.

Loop around west and go north through this room, avoiding the blue
ChuChus. Do not go through the southern door. In here will be a few
Skeletons, take them out if you wish. Go through the door to the east.

In here, you’ll want to fall down that hole in the center of the room.
Ignore the rest of the enemies and the fire thing. Open the chest when
you fall down to receive a Small Key! Jump off the ledge and go back up
the stairs southwest of where you stand.

Instead of looping around north again, this time enter the door just
south of where you are. In that room, open the nearby locked door with
your key.

There are bombs floating around this entire room, so be very careful
not to hit one. If you do, you will have to start all over again. The
path is basically a counterclockwise circle of whirlwinds, which
shouldn’t be too hard to navigate through. To enter the first whirlwind
though, you will have to make a long jump. Don’t sacrifice hearts
making the mistake of a short jump or no jump at all. After that, the
rest is fairly easy. You should land on a platform to the northeast
when you reach the end. Enter the door.

Darned Mummies… don’t bother to kill them off if you don’t need to.
Just go up the stairs.

This is also a familiar room to you. Go east and north through this
room to the next screen, and enter the door to your left. There is a
mini boss battle here, consisting of three Fire wizzrobes. If you get
hit, you will run around fast, and will probably end up falling down
the holes in the corner of the room. This will take you all the way
down to the dark room you were in not too long ago, and you will have
to climb all the way back up, so be careful. This can be an incredibly
tough fight if you aren’t very careful. A good bet is to use your
shield and block the fire attacks, so you don’t get burned and fall
down the holes. When all three have been defeated, a large chest will
appear in the room. Open it to receive the Dungeon Map! Go west into
the next room.

There are two Floor Masters here, so you must still be careful not to
get picked up. They take, in case you forgot, four hits each, so good
luck. When defeated, go ahead and pull down on that lever in the
northern area of the room. The door to the south will open, and you can
go through it.

Head east quickly thought this room, it doesn’t really mean anything.
Head up the stairs.

Watch out for Mummies and all different Skeletons. Kill off anything
that gets in your way. Head directly east and you will see a Bomb
circling around a hole. You will also see, on the rightmost side of the
hole, two cracked stones. Get out your arrows, because when that bomb
gets near those two cracked stones, shoot it and blow the stones up.
That will leave you free to jump across this large gap.

In here, go north to see a treasure chest that is blocked off. There is
a switch, though, next to it. Shoot the switch with your
boomerang/arrows, and the door leading to the chest shall unlock. Head
back south, across the gap, and north. Go through the door you just
unlocked, and open the chest for 200 rupees!

Go back across the gap again by heading out the door and going south.
This time, instead of going north, go east, and continue until you have
to turn north. Try to avoid or kill off the Mummies, as they can get
annoying and painful. At the top of the pathway north, there should be
two fire pits that need lighting. Light them to reveal a red warp pad
to the beginning of the dungeon.

Go back to the large gap you keep crossing over. This time, instead of
crossing it, fall down into it. Fall into the next hole you see once
you have landed. There will be a battle in here, between Link, an Ice
wizzrobe, and a Throwing Star wizzrobe. They are not hard at all to kill,
so get rid of them quickly, and collect the loot: a treasure chest
containing a red Kinstone Piece. Exit out this room to the left.

Go through the southern door in this room; you have been here before.
In the southern room, kill as many Peahats as you can with your Gust
Jar by sucking them up and spiting them out. Then, get rid of all the
vases on the wall of the room to reveal a row of four pads, five to be
exact. Order your Links like so: one Link on the far left panel,
another Link on the middle panel, and the final Link on the rightmost
panel. Two panels should be empty, and they are located in between

Maneuver your Links across the crack ridden floor, and around the
statues to get to the four switches. Position your Links in between the
switches, and swing your sword to active all four and open the door to
your left. Enter.

There are rollers in here, and the only way to get past them is to jump
over them. It’s not hard at all, so work your way around the rollers by
jumping over them, and going north through the room. Climb up the
stairs when you get to them, and open up the treasure chest for a Small
Key! Exit out this room via the exit to your right.

Fall down the ledge and go out the door to the north. From here, exit
through the door to the right and go up the stairs. Go north through
the room, and enter the room from here where you got the Dungeon Map.
This time, there are no wizzrobes, so walk safely through the room.
There are still Floor Masters in the next room, though, so kill them
off. Enter the next room south, and walk east and up the stairs like
you have done before.

Now, back in here, you want to go to the left. Beware of Mummies, kill
them off quickly and go north through the room. You will see a column
of blocks blocking the path between you and a door. You can push these
blocks to the right, off the ledge, opening the area for you to jump
the large gap and land by the door. Go through the door, and head
upward to the next screen. There, you will get that long desired Heart
Piece! If you have been following the guide correctly, you now have a
full new heart container!

It is strongly recommended you save now. You just got a new Heart
Container, after all.

Head back down, and through the door. You will have to fall down the
hole, but it is no big deal. Fall down, and go through the door to the
south. Make your way once again through this room, and up the stairs.

Jump across that same old large gap again, and walk east. But this
time, you have a small key, so stop at the door that is locked when you
get to it, and unlock it. Walk up the stairs.

Kill off the Mummies as a first priority, and then bomb the obviously
cracked wall nearby on the rightmost wall. Enter the door you have just

There is nothing special in this room, though it might be to your
advantage to kill the enemies off. The only things you need to do here
are head north, and bomb the wall that is to the left of the top row of
statues. This will open a door to the room to the left. Enter.

Bomb the two cracked stones you see, and enter the nearby door.

You do not want that switch in the center of the room turned on. For
that very same reason, you do not want to hit any of the bombs, which
form a pathway in the room. If you do hit a bomb, it will trigger a
chain reaction that will turn the switch on, and close the door that
leads out of the room. You will have to go back and start over. Do not,
and it is being repeated, do not touch any of the bombs. Work around
them, and be careful. Watch every move you make. The path is very
definite and set, so you should have no trouble navigating. When you
reach the end, push the block up, and the one next to it to the left.
Go through the door.

There is a chest right in front of you. Open it to receive a Small Key!
Head back to the room below. Slash away the bombs to open a path for
you to go back to where you came from. Exit via the southern exit and
in the room stand on the cracked floor, and fall down.

Open the locked door in here, and enter. Move east, jumping over the
spikes, and then going north to find a treasure chest. Move the block
aside and open the chest to obtain a blue Kinstone Piece! The rest of
this maze is fairly simple and the path is definite. However, near the
end, when given a choice (after zigzagging around so much) to go up or
right, go right. Also, a few steps after that, when given the choice to
go right or down, go down. There will be markings on the floor, of
which the blocks to the right of the markings can be pushed off of the
ledge. Jump the gap between where you stand and the small platform to
the right, and go north from there. Do not climb the clouds you see
when you get there. Instead, jump the large gap just to the east of
that cloud stack, and climb that one.

In this room, go east through the door. There will be a treasure chest
in here, containing a red Kinstone Piece! Head back through the door
and down the cloud stack by falling.

Now, it is time to fight the boss. Jump the gap to your left and head
up the cloud stack. Open the Boss Door with your Big Key, and prepare
for a fight.

Gyorg Pair

After entering the Boss Door, you can destroy the various skulls around
this area for hearts and rupees, which are especially nice if your
health is low. When you are ready, climb the pyramid and step into the
large whirlwind to fight the boss.

The Gyorgs are a pair, hence their name. You will end up jumping from
one to another in due time, and the first one you land on is the
smaller of the Gyorg pair, the blue one. The red Gyorg will then push
you off, or if it does not succeed in that then you jumped onto it. You
will now be on the red Gyorg.

The red one is defeated by forming your Links in the pattern it has its
three eyes open in. There is a four area located on the red Gyorg, and
that is used to mimic that pattern of it’s eyes. Once mimicked, run up
and slash the eyes until it is destroyed. While it is blowing up, jump
onto the blue Gyorg when it flies over to you.

The blue Gyorg is defeated by slashing the correct eye when it opens.
After the eye has been hit, its tail will swing around and try to hurt
you. This tail can be avoided by simply jumping over it. Continue
following this pattern of slashing the eye and jumping over the tail,
and soon the blue Gyorg will begin to flow up, too. Jump onto the red
one when it flies over you.

It gets a bit harder on the second try. The blue Gyorg now fires
fireballs at you as you try and duplicate yourself to fit the pattern
of the eyes, so if you get hit you basically have to start all over
again. Continue trying until you are able to run up and quickly slash
the red Gyorgs eyes. Eventually, after enough tries, the red Gyorg will
explode, and you can jump once again onto the blue one.

It also gets tougher the second time around on the blue Gyorg. On top
of dodging the tail that swings around at you, and having to slash the
eyes as they open, you now have mini-gyorgs flying at you, which can
hurt you and knock you off the blue Gyorg. Eventually, it will die and
explode, and you will jump back to the red Gyorg once again.

It is a bit harder now. The blue Gyorg fires fireballs at you in groups
of two now, so you have to be twice as careful not to get hit by one.
There will, though, be long pauses between the firings, giving you
ample time to slash at the red Gyorgs eyes. Again, after a few tried,
the red Gyorgs eyes will explode and you will jump to the blue one

Now, on top of everything that has been going on already with the blue
Gyorg, you are moving in zigzags. The good thing is, you have no real
need to jump, because the tail does not attack you anymore, so the
zigzagging will not affect you much. This round is probably one of the
easiest, as compared to the last one you did with this thing. When
destroyed, jump over to the red Gyorg again.

The fourth time might possibly be the most annoying one yet. Now the
blue Gyorg isn’t there to shoot fireballs at you, but you have the red
Gyorg letting out its horrible mini-Gyorgs. These will go in groups,
and generally do little to no harm to you but stop your copying. This
can get incredibly annoying at times. Fortunately, once you’ve made a
successful copying and make it up to the eyes, the red Gyorg dies out
incredibly quickly.

After which it will explode one final time, and you will be dropped
down to the ground again. Something will appear on the top of the
pyramid… what could it be? The computer will grab it for you.

It is the Wind Element! The wind carries the seeds of flowers,
scattering life across the land. The Wind Element is the embodiment of
that power. Congratulations! You got the fourth and final element!

A Heart Container and a green warp pad will appear just below.
Obviously, grab that Heart Container first to refill your life and add
a whole new heart onto it, then step onto the green pad to be warped to
the outside of the dungeon.

Ezlo will talk to you, and tell you that it is now time to revive the
sacred blade. It sure is time… you have probably been waiting not-so-
patiently for this moment, so lets head off to the Elemental Sanctuary
one last time!

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