Chapter 10: Cloud Tops


“Source of the flow”

Now that you are done in the graveyard, fly to Hyrule Town with your
Ocarina. If you need to, head to the inn to refill your health. If not,
then head north into Hyrule Field.

Head east, following the dirt path into Lon Lon Ranch. Just nearby you
should see an empty hole, which you have been in before – use your
Pacci and shoot into the hole, then launch yourself up. Head

You are now in Veil Falls, where you got a heart piece a while back. Go
north, and then down the steps. Now that you have the flippers, you can
go north through the water, which you could not do before. So, swim
northeast through the water and get back on land.

Here, beware of Pseudo Rupees, the Like-Like creatures that imitate a
rupee and then pop up as a Like-Like (See, I am learning enemy names,
hooray!). Just continue north, being prepared for the Like-Likes… and
when you reach it, there will be a cave entrance that requires you to
equip your Mole Mitts. Dig through the door, and right away you will
see a Blue ChuChu.

As you remember (At least, I hope you remember…), Blue ChuChus generate
electricity. Well, this one isn’t going to stop generating it unless
you paralyze it, which is where your boomerang comes in. Hit it with
your boomerang to stun it, and then slash it with your sword.

Dig west from here, to find two treasure chests. Open them to receive
50 rupees and 50 mysterious shells! We’re done in this area now,
though, so you can pack your things and leave Veil Falls… for now. You
will be re-entering in a second. Swim back across the water, up the
stairs, and out to Lon Lon Ranch. Exit out into Hyrule Field.

Head west, until you are no longer below the ledge of the rest of
Hyrule field (Basically, where you entered Hyrule Field.), and then
north. Very north, or northeast if you want it put that way. Head
northeast until you can’t go northeast anymore because the pathway is
blocked! You need bombs, so get them out and blow up the two rocks in
your way, then head west onto the next screen.

Welcome back to Veil Falls! That was quick, wasn’t it? Anyways, just
near you should be a bridge; upon stepping on it Ezlo will say
something about the waterfall. Before doing so, there is a heart piece
in your midst, and we want it. Instead of heading up the bridge, go
south down the ladder and into the water. Swim north until you reach a
dock, and get out of the water. Nab the heart piece here, and be on
your way back to the bridge. Now, you need to just concentrate on the
small tombstone-shaped wall in front of you at the end of the bridge.
Walk up to it, and press R to fuse Kinstones. Select your matching
Golden Kinstone, which you received from Gustaf. Look, it even makes a
crown symbol! The stone door will split open, giving you an entrance.
Ezlo will talk, and then you will walk inside.

Make sure you have your Lantern on, because it is pitch black in here!
Just head east, avoiding cracks, and head up the steps when you get to

A new enemy, of which the name is known! This is an Anti-Faerie, which
are believed to be made of darkness. They are not completely invincible
like the Traps, though, and can be killed ONLY by using your boomerang.
If you decide to kill it, do so and then quickly head out the southern

Welcome to the outside, and now that you are back, head east! There are
some Red ChuChus covered in stone, just hit them once to break the
stone, and then kill them. You should reach a large rock wall that is
climbable… so climb it. When you reach the top, look to your left.
Another Wind Crest is there, so check it and make the tombstone thing
disappear and gain a crest. Then head north, and through the door when
you get to it.

There are three ways you can go in this room: Up a ladder, up stairs,
or down stairs. Head west, then south to reach the ladder. Go up.

Head north through the door. In this room there is a treasure chest
right in front of you, so open it to receive 100 rupees! Head east from
here, and take the bottom path when given a choice. Head out the door
to the south.

There is a wall just by you; Climb it. It should take you now to Veil
Springs… and what is that thing sticking out from behind the mountain?
Well, ignore it for now… and continue west. When you see stairs, and a
large whirlwind, head for the whirlwind. Ezlo will say something about
it, but ignore him, this is no dead end. Jump into the whirlwind to be
shot upwards, into the Cloud Tops.

Pure of Heart

The Cloud Tops are an area where only people pure of heart can live, so
feel proud you are able to stand! After all of Ezlo’s comments, head
northeast into a small red whirlwind. Ignore the golden Kinstone Piece
resting on a cloud for now… it just wants to fuse with you.

In this area, head east until you find a treasure chest. Open it to
receive something very special – a golden Kinstone Piece!
Unfortunately, it will not match the one that was resting in the cloud,
so fall down into the clouds through the rightmost hole, not the one
you came up through.

Be careful of the cloud shark here! It cannot be hurt while swimming.
Anyways, head north, and enter the red whirlwind when you get to it.

It’s time to practice a new skill: digging through clouds! Well,
perhaps it isn’t new… but it’s something you haven’t seen before. Just
use your Mole Mitts to dig through the cloud-stone and head west. Fall
down the first hole you see…

Right nearby is another cloud with a golden Kinstone in it. Press R to
fuse with it… your piece matches! And look, the symbol is a whirlwind…
after fusing one of the windmills you saw at the beginning of the cloud
tops will start to spin.

Now, head back up, and jump into the whirlwind that is south of Link.
Notice how extra fast you go with your hat-parachute on the cloud tops?
Well, you won’t need those other whirlwinds to get across west. Fall
down the next hole you see…

You will have to kill the cloud shark in order to get what is inside
that bulge of clouds. Whenever it jumps up out of the clouds, hit it
with your sword. It takes two hits. Once it is dead, a red whirlwind
will appear, as well as a Golden Kinstone Piece under the cloud bulge.
Head back up.

Use your Mitts once again to head east, and then south. You will see a
whirlwind, jump into it. Go just a tiny bit southwest from here,
emphasis on the west part, until you reach a closed area with a
treasure chest. Inside the treasure chest in another golden Kinstone
Piece! Now, dig you way north though the cloud-stone, and go even
further north, and dig through the cloud-stone on the wall to find two
treasure chests. In the left chest lies 50 mysterious shells, and in
the right chest also lies 50 more mysterious shells. Now, head south to
a whirlwind, jump in, and head directly south. Jump down the next hole
you see.

In here, there is a red whirlwind next to you, some cloud-stone, and a
pathway leading north. But an enemy blocks the path. No worries,
though, because it goes into hiding if you get near it. Use your
Pegasus Boots to get away from it fast, and go north to find yet
another Mysterious Cloud to fuse Kinstone with… luckily, one of the
ones you have fits perfectly.

Another windmill will begin to spin. Head back now, up the red
whirlwind. Head south and hop onto another normal whirlwind, and head
directly south, going just a tiny bit west. You should land on an area
where a treasure chest is surrounded by cloud-stone. Dig out the chest
to find that it contains 50 mysterious shells! Then, fall down the hole
to your right.

In here, don’t bother killing the cloud sharks… just head east, and
then north, running right past the enemy that hides when you go near
it. You should find another Mysterious Cloud, of which your last Golden
Kinstone matches. Another windmill will begin to spin, leaving only two
more to go. Head up the red whirlwind that is right next to you.

There is a treasure chest right there, open it for another golden
Kinstone Piece! Feel free to fall back down the hole now. Head past the
enemy by either rolling or with Pegasus Boots, and ride the red
whirlwind closest to you when you get out of the small pathway (which
should be the rightmost whirlwind).

There is nothing to do here but fall down the hole on the right side of
this platform. Do so.

Here, you must kill both cloud sharks to find out what lies in the
cloud bulge. They shouldn’t be too hard to kill, and once dead the
fifth and final golden Kinstone Piece will be revealed, as well as a
red whirlwind! Nab the Kinstone Piece, and hop on the whirlwind.

There is another treasure chest right by you, open it to obtain yet
another 50 mysterious shells! Once obtained head back south and hop on
the whirlwind. Head south from here, ignoring the cloud area to the
right, and focusing on the left one. Here is what appears to be only
cloud-stone. Upon further investigation, though, digging through will
reveal an area to fall down.

In here, just head east and hop on the red whirlwind to be taken
upwards. Walk north, and fall down the next hole. There will be a
Mysterious Cloud you can fuse with… so do it. The fourth windmill will
begin to spin… which means the only one left to fuse is back on that
first cloud island you were on. Hop on the red whirlwind just nearby

Back at this area… head north, and hop on the whirlwind. From here, fly
west until you can land safely on a northern cloud area. It’s a very
definite path. From there, head north and dig through the cloud-stone,
heading west. Jump into the whirlwind when you reach it, and head
north, landing just to the left of a familiar patch of cloud-stone. Dig
your way to the right back through the cloud-stone, and jump on the
whirlwind when you see it.

Make your way southeast, onto another area of clouds that should seem
familiar (If you have not yet noticed, you are going back the way you
came…), and you should be able to land this time in a spot where you
won’t have to dig through cloud-stone. Head south and fall down the

Head south from here, and jump into the red whirlwind, which will take
you up into another familiar area. Head west, and fall into the hole
which will take you back to the cloud island you began on originally.

Just near you should be the final Mysterious Cloud: Fuse Kinstones with
it right away! Now, the cloud bulge with disappear… and in its place
will be another giant whirlwind! What are you waiting for, head for it
and fly upwards!

Just in front of you is a Wind Crest: check it and get it marked. Then,
head for the giant house. Ezlo will mention something… then walk

First, go straight forward into the northern room. There are two
chests, each containing a green Kinstone piece. You are done in here,
so leave this room and head up the stairs.

In here, there is also a plain room. Head west to go into it, and open
the chest inside the room to gain another green Kinstone piece. Leave
the room, and head up the stairs.

Talk to the person on this floor: They will tell you why all you’ve
been getting from the chests in here are Kinstone pieces – they are of
the Wind Tribe, and are skilled at gathering Kinstone pieces. They have
more then they can handle, so it is up to you to take some of the
Kinstones from them! Isn’t that wonderful? Enter the room on this floor
to gain three more Kinstone pieces from the treasure chests, a blue
one, another blue one, and a red one. Leave the room, and head up the
stairs one last time.

Enter the room on this floor; because that is the only place you can
go. The next flight of stairs leads to the roof, and a person is
blocking that area. Anyways, in this room open the two treasure chests
to gain two red Kinstones, and then talk to the lady in the center of
the room.

She will give you all the information you need. They are the Wind
Tribe, they know of Vaati, and most importantly… the final element lies
in the Palace above her. So, do as the person requested, and head up
one last flight of stairs, after talking to the person blocking the
stairs of course.

In this fancy area, head east and then north, following the definite
path to a large stairway. The vases on either side of the stairway
contain fairies, if you wish to capture one in a bottle or heal your
health. When you are ready, enter into the giant whirlwind atop the
staircase, and enter Dungeon #5 – Palace of Winds.

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