Chapter 1: The Minish Woods

The Picori Festival

Alright, it’s time for Link to awaken once again, and in a brand new
game, The Minish Cap! You probably knew that though, or else you
wouldn’t be reading this!

First things first, we must do. Create a new file, with whatever name
you see fit. The game starts with a nice intro. Read it, enjoy it, and
pay attention, because this is the story of the game we’re talking
here… if you forgot to read it, it is referenced above.

Now, let’s begin Link’s adventure, shall we?

Ah, a nice peaceful village. And look, it’s Princess Zelda! Here is the
beginning scene, and Link is asleep! You’d probably wonder how he does
that with Master Smith clanging on the newly made sword. Apparently
he’d been up late the night before helping out. We’d better get him up.
Read through the dialogue and, when the time comes, wake him up and
walk Link down the stairs, and then go to the right to get into Master
Smith’s room. More dialogue shall begin here, explaining about the
Picori Festival. Apparently, Zelda would like to go with you, and how
can you refuse? After the conversation ends, you shall receive the very
sword Master Smith was working on, the Smith’s Sword.

Make sure you don’t lose this extremely important delivery!

Now, Zelda will leave, and open the front door. Follow her out the
door, and continue following her until you reach the festival. Once you
are there, she will say that this place looks fun, and run off. Follow
her still, and talk to her. She will get distracted and run off again,
keep following and talking to her until she reaches a stand with three
green tables…

She is the big winner of the drawing! There are three prizes to choose
from, a heart container, a large red rupee, and a teeny tiny shield.
But, unfortunately, you don’t get to pick. If you’ve played Zelda
before, you can probably already guess what Zelda will pick. If not,
then I doubt you’ll be surprised by this one.

Have fun with your teeny tiny shield! Princess Zelda gave you this
Small Shield! Hold the button to protect yourself… it IS a little
embarrassing, though. It’s so tiny!

Now, go run off and take Master Smith’s Sword to the castle. Zelda will
follow you. On the next screen, she will run ahead of you. Follow her
yet again. To find her, just follow the tile path – she will be getting
pelted with nuts from a Business Scrub. Now it’s time to put your new
Small Shield to work. When you are able to, stand in front of the Scrub
and hold your shield out to deflect the nut. If you get hit, don’t
worry, it doesn’t hurt you. When deflected, this will send the nut
hurtling back at the scrub. He will complain about his little disorder,
and run back to his cave. Now, get moving to the castle. Continue to
follow the tile path. When you reach the castle, make your way to the
entrance, and speak with the Minister, Potho. He will take the Smith’s
Sword, and Zelda will go, because she must prepare for the award

A fade out, and a fade in, and now the award ceremony begin! A
sparkling blade is being brought, with the blade shoved in what looks
like a large chest. Contrary to what you may be thinking – this is not
the Master Sword. It is the Picori Blade, the sacred blade given to the
hero who drove away the evil. Learn more about the Blade… and read the

Out comes the king of Hyrule, and Zelda. And enter in Vaati, the winner
of the Sword Fighting Tournament. He has earned the right to touch the
blade… but he does something much more. Tossing the guards aside with
ease, he attacks the blade, breaks it in two, and opens the locked
chest, sending monsters and evil into Hyrule! Zelda will try to talk
with Vaati, but she is turned to stone! Too bad, too, your teeny tiny
shield just wasn’t strong enough.

Vaati will look in the chest, and to everyone’s amazement, it is empty!
And so, Vaati leaves, leaving Hyrule scattered with monsters.

Finding the Minish Village

Link is asleep again? Well, let’s wake him up… again. You are inside
Hyrule castle now, and you can walk out the door to your left. You are
now in the King’s room, and a nice long dialogue will begin from here.
They need a person to fix that broken Picori Blade. The Picori are not
just a myth after all, and they need to send someone to get the Picori
to repair the sword. The Picori live within the Minish Woods, and
conveniently, only children can see the Picori. You will get part of
the Picori Blade! This is part of the sword needed to re-forge the
sacred blade – don’t lose it! Also, you will be given… the Smith’s
Sword! It’s a sharp blade made by your grandfather, Master Smith. And
on top of that, you also get a map of Hyrule! Now you can’t complain
when you get lost, because you’ll never get lost!

Dialogue over… now you can walk out the door below you. Go around the
large middle structure in the next room, it does not matter which way
you go, either way, you end up at the front door. Go out of the castle
after walking through one more room, but this room doesn’t need any
directions. There is no possible way you don’t know how to get through
this last room.

Now, you are once again in the Hyrule Castle Garden. Leave this garden
by going through the southern exit, and out into North Hyrule Field.
But watch out, because this time around there are monsters roaming the
land. Mostly octoroks, which take only one slash of your sword to kill.
If you feel unsafe, you can always use your shield to deflect their
attacks. Go south, and keep going south. You will reach some workers,
who are trying to repair the area that became damaged in the
earthquake. If you see fit, talk to them. When you are done, make your
way east. Slash at the small trees to open up a path to Lon Lon Ranch.

Lon Lon looks pretty beat up. Make your way south, killing or avoiding
any enemies that may get in your way. Watch out for the groundhogs that
jump out of the ground in groups of six. They will all stand on top of
one another, so slashing the bottom one will bring them all crashing
down – from then on, they are easy to kill. But one may fall on you.
Once you are done enemy-bashing, continue south. You may have seen the
stump near one of the houses at Lon Lon – we’ll come back to that
later. You will learn more about these stumps soon.

You are now in the Eastern Hills. Though, you are not going east, you
are still going south. Go down the steps, kill the octorok if you wish,
and then go down until you come across a bridge. This is the entrance
to the Minish Woods, so, enter!

The Minish Woods seem to be a nice, dark place. There are still enemies
scattered about, and a new one to introduce – so be on your guard. Walk
all the way to the right of the screen, crossing the narrow bridge on
the upper right. Now we make our way south, once again.

This area gets a bit foggy, and also has a new enemy to introduce!
Those little green blobs with eyes are ChuChus, and they are made of
what seems to be a jelly substance. They take two hits each, feel free
to have fun with them and/or use them as punching bags. Oh, and they
can flatten themselves out before springing up to attack you – so watch
out if you see a small moving green puddle just ahead of you. Upon
leaving the foggy area, you will see a stump similar to the one you may
have seen back at Lon Lon Ranch… you will come back to this one quite
soon. Walk to your left. You can’t go through the log yet, so walk up
through the shallow water, kill the two ChuChus, and head towards the
white structure until you hear a cry for help, which should happen when
you are standing in the middle of a shallow puddle.

If you know this game at all from the Official Art you may have seen,
that thing screaming for help is none other then the Minish Cap itself.
Of course, it does have a real name, but we’ll get to that in a moment.
Right now, just get your little green butt back the way you came, though
the foggy area to save him!

This won’t be a hard battle, just kill the two octoks. Minish Cap over
there will then say he could have done it on his own. Don’t we feel
good for saving him, though? Dialogue will once again take over your
gaming experience, read it… and pay attention… Apparently, he is also
on a curse to break a curse of Vaati’s, quote him. He wants to see the
sacred blade break this curse, so he’s going to follow you.

And the cap has a name! His name is Ezlo.

Walk in whichever direction you wish, it’s going to be hard to get
around with Ezlo trying to follow you without legs. He will stop you
three times for walking too fast. On the third, he will just slam
himself in Link’s face, make himself comfortable, and you can be on
your way! Now you can’t possibly leave him behind. He will turn into a
regular green hat… but if you ever want to hear him talk to you, press
Select. Personally, I enjoyed it when I talked to him three seconds
after he told me this. He has “superior intuitive sense”!

Make your way back to that old stump we saw earlier. Ezlo will explain
all about these stumps to you. The Minish people are very small… of
course, Link only knows them as the Picori. The Picori’s true names are
the Minish. These magical stumps shrink you down to Minish Size: just
jump on one and press R. To go back to normal size, stand next to a
stump and press R.

Jump on the stump and press R to have Ezlo sing you a little Hylian
song, and shrink you down. Now you are just a tiny spec! Also, you can
walk through that log that you couldn’t before, so do so.

You will come to a large lake. Yes, this is no longer a puddle to you –
you are Minish-size. You can fall in this water, though it will not
hurt you, it will send you back to where you started. Hop the one of
the clovers and take a ride to the pathway that leads to the Minish
Village. Once there, make your way through the path, and into the

“Pico picori!”? I think we now know how these fellows got their names
that the humans call them. You can’t understand a word they are saying!

A huge hint is given by Ezlo to you, that there is someone in this
village who understands your language. You can’t go in any houses or
buildings yet, not until you do this first:

Go to the right and north into the path of clovers. At the fork, take a
right again and go up the narrowest path. You will come to a dock, and
a large blue building. Enter this building, it’s the only one you can
at this point. Talk to the old Minish man blocking the northern door –
he is Festari, and also the only one in the village who understands
your language. Listen to what he has to say, because he will tell you
where to get the item that allows you to understand Minish speech.

The barrel south of where you are now, go quickly, with the speed of
someone smaller then a clover! You still can’t go into any buildings,
except for that barrel. Better get that Jabber Nut Festari told you

Go back through the narrow path, go right, and go north along the new
path. Cross the bridge that leads to the top of the barrel, and go down
the ladder. There is a simple puzzle to solve here: if you don’t know
how to move blocks, it is very simple. Just walk up to one, stand on
the side you want to push it, and walk in the direction you want the
block to go. It will move. In this case, you want to make it go right
or left, so you can go get that Nut.

Grab the nut. You will automatically eat it. Now you can understand the
language of the Minish.

All houses are open to you now, feel free to explore the village and
talk to Minish folk and such. When you are done with your fun in the
village, make your way back to that blue building, so we can have a
nice talk with Festari once again. Minish people now seem to be
scattered throughout the town…

You need to talk to the elder now about the Picori Blade. He’s not hard
to find – directly to your left, along the wide path, is a yellow-
roofed house. Inside is the elder. Have a talk with him about the
broken Picori Blade. To repair the sword, you need the four elements –
and they are scattered about the world. The Elder will mark on your map
where these Elements reside. Look! One is right where you are, how

Do as the Elder told you now, and speak with Festari once again. He
will step away from the door, allowing you to enter Dungeon #1,
Deepwood Shrine.

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